8 Ways to Get INTUITIVE Direction from Your HIGHER SELF – Achieve More Happiness Success Abundance

8 ways to get intuitive direction from your higher self achieve more happiness success abundance (your higher self wants you healed and whole) law of attraction there is a higher self that exists
within all of us and this higher self can answer all things and clear all
obstacles that appear to stand in a person’s way when we learn to tap into
this intuitive intelligence that flows through all things miracles become a
normal part of existence this source of wisdom has the ability to line each of
us up with success happiness and achievement of any kind once we fully
open ourselves up to the direction that only awaits for our request following
our eight ways to tap into your higher self for intuitive guidance number one
dedicate a few minutes of the first part of your day to your higher self ask for
guidance and all that you do throughout your routine commit yourself to making
the conscious choice to remove your ego whenever you feel it is leading so that
your inner intelligence has room to come forward and guide you number two during
your daily activities as any questions or worries come to mind hand them over
to your higher self for resolution in your mind tell yourself that you
don’t have to worry or overanalyze 8 ways to get intuitive direction from your higher self achieve more happiness success abundance (your higher self wants you healed and whole) “law of attraction” “learn this” anything because it is already being
taken care of for you this begins to set up a vibration within you for higher
self knowing number three affirm several times throughout your day
that your higher self is guiding you perfectly this can be as simple as
saying every day and every way I am perfectly guided by my higher so I am a
living manifestation of the supreme intelligence of the universe and I allow
this flawless direction to leave me in this way you begin to open yourself to
the intuitive guidance that is naturally within you number four
learn to distinguish the difference between your egos responses and the
responses of your higher self your egos responses are generally of an emotional
nature whereas your higher self is rooted in calmness and clarity each time
you are reacting to someone or something remind yourself that you’re now making a
conscious choice to come from this place of calmness and clarity so that you can
more easily see what action is to take that lead you into more success in your
own life the more you practice this the more you
will become centered and find ease and all of your interactions number five
strive to always do the right thing 8 ways to get intuitive direction from your higher self achieve more happiness success abundance (your higher self wants you healed and whole) law of attraction “this can change everything” according to your understanding be kind
and pleasant to others and live by the golden rule do unto others as you would
have them do unto you once again this assists in creating a
vibrational atmosphere for your higher self to more easily impact you in
positive ways number six practice sensing are feeling the presence of your
higher self simply take quiet moments to meditate on this feeling and acknowledge
that you are opening a space for the greater source of wisdom to lead you
with intuitive direction towards success in all areas of your life
number seven begin to expect that higher self-direction can come into your mind
at any time place or circumstance practice telling yourself that your
higher self handles all situations conditions and people and that you are
perfectly guided at all times number eight each night as you are going
to sleep affirm that your higher self is entering and influencing your
subconscious mind with the best course of direction for you to take to create
the things you want in life offer gratitude for this direction and realize
that these subconscious impressions will surface during your conscious waking
hours and throughout your daily activities we often allow the outside
world and opinions of others to guide us through life but by providing the higher
self the opportunity to come forward and guide a person can rise above any
circumstance that keeps them from the success and Happiness that is their
natural birthright inner wisdom is the way to contentment and it’s the spirit
with which to approach life through direction from the higher self and
asking for and allowing the guidance that this part of each of us has to
offer our individual destinies can be fulfilled and life takes on a more
purposeful and satisfactory meaning 8 ways to get intuitive direction from your higher self achieve more happiness success abundance (your higher self wants you healed and whole) law of attraction

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Your higher self doesn't want you or others to suffer. If you are suffering and are inclined to cause suffering just remember, to add suffering on top of suffering does not bring lasting happiness to you or others. In the face of suffering we become a higher light to lead the suffering to videos like this one.

The thing is Zen, Alpha and Law of attraction mindset is a trend, like yoga, nowadays and everyone seem wanting to be centered, independent and on ''Fuck it'' mode. There's a difference between acting indifferent and being centered. This misconception leads to less genuine interactions or not at all even. Whilst wanting to act like monks, I see a lot of people becoming more and more rigid from the Zen shell they build around themselves, avoiding conflict (ones that make us grow, when there is) trying to be calm and cool, or overusing sarcasm or silence. Well, fake it until you make it I guess..

Thanks Jessica in the Ancient knowledge where it is called Egypt today we use to call the higher self as Ba that conectes to our Ka our living soul here on Earth it is so beautiful to see the same in a different way! Thank you again! Namaste!

Being receptive to your higher self is one of (if not) the greatest accomplishment you can have with your physical animal body. Sustaining that reception is so great!!!

I was told years ago by many different sources, that at one point I was living as my higher self. People need to remember our higher self is not another person outside ourselves. Don't give your power away by thinking it's another person some where else.


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