A “Godless” Generation – Jon Jorgenson | Spoken Word

So to get right to the point today, I got
a little game that I’d like for y’all to play. It’s called “How many teenagers do you know
that are actively pursuing a life with God?” For most of us, that game doesn’t last very
long. Like a bangin’ on a gong, the preachers say, “What’s wrong with kids today?” and the
song goes on and on and on. But the song being sung is partly true. We’re surrounded by a
generation who, for the most part, would rather smoke a joint than sit in a pew, and to be
honest, I’m really tired of placing all the blame on them. So I’m here to suggest that
perhaps part of the problem, church, is you. Please hear me out. You see, teenagers today,
and people, for that matter, would rather live by their own luck because they see the
religious system is just way too stuck, and if you heard me say that I read my Bible every
day, you’d be like “What the fudge? Doesn’t that mean you’re quick to judge, never budge,
and just a plain old schmuck?” And if this is the perception that we’re so full of pride,
then perhaps it’s time we took a look inside and tried to reclaim the part of Jesus that
some of us have lost: the one who partied with sinners, touched the lepers, loved the
children, and who paid the highest cost. Have you ever considered just how many parties
Jesus went to in the Gospels? If someone wanted to throw a party today, church, I’m not sure
that they would hire us. People don’t wanna gather around Jesus anymore. They gather around
Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. And I’m not here to bash secular music, either. I’m tired of
that, and plus, I like some of those songs. I’m here to suggest, church, that we also
might be in the wrong. Please hear me out. You see, it’s clear in
the lives of the next generation, the church rarely plays a part, and maybe that’s because
some of the messages in TV, and film, and radio are a little bit more from the heart.
The church shouldn’t be this billboard of propaganda, a list of shoulds and should nots.
It should be a living, breathing artpiece, where people see us, and they say, “I want
what they’ve got!” When did the movement of Jesus lose its authenticity and require its
members to climb to some spiritual peak? Because if only the strong survive, then how come
His power is perfect when we’re weak? Now please, hear me. I know some churches
do this right, and I’m not tryin’ to start a fight. I’m here to suggest that we might
just be as blind as those to whom we’re trying to give sight. We as the church need to wisen
up because the next generation is rising up, and they’re finding their prize in the things
of this world because in their eyes, we haven’t given them a better option. Runnin’ away from
the church like a toxin, because some of us are locked into a system of judgment and dismay,
hate you if you’re struggling, different, or gay. Why would anyone want to stay when
they’re just viewed as a project on which we can project a list of rules? And the more
we try and protect the children in this way, the more we reject what God is trying to project
through them! And that is His project of authentic love. Please hear me out. You’ve made it this far.
I’m not trying to be harsh, and I’m not trying to be condemning to either side. I’m suggesting
that instead of forcing people onto some religious journey, let’s just invite them along for
the ride. Let’s look to share, before we look to teach, and maybe let’s put a little more
care into what we preach. Let us make faith in Jesus a little more attractive, and by
that, I’m not talking about hip, or cool. I’m talking about interactive – because you
can never underestimate the power of someone who truly cares and who dares to be the one
person who will listen when no one else will. This is the kind of love that I believe Jesus
was talking about, that authentic love that spurs us to a life that people can’t help
but be attracted to. Church, let us begin to live in that love.
And let us stop blaming the younger generation for every problem in the world, and instead,
come alongside them and invite them on an adventure that Jesus said would bring even
greater things yet to come. This is authentic love.

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I may only be 12, but videos like this really get to me. Like I go to a public school and Satan’s trying to pull me away from Christ. It works but I come back right away and I hold strong wen I notice it’s happening. I love your videos.

I’m an atheist because I feel like religion is anywhere and everywhere, and it sickens me. Ever since I started school I’ve been bombarded with talks of Jesus and god and what we should and should not believe. I’ve been told I have ten rules I have to stick to otherwise I’m damned to hell. I’ve been told god is everything yet I’ve never felt him, I’ve never experienced what every religious person preaches about. I’ve been told I need to go to church every Sunday and pray to god three to five times a day. I’ve had to sit or stand with my hands joined, pretending I actually care about the meaningless words being spoken when in school, because if I don’t I’ll get wrong or I’ll have to say the prayer out loud on my own to the rest of the class. It’s not fair. I choose not to be religious, I choose to be an atheist yet I’m never allowed that break, that freedom that comes with that choice because religion is everywhere. I have to study religion as a gcse, I have no choice, but I cannot find it in me to care about religion. I have no problem with religion, I just wish people gave atheists space to breathe instead of religion being here and there. Religion should be a choice, not a requirement, especially in school. Some people hate atheists because ‘they have no morals’ or (one I actually saw) ‘they’re apart of the illuminati’. Can I tell you we don’t need god to be human beings? God is not everything and atheists are not stupid for not believing in god. If there is an atheist with you, do not bombard them with questions about why they don’t believe in god, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I choose to be an atheist, if you have a problem with that, it doesn’t matter to me.

