A Little Priest – Angela Lansbury & Len Cariou (July 2005)

A Little Priest - Angela Lansbury & Len Cariou (July 2005)

ladies and gentlemen the original Sweeney Todd and mrs. Lovett later on when it's dark I will take him to some secret place and but you not me ideas just pop into my head and I can't think you seem to that much it seems an awful wife such a nice head Nora coffee trade business Needham thank you might not be bad Oh ah this times desperate measures are called oh yeah how come the captain what is that is it really good Danika they don't come and have a poet or something like that Oh gets to eat talk to to talk get them out but fortunately it's also clear to you about real do something I prefer to with or without you tried Hey with what not fun I didn't know if it's going to rock yes always alive over nothing ah again when you have on I love you you

What he says: anything that’s lean?
What he thinks: what the fuck happened to “Have you any dean?” When did they change that?

So Jessica Fletcher and Michael Hagerty were Mrs. Lovett and Sweeny Todd? That's amazing. They're both fantastic.

Angela's voice, even at that age, is so amazingly strong. Hardly any difference from when she premiered the role.

So great that they could still have fun doing this at the ages they were here! Sometimes when actors and singers get to a certain age they don't really care, and are reluctant to reprise performances like this, but they're obviously both having a lot of fun here.

Angela Lansbury brought a playfulness to Mrs. Lovett that was never replicated. The two of them have electric chemistry. It’s almost like Sondheim wrote the song FOR them. Hands down, one of the best performances in musical theatre history!

Seeing Len Cariou singing this song will make the dinner scene on Blue Bloods a little different, especially if they have meat pies.

She performed at Lincoln Center in 2016 for the 25th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast and it was so simple and magical. The woman is an absolute treasure and the world will be a little bit colder and darker when she passes.

The thing I love best about this performance is how you can tell the audience and the actors are both having a great time.

I have now a greater respect for Len Cariou. He is the best part on Blue Bloods as the Grandpa. Didn't know he originally played this part.Awesome

I saw the original, with the both of them, 10 times. They were beyond incredible. And the staging…with a huge cast. I believe this to be Sondheim's masterpiece. I also saw Patti Lupone's Mrs. Lovett. Though she was, as always, wonderful, this production brought out the Dickensian influences. I am also a huge fan of big casts, as originally written. The Lupone production was from a minimalist perspective with the actors playing the instruments. It was certainly very, very interesting and was the forerunner in minimalist versions of musicals, since. Huge musicals must be an absolute fortune to produce these days.

2016 has already been a scary year for losing some amazing people. I can only pray we don't lose these legendary people any time soon.

Imagine paying a fortune to see a terrific show and then sit there with a crappy video camera and not even seeing the show.

If Cariou didn't have a few good friends to use, he would still be back in the dusty choir line. He can't sing and damn sure can't act. Good on Angela's generous heart.


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