Alex Epstein: "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels" | Talks at Google

Alex Epstein: "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels"  | Talks at Google

It is very weak that so many people are completely removed from reality regarding the looming climate chaos. Denying this severe crises is the fruit of a closed mind.

This guy is very lame. You people who think CO^2 in the atmosphere is no problem just are not looking at reality–and you are behaving extremely poorly–deadly, really. Murderous, really.

No solutions only trade offs. The question should always be which trade off promotes human flourishing at the highest level. Regardless of the subject.

This guy is awesome.

Here's the temperature record before NASA altered it. They are comparing high quality data from the US, using thousands of recording stations, to exceedingly sparse and unreliable data from the rest of the world (Aug 1999).

So what did they do about this discrepancy? Naturally they altered the high quality data to match the crap data.

Fucking hell, this is common sense but everyone is totally polarised on this issue. They either think fossil fuels are evil or they are great. Meanwhile the ocean acidifies and the animals there die. Geo engineering for the win

I think google talk really lost respect for me. (Hopefully many more’s) How is it possible we will still denying such prevailing truths? 10 year from now we will look back in our history, we will take him as an example on how little general mass understand natural science..

Wide scale nuclear energy under capitalism that starves most of the population and then gatekeeps them from helping solve the world's problems because they're poor is not smart. This is the main reason we've had such horrific nuclear accidents thus far. There IS an element of human error regardless of our socioeconomic system, but the more people you have COLLABORATING (not competing against each other for a higher wage in a situation where the result of their work together is life and death) on the job, the more likely human error will be minimized.

Also: trying to find a way to live that is compatible with nature IS what's best for human beings whether this smug asshole acknowledges it or not, they're not two separate interests as his strawman suggests. When you say "maximize human flourishing" with the flawed understanding that humans are separate from nature and what we do to affect the environment negatively won't eventually effect us negatively, you're doing the opposite unbeknownst to yourself and so long as you think we're separate from nature and don't listen to those who tell you you're not, that will be our problem.

Climate "change" was not deemed so to say change as such is bad, it was a misguided corrective measure to satisfy the imbeciles who complained about the term "global warming" because winter was still a thing. It's just strawman on top of strawman with this guy. We need to employ the most sustainable forms of energy appropriately (solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, and yes *some nuclear) based on local resources and possible levels of human contribution/maintenance. Also, our living spaces should be designed to convert kinetic energy to electricity from opening doors/drawers/anything you move in a way such that you can fasten gears to the structure and harvest the energy. Also we need to grow a lot of trees and a lot of hemp for energy and other uses. That's the real solution, using fossil fuels will take us past the point of no return and listening to idiots like this is one stupid way we can seal our fate.

An "Energy Philosopher" is the phoniest self stylized title i have ever heard of. It sounds about as useful as a Poetic Mechanic or an Artistic Dentist. At best it's entertaining and harmless, and more likely – at worst – it's completely misleading and is supposed to add credibility to someone with 0 actual credentials.

There are probably ten time stamps i could point out where he's blatantly and undeniably wrong about basic things, and at least twice as many where he uses facts in a twisted way to make false assumptions.

As for "Human Flourishing Framework"… I mean, if that's not double speak for "Business as Usual" i don't know what is. It's always the most irresponsible people that claim to be self-righteous promoters of "Morality".

I haven't read the book, but I wonder if Alex has on opinion regarding what the optimum number of humans is for this planet?

@ 5:20 he implies that the reason gasoline cars became dominant was because fossil fuels are superior. This is wrong. It was actually due to the workings of the 19th centurary oil giants. Gasoline/oil vehicles beat out ethanol due to Rockerfeller influencing politicians to pass an alcohol prohibition and forcing ethanol fuel to include part fossil fuels to make it not drinkable.

Specious. Contradictory. Disingenuous. If you make energy open source, free/near free/low cost, it upends the pyramid scheme. There are people who would rather kill humanity than disrupt the chattel system.

At 38:14 man… Just common. The deception here is so obvious, it makes me burst out laughing every time I see it.

At 50:00 he mentions practices we consider as barbaric like “ female genital mutilation” but neglects to mention the equally barbaric practice of “male genital mutilation”. There it proves Alex is also a victim of political correctness too.

@ 40:05 increase in crop growth is not because of the increase of carbon in the atmosphere but rather the "green revolution" in the mid 1900's where agriculture technology and practices were updated

@ 38:12 there is a difference between weather(day to day conditions) graph on the left and climate(weather conditions over a long time) on the right

Bjorn Lomborg essentially makes the same arguments in his 1998 book, "Cool It". He suggests we would be better served by applying our resources to other issues the we can have and immediate positive effect on humanity, such as disease prevention and access to potable water.

The best lesson Mr. Epstein presents is the art and science of CRITICAL THINKING that has been lost in the indoctrination centers that our universities have become…

One of 30 videos I have seen (sponsored by the coal companies) where a guy tries to convince you that coal is good and climate change is a hoax. DOPE! 99% of scientists all over the world agree that climate change is bad news. Only a fucking moron would fall for this crap. Oh, I'm reading some of the comments below. I'm sorry for calling some of you fucking morons. How about we will call you gullible. If I tried to convince you that smoking is good for you, you should smoke more, would you buy it? No, because we KNOW smoking is really bad. We KNOW climate change is and will be really bad news. Don't be fooled by the coal companies. They only care about money, not your Health or your future well being. Be smarter than that. Remember, it is Scientists ALL OVER THE WORLD who agree on climate change. And for anybody who buys the crap in this video, I will try to make it simple for you, since you are a little slow. POLLUTION BAD. CLEAN AIR AND WATER GOOD!

The problems with nuclear are 1) CO2 output from constructing, supplying and decommissioning nuclear reactors will never be repaid by energy production during the lifetime of the reactor 2) uranium and plutonium remain dangerously radioactive for thousands of years 3) it takes 10 years to commission and build a nuclear reactor, its active life is 30 years and it takes up to 60 years to decommission. A solar array or a wind farm can be put up in a week and taken down in a week. The only problem with renewables is unreliability and that is solved by storage. Apart from this a reasonable and balanced presentation.

Wow! What an asshole. Right from the get go he starts manipulating conservative morons by making strawman arguments about liberal ideologies. Then proceeds to say everything their want to hear. The amount of greed it takes to be willing to destroy the entire Earth's environment is astronomical. And there it is, screaming out for 63 minutes.

Please people, you have to take in a bigger picture. Not being able to do that is one of the worlds biggest problems. Just use your minds a tiny tiny bit more, ok?

I like your talk however couple of things. CO2 is not responsible for global warming. Historically [email protected] follows the global warming event. Also hydrocarbons are NOT Fossil fuels. Titan has oceans of it.

Definitely going into the lions den with this presentation. Amazing framework………what do human beings need to thrive. Cheap, safe and ubiquitous energy.


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