I used to believe there is no god….
My Best friend Invited me the The salvation army corps
It Changed everything about me My alcoholism my cutting and everything else,
and if other teens don't believe me. I understand but just think about this
If you had a ton of friends that cared about you treated you like family and helped you get through the day tell me that wouldn't bring a smile.

I love the action y'all are calling us to, at the same time, I'd just like to kindly remind y'all to use serious caution when criticizing Jesus's bride. He loves her😉 also right quick… if you think change is necessary in the church, get your hands filthy in the work of your local church😀

Kinda wish YouTube had a love this button! I'm tired of the perception of others that because I'm a Christian, I'm not with the times. I'm sick of the expectation for me to be judgmental when all I want to do is love others and share my faith in Jesus with them. Thank you for showing me im not alone in this.

The book "not a fan" talks a lot about this, about how many of us are not authentic. Instesd we focus to much on the rules and not our hearts. God would rather a sinner that loves him truly than a saint who does not.

How many teenagers do I know that are actively pursuing a life with god? I know a few people but how many teenagers do I know that actually act like Christians? Not many if not any. I confess it’s hard to be a Christian sometimes. It’s hard when others are influencing you whether you realize your acting like them or not. I find myself many a day being someone I don’t want be. I used to know who was and what I was doing but I find that I get farther and farther away from that path. So I pray I pray for those who are lost who are struggling to be themselves. And I hope that everyday I can become more and more like my savior. And help those who are struggling find the right path.

This made me teary eyed, because every word he said was right. God has been with me through everything and when I’ve left him and tried to find away out he always finds a way to bring me back to him. Like a couple months ago I had been very distant with god since a close family member committed suicide in 2015. I was so distant with god because I felt that if he loved me why he would take her away from me. And not only that my best friend from church was put in jail on false charges (she was quite a big older than me) I felt like god didn’t love me because he was taking everything away from me. Then my best friend at school brought me to switch ( a thing that life church does for the teens) after that night I was distant no more. And ever since then I’m proud to call myself a teen with god walking along my side. He’s my shoulder to cry on. My best friend to laugh with and celebrate with. And when I thought everything was wrong I found Jesus and he switched the tables and made everything ok again.

This is my struggle, how can I stop preaching with words and start preaching with actions. The church has been "preaching" for too long now and we are still doing it even when we say "stop preaching". We are still pretending to tell the Father how to do His job. So how can I just honor the Father in Spirit and Truth without having to tell others, like me, WITH WORDS, how to behave and how to be. Perhaps those who dare to evaluate are meant to be that way, perhaps they play a role in the whole that only the Father knows. May be and only may be The Father knows what He is doing through us, and all that we "judge" as "wrong" it is only His way of Testing our Faith on what we cannot "see". Perhaps I first need to discover Who I am, before I start using Words. And ONLY then, if the desire still remains, start to talk.

This is so good, something that has been on my mind for such a long time and it has been hard to share this amongst elders in the church, who don't understand how we're meant to rise up but give us this invisible barrier out of fear of change

You believe in the story of Jesus not in Jesus himself, I'm not saying his norms and values are bad for our wealth. On the contrary, it's creating people for the better, but I think it's not about the religious weather. It's about the rich and the poor, if we look at our true nature, we were all born rich, but the materialism is consuming us, it's like cannibalism. It's not about believes it's about sharing all the good and therefore you don't need a god.

