All About Email for LDS Missionaries

we got your setup oh man guys welcome back to my channel and I'm so excited because I finally moved around our office and I've started to create my own little filming space because I'm getting tired of really chopping all over my house wherever and trying to follow a good lighting when I have amazing lighting but I just didn't have a good little setup for it so now we do it so this is gonna be all filled in a really cute Mormon and mission-related stuff and we're working on the desk right now and I'm excited it's gonna be cute so I'm thinking about learning some cute fun prints so if any of you guys know I'm like a cue like these shops or like if you guys want to paint me something it's like more mini and missionary ask you can send it to me and I can go on the wall I'm super excited but anyways so as you guys can tell when the title was email from the title is email from the title of this video today we're talking all about mission emails which is so fun um okay and also lucky the most stressful time of your week as a missionary oh so I'm gonna answer a ton of questions I've received about missionary email and saving emails and who you should email and all that fun stuff and so go ahead and keep on watching don't forget to subscribe for more missionary content to help you out before you hit the field and also just for other Mormon girl problem solving tips that I do every week vlogs are on Sunday and new videos are every Thursday so make sure you guys stick around so you can check out all the good stuff and I can just continue solving all of your Mormon girl problems so let's get into it okay so I have picked up a ton of your answers questions um and so that way then I can just address them all so I have a nice little list here on my phone and the first one is setting up your Asian email so here I have this handy little buck when you guys get your mission call you're gonna get this little buck in there if they even still do that gosh guys I'm sold anyways so when you are when you get this book in one of the pages under under under contact information you only sign an email and they'll be real cute I can read you mind because mine's dead and gone and deleted so anyways my email was Jay Stratton because my name before I was married was Jesse and then my and then at my LDS Malzahn that every missionary email ending thing is my LDS male by net now the church is up a thing with Google I really don't know how that's just how cool the churches with Gmail so that way then you may say they have a gmail account connected to this email address so that's super cool and even though it's not like at anyways it's confusing but so when you on – when you log into this um my odious mail thing they give you a password and you can change I can remember all that but if you cancel be in this book I just lost that page that was talking about that anyways um you can log into email and you can get all set up you know when you guys are missionaries you cannot use any other email like you can't use any personal emails even if it's a gmail and nothing like that so make sure that you have everything that you will need contacts and what else would even need note but just make sure you have everybody's contacts before you leave on your mission because obviously it's really difficult because the only way you're gonna contact somebody after your mission is through an email and if you don't the contact you can't email themselves you know anyways make sure you get everyone's contacts and their email addresses now also to get people to email you make sure you put your mission email maybe on your Facebook like on a little sidebar thing where it's pretty permanent on something people can like tear out your mission think on your Facebook page emetic what the heck is this check out you haven't heard from her for a year anyways and so you can do that you can put on your Instagram on your bio bar whatever you can put all of our social media and your word directory I'm sure will have it too so all your little old lady friends from the Relief Society can email you and anyways um so make sure that you can create contacts now what I've done is I went ahead and I'm going to show you guys how to create a contact and also create a group like a group email so that way every week you're not sitting there typing in with emails or at least even their name that they're saved under it is way faster I to do this I wish I'd done this because guys an hour and a half of email time which is all you have once a week goes by so fast oh man anyways so as you can see here when you get into your Gmail account you can go over and on the top right you can go into contacts now you can go ahead and you can see I've made some fake little context here but you can go to the bottom right where it says plus and you click on that you can create a contact like I did here nice little fake ones stick in their email address and click Save now you can go and hover over that email and click that little checkbox and you can click as many as you want to then you go to the top right that little book more posted thing I don't really know to this click it and you can create a label now I just called my family email family I can't wear what I called it anyways um so then you just create that and then when you go to compose a new email you can just type in family email and it brings up all the people that are tagged onto that label so it makes everything it's so much easier when you're trying to be quick and trying to write all your friends and everybody so anyways now along with that the people that you are allowed to email um that varies from mission to Mission honestly the generic rule for all missions is that you can email anybody you want as long as they're not in your mission boundaries so make sure that you write everybody once a week I mean like the most important people like your parents your guardians maybe some grandparents I emailed my now husband a ton because we were dating before I left and so I kind of emailed him more than my mom don't regret it because he had tons of admission advice for me because obviously he had served before me so anyways that is what you could do now I've had a lot of questions about setting up a mission blog ok guys so this is what I did I would hit and made a wordpress blog which I will have