Alan Watts - Psychedelics and Spiritual Insights (Video Lecture)

In this video Alan Watts talks about LSD, psychedelics, and the spiritual insights attained through such experiences. There are not a whole lot of Watts discussions on psychedelics so I hope you like it.

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If anyone is tired of being deceived by false teachers like alan watts. You were like me, seeking spiritual knowledge and truths through psychedelic experimentation, well I finally connected the dots and figured out the truth and I'm here to share it with those of you who seek it, for those of you that care where you are going when you die, for answers to this world. Just go to my channel and find the uploaded video titled The Truth about DMT and other Psychedelics and watch and I will prove what I say is true.

I just realized after 20 yrs of dosing LSD I never once closed my eyes for any amount of time while on it. Now I've got plans for the weekend.

I have a problem. I've never had a spiritual experience. I've had joy, I've had strong emotions and I've been marvelled about life, but I've never had an impression of anything beyond the mere casual, nothing to be marvelled about to the point of being devoted to it. It's all just life, life as usual.

do not confuse LSD with Psilocybin, one is a natural spiritual entheogen, the other is a counterfeit man made synthetic version with no Gaia spirit in it, but it's true one must still live the spiritual path in one's life , one must live the way of the mushroom or the spirit of the mushroom.

An username of creates great visuals! Maybe you could guy collab! Thunbs up everybody! Wee need to see them doing their magic together 😀

Psychedelics and Religious Experience (PDF) – Alan Watts


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