It may be easier to catch kids with that idea, but I think it's not the truth. Still I respect your view, but there is nothing in this world I hate more than lies. Who knows what's the truth.

well sir, i do agree that we need to appeal to the youth, however we must also becareful not to water down the gospel. i am fourteen years old, i was raised in a baptist church ( although im not baptist) and we sing hymns and the like. in my youth group we are more contemporary but for the most part its a conservative church. so you understand my background but heres my point. many times in our attempt to reach the younger generation we end up imitating a culture we are supposed to be against, which is a big problem i have with alot of contemporary Christian music. dont get me wrong i like alot of contemporary songs but sometimes i think we just go to far with them and they become so repetitious and meaningless sometimes. Now please dont take this wrongly and i highly doubt you will actually read this comment but you mentioned that you enjoy songs by lady gaga and the like? have no association with the unfruitful works of darkness! lady Gaga's music does the exact opposite of glorifying the Savior. personally i also disagree with your substitute curse word because that is giving the appearance of evil, and thats really up to your conscience. I dont know you and maybe you meant something else than what i understood but perhaps you should rethink some of your speech and maybe even examine yourself. however i understand what you mean by trying to appeal to the youth but make sure your message (which should really be God's message) is clear and truthful. may God bless you as you continue to spread His word. also try to stay focused on the Gospel. i think That theres a God who loves you and wants to take away your sin and will wipe your slate clean is already pretty appealing. if i have been to judgemental or have said something i shouldnt have plese forgive me. God bless

I’ve been coming back to this video for years now. Why aren’t we talking about this? Teenagers aren’t leaving church just because it’s boring or they rather play video games.

As a teenager, I’ll tell you why I don’t care for church.

Church lacks PASSION. I find passion in art, in music. That’s where I find god. Thats were I find meaning. That’s what pulls my heart strings and speaks to my soul.

Church can’t give me that. Instead it’s a judgmental atmosphere and meaningless redundant speeches. We sit and stand and sit and stand and I zone out.

I zone out and start listening to the instruments behind me, the only thing that interests me. Only to be disappointed by the same, old, tired music.

Give me a church of passion, love, acceptance. Give me a church that will be a friend, guide me and spark passion within me. Then maybe I would go to church.

I enjoyed your video, but what I hear when reading between the lines is a church with no standards. I am concerned that what people want is a Christianity that makes them feel good about themselves without ever expecting repentance or change. A Christianity and gospel that leaves people in their sin and darkness while giving them the impression that God is just fine with that. "Truth demands confrontation. It must be loving confrontation, but there must be confrontation nonetheless." Dr. Francis Schaeffer

Hi! I would love to use this for an event at my church but with different music under it. Is it at all possible to get just the vocal stems without the music behind it?

I love his videos, he knows what he’s talking about. I don’t actively pursue God anymore for the exact reasons that he states in his spoken word. I still believe, but to be apart of a group that claims to be the “church” but is just a routine meet and greet is not something that I take interest in. Great spoken word ❤️

What converted me from atheism was not any argument, because I’d closed myself up from that out of arrogance. It wasn’t from a preacher yelling at me across the street telling me that if I didn’t repent I would go to a “Hell”. It wasn’t from any of that. I simply saw my school chaplains love of all people, and from the ditch I’d fallen into from my anger and pain, I looked at him, and longed to know the source of such unending love.

We wage our Christian struggle with love.

Hey I presented a similar poem because of your work thanks for that❤
PS: I said this was a inspiration for the work for Jon, a youtuber that does spoken word

Sadly I see christianity on a decline, every time I attend church, I only see older people and not the youth. Evangelical christians has made christianity look bad as it has become corrupted with being judgmental, critical of other christian religions outside of their own religious faith, self righteous, and very hateful against gay people, atheists, and non-christian religions. Plus not following the teachings of Jesus Christ and the decline in christianity will continue.

The movement of Jesus was never authentic. The church is bad and condemns gays and freedoms for women and non believers and the fucking dogma and theology of the Bible confirms that stupid ideology as well. The problem is that Christians dismiss and brush aside all those problems in the Bible including slavery and the lack of evidence of a God or any other God or Divine deity such as an angel or a demon. Lack of evidence and bad antihuman policy is what is driving millennials and younger folks away from Christianity.

Goosebumps from alpha to omega. I have regrets for not seeing this sooner. All of us should watch this. We are responsible to everyone else and it should not be mistaken as a burden but as a love. As the sons and daughters of God. Encouragement will always be better than correction. You see, church nowadays, see themselves as a persuading figure but what I feel is just pure coercion. Don't just teach what it takes to be saved but what it feels to be saved. Yeah, we are tired of preaches composing what is right and wrong because we've heard it a million times like our favorite song. We are tired of hearing hell because in the very beginning, Earth had introduced it to us FIRST hand. We want advices and support to someone who understands us not to someone who acts like an all-knowing God. Stop scaring us. Fear will never be the greatest weapon in God's arsenal. Start inspiring us. Mercy and compassion will hone our morals. Instead of blaming us from being drowned by our selfish desires, show us that there is unity through GOD, that it will provide us warm like a caring fire.This is not a generalization but only the message. May the continuous love of God won't be wasted.
Ps. I'm not mad but if you'll neglect what the video had taught us. Yes, I will be.

