7 Reasons AC Odyssey Fate Of Atlantis Is The Best Odyssey DLC Yet

Hello, this is Alice of the Rock Paper Shotgun
video department. And if I sound chirpy today that’s probably the sound of relief in my
voice. You see, I was kinda dreading reviewing The Fields of Elysium. We did videos on Assassin’s
Creed Odyssey’s Legacy of the First Blade add-on and it was a nightmare to find anything
new to say – they were just more Odyssey, crammed into the existing map. Okay, in one
of them you gave birth – which sounds like a biggie – but then you spend the rest of
the game thinking ‘why does no one ever mention the freaking baby?’ That’s the
problem with season pass material – if it was actually essential, it would be in the
main game. But anyway: that was then and this is now.
And now is looking a lot more positive. I mean, just take a look around you. These are
the Fields of Elysium – both the location and title of the first episode of the Fate
of Atlantis DLC. And, no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the incredible Indiana
Jones point and click adventure. The obvious appeal of Fields of Elysium is the option
to leave familiar Greece for a fantastical destination. And it’s just one of many reasons
why I think Odyssey finally has DLC worth paying out for. All handily gathered in this
video. Before we get into it, I’m not going to
go into the story setup, as it requires a huge amount of back story from the main game.
To actually start the DLC you have to finish the Between Two Worlds quest – which falls
later in the game – and the Heir of Memories, which was a free piece of DLC added earlier
in the month. You also have to be level 28, which you will easily be to have reached those
quest points. You can create a new save that jumps straight to the DLC with a level 52
character, although this locks off Achievements. While it’s nice to have the option, this
DLC really is aimed at people who’ve gone deep into Odyssey’s story. Lots of its revelations
simply won’t make sense if you haven’t put in the legwork. So what can I tell you? Well, we’re on the
Fields of Elysium – obvs – which is the nice part of the underworld ruled over by Persephone.
This is Odyssey’s art team really letting their hair down and embracing the fantastical
side of the fiction. The fields are set on a vast disc of land, surrounded on all sides
by epic waterfalls. It’s one of the few areas of the game where you won’t just be
rushing to synchronization points to unlock fast travel, but because you want to see these
amazing landscapes with that swirling camera. The fields are quite unusual as they are relatively
empty – its acres of flowerbeds covered in butterflies, broken up with rivers which allow
for a bit of relaxed gondola action. No hefty ships or sea shanties here – it’s way more
chilled. The meat of the action takes place on giant stone pillars, with towns and military
strongholds accessed by rock climbing or with the Wings of Hermes teleporters. Trust me,
the sooner you start planning trips around these devices, the better – otherwise you
will spend a lot of time looking at your hero’s back shuffling up rock. It makes for a setting with great verticality
– you’re either looking up at wonder at the homes of the gods, or you’re clearing
out bases while these beautiful fields stretch out below you. It also means there are a huge
number of cliffs to practice your spartan kick on. I know this is the afterlife, and
kicking angels up the arse is probably frowned upon, but you can’t give me a drop that
deep and a thigh this strong and not expect me to combine the two. As wonderful as it is to look at, I’d like
to see a few more locations make use of this crazy layout. There are some bases that stretch
over multiple mountain peaks that offer many options about how to approach them: sneaking
over bridges and ziplines to move between clusters of enemies, or picking off lower
rocks from high vantage points. But many of the strongholds and towns feel like they could
have been found in the more traditional areas of the story. When you’ve got a landscape
this unusual, you gotta flaunt it. As for what you get up to in this realm? Well,
it feels like a slightly pared down version of the main game. Where the Legacy of the
First Blade focused on a new network of conspirators to hunt down, Fields of Elysium is all about
destabilizing the military rule of Persephone. Again, no story spoilers as to why. This manifests
itself as a smaller version of the main game’s conquest mechanics. Elysium is split into
four regions, and it’s your job to whittle away at Persephone’s hold. This is all very
familiar stuff: you can destroy her statues, burn her provisions, clear out strongholds
and take down the leader who rules each area. Every attack you make eats away at Persephone’s
control. Of course, to get to the point where you can
access the DLC you’ll have done this a hundred times over, so you may feel fatigue setting
in a little faster. It’s a shame that a radical change of setting isn’t matched
with a radical change of thinking, but maybe that’s hoping for too much. I think it helps
that there are no mercenaries to worry about in Elysium, so you can go about your guerilla
warfare without being pulled into those endless fights. Even so, you can expect to put in
around ten hours as you clear out the four regions to reach the story’s end – it’s
definitely more substantial than the three hour episodes of Legacy of the First Blade. If the meat of this DLC is familiar, it is
livened up by its cast of mythical figures. Plans to raise an army to bring down a power-mad
leader is well trodden ground for Odyssey, but the fact that leader is Persephone, and
the rebellion is lead by Adonis and aided by Hekate and Hermes, lends it a buzz of celebrity
missing elsewhere. Just as Odyssey really kicked into gear – for me, at least – when
you were fighting Medusa and the Minotaur, so this DLC delivers a supernatural soap opera
for you to butt your head into. It has exactly the same appeal as the God
of War series, seeing a no nonsense mortal butting heads with these preening legends
and rolling their eyes at the playground squabbles of deities who rule entire mythical realms.
Okay, strip it back and it’s the same mix of go here and kill X missions, but it’s
that tiny bit more satisfying when you get to lie to a goddess or flirt with the hunk
that went on to define all hunks. In myth, the Elysian Fields are a private
heaven for friends of the gods – think of it as a really elite night club and if your
name’s not on the list, you’ve got to go next door to Hades where it’s all about
rivers of fire and the dance floor is sticky. This is a terrible metaphor. Moving on. The
point is, Elysium is stuffed with Greece’s greatest heroes, so I was worried about who
