A Mistaken Belief of Love english ver. 【Oktavia】アイアルの勘違い

A Mistaken Belief of Love english ver. 【Oktavia】アイアルの勘違い

『アイアルの勘違い 』
『A Mistaken Belief of Love』 Music: 煮ル果実 Originally Sung By: Flower
Vocals/Mix/Sub: Oktavia Movie: WOOMA Hey, what is this love in words? Each question I've answered, unsure, Ash, skin, swinging on a hook. I'm gonna skim when I hit the books. Guess the gap in our bed tonight, Threw out the clothing tattered over time. Both can't be saved that way, so I'm g o i n g a b i t i n s a n e Aah, We all are bogged, “No bother” our main aim, Pretend, pretense, the same in saying, “I’m laughing ‘cause I can!” And I’m too nice, I can’t deny-yaiy-yaiy You wanna claim all you need while I’m on my knees? I knew you never loved me, I knew, but mistakenly believed. I knew you never loved me, I knew you never loved me, I knew you never loved me, I knew, but mistakenly believed. I knew you never loved me, I knew, but mistakenly believed. “Hey, what is this love even worth?” “You refuse it, and you'll only be hurt.” though I swung and might've missed your sleeve, I’m not a kid- don’t berate me, please. Guess the gap in our bed tonight, Throughout the words I coughed up, drowned in rhyme, Still, were bent on staying blank, so I took a breath to take their place … Odd, these thoughts, this painful, paper-thin Mayday. Divine Delight, your ego gains as three days go down the drain. And I'm too kind, I can't deny-yaiy, but- Soon I’ll just play rendezvous until I kill y o u I knew you never loved me, I knew, but mistakenly believed. I knew you never loved me, I knew you never loved me, I knew you never loved me, I knew, but mistakenly believed. I knew you never loved me, I knew, but mistakenly believed. “Hey, is this love still returned?” Pantomime, and questions answered, I'm sure. One more’s seething deeper down, But I’ll only notice such a dream in doubt. “Yes, the gap in your bed tonight, too, like your room, is where you won’t arrive. Look ahead at the life you’ll soon lack!” so the anti-Amendnest laughs. ᴼⁿ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵒⁿ, ₜₕᵢₛ ₜᵢₚₚᵢₙg ₜᵢₚₛy ₕₐₛ ₘₐdₑ ₐ Gₒₒdbyₑ gₒₒdbyₑ, “ₜₕₐₜ’ₛ ᵣᵢgₕₜ!” yₒᵤ cₐᵤₜᵢₒₙ I coughed the blood we SAW NO LIE, THESE BINDS, THOUGH IF I DIE-YAIY-YAIY, PLEASE SWALLOW WITH MY RICHES RIDGES, WRITTEN FOR YOUR KISS I KNEW YOU NEVER LOVED ME, I KNEW, BUT MISTAKENLY BELIEVED. I KNEW YOU NEVER LOVED ME, I KNEW YOU NEVER LOVED ME, “I KNEW YOU NEVER LOVED ME.” I SAID AND MISTAKENLY BELIEVED. I KNEW THAT YOU NEVER LOVED ME. I KNEW AND MISTAKENLY BELIEVED. AAH

As a viewer of about 2+ years I’m so proud to see your improvements between the videos I regularly loved listening to back then and the ones I now regularly listen to. I’ve been busy as of late and unable to check out many channels so when I only just saw you uploaded I felt bad for being late but I’m just glad overall I got to watch it tonight. It’s thrown me into a lot of nostalgia, remembering
other things I used to do before and after your videos, and the type of content I used to watch. This is definitely one of the few channels I’ve stuck with. I was in a few pretty bad places in the past and listening to covers from you has definitely helped me through a lot. I’m proud to say I’ve matured and grown a lot since then, and am currently striving to do my best and not let myself return to that negativity. Thank you, and I hope to be with you for much longer and that I can see other improvements you make. I appreciate you a lot Oktavia and I really hope that you’re doing well 🙂

And if anyone else is going through a tough time, or something difficult, don’t be afraid to rely on other people to get help. It’s a terrible thought that people let experiences with other people harm you and you ability to seek help. And if you really can’t get help, just know you are so very much loved and needed and very important.

Much love (sorry for any spelling errors it’s very late)

Oh my god this is amazing. I wish you would make more covers for songs from this artist! I know they have many more amazing songs! Like this one! https://youtu.be/dDxJfWAy9oU

I would love to see you making a cover of Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan ED – Finding The Truth- : 3 UwU , btw i love your covers :3

Your voice is so god damn perfect! It would surely fit "Mathemagics" from Owarimonogatari if you're interested.

wait wait wait wait wait wait wait hold up ive been listening to yama's cover of this for so long and i just now realized you covered this too?!?!?!!?!

my whole entire life is complete
thank you you wonderful woman

update 2:56 g o d t i e r

After listening to the song over 60 times i think i have an idea or theory

I think the story is about an abusive relationship. I think that the guy hangs himself because of the girl(?) died. He thought that the girl was the toxic one who push and messed with him and the way shed died was defense not his fault. And once he sees the girl shes demonic like how he thinks she is. And at the part where the song picks up is when the guy relises that he was the monster who abused the girl to death and at the end all he can do is accept her in his arms while shes crying

hi im late but i think it's about a past abusive relationship and he took out the trauma on his cat after having hallucinations + tried to kill himself

okay uh… so this song is a lot to unpack but here we go:
this couple is going through a rough relationship where one feels obligated to date the other without actually feeling any love, like love out of pity. this turns into an intensely toxic relationship though, where every time the "white" character tries to escape they're bombarded with threats of either suicide or threats of killing the white character (the bathroom scene). one day though, the black character goes dark, doesn't show any sign of being there, and kills himself (red scene where it looks as though the black and white character are insane, and then the black character falls away while the white character chases.) the white character both blames himself and also blames the black character, who's represented by the cat. the white character feels as though because of their flaws and them trying to leave this toxic relationship, they've killed the black character. they attempt to kill themselves, but fail, and depending on how you take it they feel stained by the relationship and "take on traits" of the black character, ex at the end the white character has black hair and yellow eyes. hope this helped uwu!!!!

I always feel like this song should be louder. (what I mean is that the song sounds quite in comparison to Oktavia's other covers, mainly in the chorus. I don’t know if that made any sense) I always turn up the volume to nearly to max at the end because I feel like it makes the end more insane and chaotic. I don’t know maybe it's just me.

Why didn't I get notified about this! Notifications are on but I didn't get it until now ahh.. Amazing cover as always! <3

I legit found the original 2 days ago and now I have just remembered this cover…DID I JUST USED UP ALL THE GOOD LUCK IN MY LIFE????

i didnt fuck my cat. i didnt cum on my cat. i didnt put my dick anywhere near my cat. Ive never done anything weird with my cats.

oktavia here's a quick reminder: you voice is absolutely godly and your covers help me cope with the various petty things i get upset over ily


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