Hi, i just watched this vid and i really love it… and i want to ask a favor. can i have a copy of this script? i want to present this poem on my english subject. i promise i will credit you everytime i used this. i know this is asking too much and you may not read this but i had to try ^_^

We're living in an unGodly world, parents & schools don't teach values, morals, respect etc. children have no purpose, so turn to destructive behavior. God is rejected, so Nations will be rejected. Signs of end times are here. 🙇🏽‍♀️🇦🇺

Jon will talk you into believing an invisible unknowable author with three separate personalities is living in the clouds over the Sinai Peninsula.
If Yahweh and his son Jesus would simply appear or at least communicate telepathically to all his creations with the same message, simultaneously, then Jon would not need to explain Yahweh to his audience.

Always preaching what is true. Ever since i have found your videos i have became new. A new christain one that is prucing god more and more. Pleace keep up the good work.

I practice another religion but this still got to me. It is very true and I really appreciate his talent and understanding of a topic that not a lot of talk/actually care about anymore.

Very intriguing word here Jon. Congrats on all the success as you have certainly tapped into something people are relating to. Here is one of mine on dealing with failure. God bless! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fSCzQtvIsw

please stop blaming 21century and our bad behaviour.
We are constantly in to the world
24/7 365days

Instead of that, teach how amazing jesus is

“You can never underestimate the power of someone who truly cares and who dares to be the one person who will listen when no one else will”

Im a 14 year old Christain and this video made me notice im not as close to God as I should be.I dont pray daily or read my bible but its something im going to start. Im going to try to spread Gods word to others the best I can and bring others to Christ

This is a Godless century where more and more people are rejecting God. We are living in a wicked age where everything is upside down and evil is glorified. It's part of the end of times prophecy.

Jesus didn't "Party" with sinners. He sat and ate and taught them. Some were changed forever and some continued on with their same life.

Jesus said that Christians should separate themselves from people who doesnt want him as God. Even if Christians befriend those who are outside Christianity do you really think you can help them go to Heaven? you cannot. They need to use their own freewill, they need to doubt first their wrong belief. Satan and his demons serves as a sieve to those who really belong to Jesus. The harder life is the more closer that person will go to Heaven. We go to school and study for years work hard to graduate and after graduation we need to work hard again to get the position in the company that we want. In spiritual aspect we need to work hard also to be able to follow all the commandments of Jesus because it is good for us. I owe my life to Jesus because he saved my life and brought me back to life years ago when a demon suffocated me and killed me. Years passed and a demon attacked my life again. Evil people oppressed me harrassed me and they broke my mother's pelvic bone thats why she suffered and vomit lots of blood before months of suffering from pain and then she died.i fell into witchcraft to have my revenge and i regret it. Its so painful for me to fight evil people because what i did was against my faith. I repented to Jesus and i saw Heaven and his angels. I repented because a demon dragged me to hell while i am asleep. Jesus didnt fail me he was there to save me again. I blame myself for being lame for falling into that witchcraft. Now still i have problems about demonic attack. But im fighting. Jesus loves everyone he is just waiting for people to Repent and change. You Christians do not need to befriend people who are against Jesus or those who do not want him as God. You cannot save those people who does not want to be save. Allow them to use their freewill continue in spreading the word of Jesus and let people decide who to choose Jesus or Satan. I am an exwitch i have been to Heaven and Hell saw angels and demons. Christians belong to God not to this world. I was thinking of Jesus and bout my miserable marriage right now. I made a mistake getting married to a person i dont really know 100% thats why im in an abusive relationship now and i have no family to turn to.When i was in elementary grade what i really wanted was to serve Jesus and to save souls for them not to go to Hell.Years passed i grew up and what i want changed and forgotten. I regret it and im sad i went and fall on the wro path. Apain from suffering of a Christian is worth it. You may not see the value of suffering but its worth than diamonds or gold. So you Christians do not need to conform to this world to have an easy life or comfortable life. Heaven is a very beautiful place no one could go there without experiencing suffering because of faith in the Lord.