I was going actually going to be fighting in this DLC. Would we be coming face to face
with all the people we’d murdered through Odyssey’s main story, lining up for a second
pop? Thankfully not, though I’m not sure what
we do get is any friendlier. Persephone’s rule is maintained by an army of Isu Warriors
– the Isu being the ancient civilisation that built the mystical doodads that triggered
the whole Assassin’s Creed story. They are a highly advanced race, which you can probably
tell from watching them fight. For starters, many of their attacks drain adrenaline on
contact, meaning every hit you take not only pushes you closer to death but prevents you
using adrenaline to restore health or unleashing other skills you’ve become lazily reliant
on. Let them get on top of you and the damage feels so much fiercer as a result. And they will get on top of you, as they are
equipped with supernatural abilities beyond the mortals you fought in the main game. They
can create screaming light clones that chase you around and explode in a huge radius. They
can summon bolts of lighting to their feet to interrupt any combos you might have in
mind. Of course, this opens them up for a good macing while they call up the clouds
for a lighting attack, but it still keeps you on your toes. You can also create a window of opportunity
by shooting the Torches of Hypnos that loom over the stronghold areas. Destroying these
not only saps Persephone’s hold, but the impact stuns the Isu, too. Though be warned,
if they don’t know you’re already there, they will once you hit the torch. And this is before their big brothers get
involved. All over Elysium you’ll find the Kolossi – large metal warriors that stand
like harmless statues until you alert nearby guards. They then wake from their slumber
and boy, if they don’t get out the wrong side of bed. These guys hit harder and absorb
way more damage. Worse, they have teleportation abilities, letting them zip away to safety
and shoot you in the face like some Ancient Greek Iron Man cosplay. This teleportation also makes escapes much
trickier, as while the common Isu soldiers have to clumsily climb to higher ground, these
jerks that just appear in a blink of an eye. You do get new means to fight back – more
on that in a second – but it generally makes much more fraught combat, with those adrenaline-sapping
moves up close and loads of laser hands and lighting rods battering you from afar. As a result, it feels like stealth plays a
much bigger role this time around – after all, if you don’t alert the common guards,
the Kolossi just have to stand their helplessly, as you plunder the area with impunity. It
feels like stealth is encouraged more than it was in the main game, where sneaking always
felt a tiny bit at odds with your role as a big tough mercenary. Mercs don’t get paid
the big bucks to hide in bushes. I’ve always enjoyed Assassin’s Creed most when im, well,
doing some methodical assassinating, so it pleases me greatly to have tens of shrines
to silently clear out so I can bash away at a statue while the Kolossi just have to stand
their and suck it up. Of course, all of this does remind you that
Assassins Creed Odyssey has some of the easiest stealth going – you basically just have to
hide in a bush and whistle as people come one-by-one for a shanking. The Isu may have
developed teleportation and hand lasers, but flower beds are slightly beyond their ability. To help even the odds, Fields of Elysium introduces
a few ability upgrades, tied to a quest to power the staff of Hermes – an item very much
at the heart of the DLC story. Hidden in tombs, the Keeper’s Insights,
create an enhanced version of four of your preexisting abilities – as long as you have
levelled them to tier three, you can access the fourth layer. And they are a lot more
fun than the rather weedy skills added in Legacy of the First blade. The silliest is
the rather literal take on Bull Rush that, well, fires a literal bull from your hands.
Think of this like a projectile spartan kick, powering forwards and scattering any enemies
it touches – it can be used to shunt the Isu over cliff edges. Perhaps more handy when you’re inundated
with swarms is the Might of Artemis, which is a upgraded version of Rain of Destruction
– you can no longer target it from afar, as it surrounds you with arrows instead, each
with a powerful stunning effect. As long as you aren’t fighting in doors, it’s a great
way to pause the horde and get some easy hits in. If you prefer to keep your distance you’ll
benefit from the Kronos Time Warp which slows time for five seconds but adds more time for
every bow headshot and increases the damage of each arrow too. Watching all that strawberry
jam squirt out in slow-mo is always good fun. Finally there’s Ares’ Madness, which replaces
the Battlecry of Ares and sees the spear of Leonidas grow to its full length, all the
better for thwacking robot men about the chops. You always have the option to revert the skills
to their base abilities, in case you don’t like the upgraded versions, but I found them
useful throughout. Oh, and you get this scary ass horse to ride
around on – it belongs to Hades and you get to nick it as a part of a mission. You can
tell this horse is seriously bad news because there’s black smoke coming out of it. Also,
if you get up close you see that it has snake scales, which I’m pretty sure horses aren’t
meant to have. But while I live in fear of black beauty here dragging me to hell, finding
her did remind me of another classic bit of DLC – Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare.
That game let you collect the four horses of the apocalypse for your persona stable
– it was rad then and it’s rad here. A scary horse seems like a good place to wrap
this video up – I’m going to go and try to find some sugar cubes to feed it before it
curses my eternal soul. Hopefully this video has given you a good idea of what to expect
and explained why I think this is the first bit of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC to really
impress me – it’s much bigger and more interesting than Legacy of the First Blade, and has a
far greater storyline relevance for long term fans. But I think even a newcomer would have
fun clambering around the strange towers of the Fields of Elysium. It’s available as
part of the season pass, and I would hope that it would get a standalone release – although
I can’t currently see one on Steam. If you have any questions about the Fate of Atlantis
DLC, let us know in the comments and we’ll sort those answers for you. And if you enjoyed
this video, why not check out our previous DLC reviews or our review of the main Odyssey
adventure – oh, and don’t forget to subscribe. That would be great too. Thanks for watching
and hopefully see you again soon. Bye for now.