linked down below you can go check out all of my mission memories and stories and photos guys I got some really cute photos my real life you can go check out my blog it's a wordpress that's free for everybody uh it is a little bit difficult to set up because it is like a website because obviously it's a blog and I link that on my Facebook page now obviously I couldn't go on and update my WordPress every week because I wasn't allowed to go on WordPress and I was assured so what I did is I had my sister of odd who was just so wonderful for a year and a half every week I had her take my like giant generic email I sent to everybody like I had individual emails I sent you know my mom or my boyfriend or cousin Robert but I had like a massive like group email that was like summary of my week highlights cool story and my pictures that I wanted on my blog and so I sent that to the mass masses and then and also went to my sister-in-law and she would take it copy and paste it and put it in a new blog post on WordPress and so that within each week my blog was updated so if you can con somebody into doing that for you like a sister or a boyfriend but careful sometimes they'll leave a parent I threw that technologically-advanced I don't know you have your own blog then it's all set up and saved for when you get home now another amazing thing which you guys have heard me talking about before and just I wish I wish I didn't know about this I don't know if they're around when I was on my mission but they're called preservation comm and they are fantastic now what you can do is you just upload your mission emails to this website and it puts it into a book for you so when you go home from your mission you can have just a nice book of all your mission emails and pictures now of course you're gonna pick which emails you want so personally I'm putting in like some sentimental emails like to my parents and from them and then of course like my weekly blog emails those are gonna go in there my pictures and stuff and so but something you can do is it's genius guys because right now I'm struggling because I'm going through 6,500 emails to put into this book that's why I've been talking about this for like five months I still haven't finished my book anyways you can have something for you so every week you know have your mom just copy and paste your family blog or any emails that you want in your preserving mission book and she can just go on it takes like five seconds you should just upload the email to the site and boom it's gonna be in your book and it you can spellcheck it everything on there and have your photos and it's amazing and by the end of your mission here now all these beautiful books with all your emails in them and you don't even have to do anything else how amazing is that do it guys please do it they're an awesome company now we'll have them linked down below now something along the lines of that when you get home from your mission you have oh is only sixty days I think you only have 60 days to transfer all of your mission emails from your my ODS mail account to a real email account because like I said my god believe it your mission email gets deleted after 60 days so guys you gotta get on that ASAP when you get home and move those emails to another account that once again because I'm awesome and you can thank me all later or in the comments down below either way um I went ahead and I'm gonna show you guys how to do that now I followed a website that taught me how to do it so I'm gonna have that website also linked down below of how to transfer emails cuz it's a little complicated but anyways alright so go into your Gmail click the little Settings button in the top right and then scroll down to settings then it'll take you to this page and you're going to go over to forwarding and pop /m ap I don't know what that means but then you're gonna go up to add a forwarding address and your an enter the email address that you want to forward all those emails to so a personal email or email you want to create for this to hold all of your mission emails and so you're gonna save that and like I did and that should go ahead and enable your forwarding and just hit Save Changes then go to the email we're gonna want to receive all these emails go to the settings on the top right like we did last time and you're gonna go over to accounts and import then you're gonna go down to check mail from other accounts and you're going to want to add a mail account you can see I've already put in my LDS mail email account and obviously the email has been received because that email is gone but it will continue receive any emails that you do get sent to that address so anyways that is how you transfer emails now guys I suggest definitely doing it but i really suggest getting like a solid copy like doing the preserve a mission book form of your emails because guys i have a gmail that is solely dedicated just to holding all my mission emails cuz that is close to the 15 gigabytes that google allows you so I recommend doing something like a physical copy of your emails so okay guys I that is all the questions I have been asked and I also looked for on the mini are called if your sister's Facebook page which I also I'll link down below if you have questions if you're looking for sisters that may be served in your wish in it you can wonder this Facebook page and ask any question you want there so I think that's it if you guys have any questions for me or anything I said was kind of weird or did make a lot of sense you can also put out the comment down below you basically the sweetest comments you're so nice and like this video if it helped you at all please but yeah so that is it for this week's video and make sure you go check out preserver mesh calm cuz they are amazing and yeah I will see you guys in the next one keep living your video ideas down below next week we're doing a summer Tryon clothing haul so I'm gonna be excited for that cuz guys it's almost alright have a good one bye

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I love your channel!! I do have a video recommendation… I would love to see a video on what to write and what not to write to a missionary.

What books are those on the side of the desk? They look like Missionary editions of spiritual works.


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