Pray for the sinners do not allow them to drag you in their place.Hell is a place you do not want to go to I was there in Hell years ago when i was still a witch and wanting to leave witchcraft. Dont envy evil people or their works or life because it seemed nice to look at. Every sin has a punishment continue on spreading the word of God and allow the sinners to decide for their life. Pray for the sinners but do not allow them to enter into your life evil people are so smart and cunning. Evil corrupts good people. I am evil once evil people and demons work hand in hand and help each other.You Christians should stick to Jesus because He is your protection. I am a sinner a witch years ago now im working hard to be a Christian.

I just got done with watching holy evangelicals decry a man who married one time, was faithful to his wife, and worked hard to raise two children with the only woman he ever married. I then watched holy evangelical christians cheer on a man who married 3 times, cheated on his first wife, cheated on his second wife, cheated on his third wife with a porn star, liked about it, paid her off, lied about that, and boasted about how he liked to "grab 'em by the ****". Christianity isn't love. It's not a set of rules. It's pure tribalism. It contains no moral values. No virtues. Just tribalism. It is said that a man should be judged by the content of his character. I've seen the content of the character of your movement, of your christ, and I have judged it lacking.

I don't believe in God. But this was beautiful. I'm proud of how faith is moving forward with us. I was raised Christian, and my views have changed. But to see this, makes me feel hope for future Christans.

Hey. My name is Brendan from Kenya… I have this inner calling for spoken word… It's knocking so loud but i simple dont have the key to that door… Please help me open it and unleash the potential I know I have

Warn the wicked about their demise, and they will call you a hateful judgemental bigot because they hate God.

Ezekiel 3-18 When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thy hand.

John 15
"18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you."

The false gospel tells you to change your life or that you need God in your life—whereas the Good News is God has provided the Perfect Life of His Son Jesus as a Free Gift. The false gospel claims you’re saved by faith alone but after salvation you have to do works for God—therefore rejecting the Good News God has provided the Good Works as a Gift. Believe Jesus is your Good Works. The Gospel provides everything—Christ is everything

All i wanna say god is one!! There r so many different religions, different gods but they r all one!! They made us.they want us to live this beautiful life happily nd appreciate their beautiful creatures… nd ya believe in god,if anyone will prey by heart💖 or say thanks for everything they gave u🙏🙇 they will definitely hear u..nd ur prayers..thats my trust 😊god really do love,help and appreciate everyone..😊nd i m also 15…😊but can't forget god who gave us this beautiful life nd family😊😊💐

“Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.”
‭‭Jude‬ ‭1:3-4‬ ‭KJV‬‬

The faith doesn’t evolve. The problem with church is that it has abandoned the faith once delivered unto the saints.

You can say you love people but if you refuse to speak to their sin you really hate them. People need the Gospel.

You are trying to change a preformed constitution… It needs alot of inner strength and confidence…. And particularly for this era.. May God bless you with all success because, now what I can see in your video is indefinable

We are vessels are Jesus Christ, but just because we are vessels doesn't mean that we must WAIT for God to show us people. It means GOING no matter if God has sent you or not. Rejection, it comes with it, but God has planted a seed, and HE will send someone else to water it, and someone to guide it, or chop off it's wrongs. We are here to be disciples of Jesus Christ, but we must not force it upon others, just show them love. You know I pray for the fruits everyday, and for us. I am not saying this to come off as perfect, I am saying this to encourage my dear brothers and sisters. Even when it is hard HE is with us, all you got to do is ask and HE will give.

I need your Auntentic love Jesus…
I want your love….
I want to be a girl who live for you Lord…..
I want to show the world that Jesus is the key of LOVE; by being a well disipliened, spiritual teenager. I want to show them all… "THE LOVE" I've gained.. it's valuable than anything else and cannot be compared to any…

•Thank you Mr. JonJorgenson for this promising preaching. It really touched me in a soft spot. I'm a 16 year old. I'm really worried about how teens in my age try to get away from God. This message will be give them a chance to realize. Thank you once again.
Love from Sri Lanka ♥️

Most people bow
To technology that
Is also a god

Look how much people
And children or stuck
On there phones
And television
No one is believing
In him no more

U tell me who
Do they call God

We are so ignorant and so stupid at the same time that were now already entertaining all the immorals around us that we or even i kept doing it over and over again


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