Fun-fact: The first RPS video I saw was Noah's review of AC Odyssey, now I will always remember Peeper.

Has any one noticed there’s a plant in the sky of elysium that looks like Jupiter. I know Jupiter is a gas giant. I think Elysian is on titans one of Jupiters moons.

As something of a veteran of the game, what having maxed out literally everything in the game, I can say for certainty that this DLC is one of the best I have ever played, not just in the AC franchise but pretty much any game out there. This did exactly what I wanted and explored the Isu way more than ever before, the world looks amazing and the armour sets are dope as hell too. Cant wait for the other episodes.

I think you made a mistake on a soldiers. I don't think they are Isu…unless it is said so in a DLC if so, I'm in the wrong. From the perspective of someone who did not played it they seem to be AC:O take on Myrmidions/ants turned into soldiers.
PS: Too bad that colossi aren't at least cyclop sized. But it's clear that their mobility would be too much impacted by their size.

Do you have to spend your time weakening Persephone's forces? I thought you would be able to side with her.

Actually, you are supposed to convert the "Isu" soldiers – not murder them. Much more difficult. And they are not actual Isu, they are humans controlled by Isu technology.

All reasons:
1st- Grind
2nd- Grind
3th- Grind
4th- Grind
5th- Repetive items/quests
6th- Boring story/main characters
7th- Grind

I've played a few hours of Elysium and there's barely anything else in the entire AC franchise that made me say 'oh my God' out loud. Easily one of the most beautiful set pieces they'll ever make.

They mention the baby 500,000 times…. Elpidios Elpidios, Elpidios… Elpidios… Elpidios… Jesus I envied the deaf…

are you serious? most of this DLC is just boring, filler content. for example the quest 'Give em Hades' is just liberating every outpost there is on the map and there really isn't any sense of progress.

Hi! Thanks for the great video! Does anyone know where the background music is from? I've definitely heard it before but I just can't place it. Pls help me out, much love xx

I just finishied the first part. It was great. Felt a bit like Inception, mixed with Dr Strange, Clash of the titans and of course everything Assassins creed.

I found episode one so far to be boring, got the trophies a little to quickly as well..I enjoyed the free talent points though. I found Legacy of the first blade a bit more enjoyable. But again, it's only the first episode of Fate of Atlantis. I have big expectations for the rest.

Now I want a DLC that completely focuses on the Underworld and Hades. Dark environments, terrifying beasts of mythology, and references to some of the spookier Greek myths.

Can you purchase and install this, without also installing the DLC that forces a heterosexual family on your character?

Here's what im pissed about:


The only god you fight is Hermes, and even though you can "liberate" any human, the only ones that matter are those that you get through missions.

This dlc was incredibly mediocre. From the VA and lip synching, to the story and level layout. This whole place looked just like greece, but with higher rocks. Nothing unique in looks, or play, as the gameplay was nearly identical. Every mission was repeated from the main game i didn't buy this to replay the main story.

I played AC Unity again today, and i gotta say: the animations, the climbing and the feel of beeing an Assassin is so much better there! Origins was on the edge of not being an AC game, Odyssey is over the limit….

I'm sorry but this dlc is complete garbage the game is too, no positives, it's now a terrible cash grab from a once philosophical and smart game franchise made for adults

Are the Isu's alive and well in some pocket dimension, or both the Isu's and Elysium are just a computer simulation.

To me, the enemies are annoying. I find myself avoiding fights sometimes.
I go to use an ability, I can't, cuz their attack drained my bar.
It's like any attack they do, drains ur special bar.

Am I the only person who thinks that the DLC is the shittiest one since the times of the Tyranny of King Washington?

1) New map area which is always good to see and it explores verticality and not just a large flat horizontal plain
2) New enemies which slightly changes the gameplay
3) Story isn't great but it sure is better than LotFB
4) The world for the most part is quite spectacular in concept
5) Acknowledging the current day events is good

1) Sometimes teleporters are not present and will require you to jump all the way down and climb up normally which is frustrating and tedious.
2) New enemies and new abilities slightly change gameplay but the core mechanics are still just dodge hot, dodge hit. They added no unique additons that require us to approach a fight differently.
3) Story conceot is good but it has too much filler. Basically just more fetch quests which makes the already bland gameplay feel even more boring.
4) The waterfall textures look terrible from a distance and waterfalls around the map do not count as water objects. So climbing through them will not make your character appear wet. This is just a small nitpick.
5) The rpg element where you get to choose the ending, is still lacking because the ending is just a bunch of variations of one ending with barely any changes.
6) Soundtrack in this game is seriously lacking. It feels very toned down and is actually a very important part of creating an immersive atmosphere in a game.
7) The locations are again very repetitive. There are about 3 or 4 different types of locations but are copy and pasted throughout the map 10 times each. This is very boring and makes the world feel artificial.
8) Missable trophies/ achievements. Some people will be annoyed with this especially if you do miss it, you will need to play through the main game again in order to access this content. This is at least 50 hours of your time wasted for something that may be irreversible if you don't have a save file. The character setup thing they have through the main menu disables any trophies/achievements.

Overall: Decent dlc with new content but it still has the same flaws that the main game has. The story is also lacking but an improvement onthe previous dlc. They don't seem to know how to integrate filler quests well so that they aren't boring and tedious. This is a problem throughout many Ubisoft games. They often make quests that are there to extend the play time but don't add quality value to the game at all.

Final Score: 6/10

I hate the lieutenant they give you in this realm, he's easily overpowered by the statue sentrys. I had Diemos back in Greece after I completed the story.

I enjoyed this dlc for all the wrong reasons : it had a seemingly interesting story that roped me in to get disappointed at the end, it had a colorful and original setting that added a lot of verticality and made me feel like the areas with wings of hermes were like their own environment when it's really just to make it look cool and to make the dlc feel longer to play, and it gave away skill points and enhancements… But at the end of the day, I'm UNHAPPY. Spoiler-free reasons (mostly) ahead.

First and foremost, I don't understand why the present story is set up the way it is. Why did Aletheia need to set up a simulation? Why is SHE the one inside the staff yet we see Hermes in the sim? If it's a sim and everyone (Aletheia, Alexios/Kassandra, Layla) knows it, how is there actually a reason for the rpg immersion? It would make more sense for the protagonist to break the 4th wall and be like "I'm stuck in the matrix, where the payphone at?" Wtf is up with that ending (Layla's) ??
Second, I don't understand the Isu's existence. If even Kassandra is pretending that she's in the Underworld, it sounds like the Isu were able to create realms different from the Earth (first I heard of this and I played all AC games, but I might have missed it) , so why didn't they flee to those realms when the Earth was about to burn or even during the conflict with the humans? Unless that's precisely what they did afterwards, when Minerva said "we are gone now from this world", but that's just not clear. And because of that, it's not clear what point there is to these Isu characters being there, especially since they're not the ones we were introduced to before. Elysium just doesn't make sense (to me) in AC lore.
Last: why are the Insights sold to us like the main objective (the reason for this whole dlc, as I understand) yet they're so easy to find? Worse, the game almost doesn't care that you find them, except like a step to unlock more memories. I understand that the rpg elements are important to lengthen the dlc, but continuity is more than a polite suggestion… And Wtf is up with that ending (A/K's)?

TL,DR :I find this episode wanting, and hope the next two deliver on the lack of clarity/continuity

Sorry guys can't agree with any of you on this, I played through it all, found it repetitive and boring, the main game is not as good as origins, but that's just a personal opinion 💜 (o^^o) 💜

If this whole thing is a simulation in the gameworld, why should my character care about anything. I actually liked legacy more…. So far.

It was definitely a nice looking DLC and I liked the new enemies, but the story choices were sloppy and made it impossible to stick with a side. It forces you to play both sides and I wasn't satisfied with the resolution of the episode or the gut wrenching choices it had in parts. Hopefully the next episode is better. I thought the first DLC had better story even if the gameplay was more repetitive.

To me this was the best ac season pass I feel like I got my money's worth for once this and the ezio collection both bring a smile to my face

This isn't a good dlc so far

World was pointlessly large making getting around a chore, teleport has the same issue as the grapple in syndicate, cheapens parkour

Choices largely meaningless and won't be followed up on as the next dlc is a different area

Combat is still average, enemies draining your energy makes fight longer not harder

Story is meh, even the modern day which I wont get into here just a step down from AC3

Red Dead Redemption, really. Is everyone trying to avoid the obvious… AC Origins, this is a total copy, the bonus moves, the fields. Did everyone forget your unique horse you rode in the afterlife (Field of Reeds)… Smh

So before you start the review you spend the first minute discrediting the game before you then say I cant be bothered explaining the story..

Fighting or interacting with all the died heroes and or making a nemesis system like sow and give a next showdown with mercenaries with a grudge lol.
Actually that would be awesome🤔

Wish they were more passive abilities that would allow you to not people unconscious and allow them to join your crew that was a fun mechanic in the base game

Escapes me why i can't seem to find a mainstream review anywhere of this DLC. Found this super helpful, thanks!

Can someone tell me do you have to purchase to get these missions? I have the spear and went to all the caves for that ghost lady but now nothing is left to due for me pertaining to Atlantis. So do I buy the package?

Yes a great dlc but 2 things
1, what are those solders who teleport an have fire lasers from there hands
2, can I kill persephone as I can’t stand her voice an her personality

I gotta say……..after the emotional wreck you go through with natakas in the Legacy of the First Blade, im surprised they had a romance option with adonis…….to me it felt to early especially if you are really immersing yourself into it…….i would say more but on this topic but i gots to go……

This has been the cheapest vacation to a beautiful place I have been on. This is my first AC game so no problem with lore confusion cause it's all confusing lol. Been having fun releasing the Isu enslaved humans. Be nice if it affected the outcome but not getting my hopes up.

2:38 If there's one thing Origins had over Odyssey, it's the boat mechanics. You can hardly go anywhere in Odyssey without getting your boat wrecked. I'd prefer having an Animus wall like when you try to go off map, rather than just getting your boat wrecked out of nowhere.


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