6 Steps of True (Godly) Repentance

6 Steps of True (Godly) Repentance

we’ve all sinned we all make stupid
mistakes we all do things that are out of line with God’s Word thankfully God
has created a way for us to easily come back to him it’s called repentance true
repentance Godly repentance you know God isn’t as concerned with our
sin as he is with our response to that sin and the way that we choose to repent
many years ago a young man on a cold winter’s day come and came and sat in my
office his name was Jeremy he’s 25 years old and he had slept with had sex with
one of the girls in the church a name was Julie and this is a pretty common
story I’ve had many young men women sitting in my office many times when
people have confessed to gambling to alcohol addiction to massive lying
issues and at the end of the day we’re all sinners we all fall short
of the glory of God Jeremy was guilty Jeremy was ashamed
Jeremy knew that sex outside of marriage was not God’s will and to be honest this
wasn’t what he wanted he kind of had fallen into this sin problem but I said
to him Jeremy the key from here on is not avoiding the sin or blaming someone
for it or trying to make yourself look better than you are the key here is your
response of repentance to this sin for us as Christians there’s two sides to
repentance justification and sanctification there’s initial
repentance when we become a Christian and were born again and were justified
by faith and God looks down at us and and we repent and he forgives us and the
slate is washed clean because of Christ’s work on the cross but then
there’s the daily repentive lifestyle where we are being sanctified perfected
made right by God but we’re going to walk the journey and continually repent
of our sins repentance is our reconsidering and then a reversal of a
decision in response to a new revelation of the truth and I want to talk to you
about the prodigal son in Luke chapter 15 here as I go through these six steps
of repentance each starting with the letter C the first one is you got to
catch. You got to catch the truth. The opportunity for us to repent comes when
truth hits us in the face the prodigal son is sitting there in the Pigpen
thinking this isn’t how I thought my life was going to work
yeah it smashes him in the face that something was wrong here and in verse 17
it says in Luke chapter 15 verse 17 it says he came to his senses how and he
talks about how his father’s hired servants have food to spare but here he
is in the Pigpen starving so what truth has got to hit us the second point is
comprehension we need to comprehend our sin and actually understand what the
problem is why we’re in the Pigpen why things aren’t going right why life isn’t
working at how it should be why we feel so separated from God and this is really
where we’re guilt and regret starts to hit us that I’m not doing something
right or I’m not in the right position that I meant to be a life isn’t working
out in a way that’s fruitful and peaceful and enjoyable so comprehension
there needs to be an understanding of what the problem is and the prodigal son
realises it’s because I walked away from my father and I walked
away from myinheritance thirdly is we’re going to consider the
third step of true repentance we’ve got to consider this is where the prodigal
son in verse 18 says I’ll set out and I’ll go back to my father and he begins
to weigh up the plan of how he’s actually gonna repent and
how he’s gonna set things right at this point I see so many young men
and I saw Jeremy sitting there in that chair and they’re telling the truth
they’re sharing their sin but really they’re weighing what they’re gonna do
about their sin and this is where pride waits at the door and it wants to take
us out pride keeps us self protective and we don’t deal with the sin and we
don’t follow through on our repentance if it requires humility to repent of our
sin to cop it on the chin and to face face the music face the consequences of
that sin it requires humility and being okay with being uncomfortable for a
while and at this point is really where a Y comes in the road at this
consideration point either our sorrow is gonna be a godly sorrow or it’s gonna be
a worldly sorrow 2 Corinthians 7 verse 10 says godly sorrow brings repentance
that leads to salvation and leads no regret but worldly sorrow brings death
I’ve seen lots of people admit their sin consider their sin look at their sin but
it’s worldly sorrow and they don’t truly follow through and repent the fourth
step is compunction and this is where you own your sin you know if you know
the truth if the truth has hit you you’ve embraced the truth and now you know the
truth then you have to act in cleaning up this sin if you don’t act and clean
up this sin then you really you really never knew the truth because if you knew
it you would have to act on it and become free of that which has tripped
you over has hindered you is how is holding you back in verse 21 that the
son says to his father as he falls on his knees back at the father’s house he
says father I’ve sinned against you and I’ve sinned against heaven and this is
the key whenever a young man like Jeremy sits in my office or whenever someone
comes to me they want to claim their life up this is exactly exact sentence
that I look for are they owning their sin are they had meaning that I have
sinned against you against someone else against this young lady Julie that he’s
fooled around with and I’ve sinned against heaven I’ve sinned against God
I’m outside of the Word of God if this happens well this is the
compunction point it’s when the person owns their sin and they’re now walking on
the path of godly sorrow and true repentance the fifth C is choice if a
repentance is going to be true then this is the point of follow-through this is
where the young man Jeremy he actually makes the choice now to follow through
like the prodigal son he actually doesn’t just think about going home but
he actually goes home and expresses his repentance to his father and I saw
Jeremy do this he owned his sin and then he made the choice to walk the path of
true repentance it says in acts 3 verse 19 repent then and turn to God so that
your sins may be wiped out and this is the choice that we have to make in true
repentance is we turn 180 degrees and we now reverse our poor decision we
previously made and we make the decision right by changing paths and the prodigal
son thought we’ll all turn back to my father’s home and he did that and he
thought I’ll go and serve in my father’s house I’ve wrecked every chance of being
a son but maybe I can serve in my father’s house and that brings us to
point number 6 is where we stay the course it’s the course now that is important in
true repentance and that we stick to the course and of course the father says no
you’re not a servant you’re a son he says come onto this
track onto this course come back into the home come back into working in the
fields with us come back into being family come back into community and this
is the power of true repentance is that it brings you back in a relationship
with your church your leaders your parents your friends your family your
wife and the father says in verse 24 these powerful words for the son of mine
was dead and is alive again see when we’re in sin we’re dead our future is
dead our destiny is dead relationships die everything is separated but when we
repent of our sin then we become come alive again the father says what was
lost is now found if you want to be found in God if you want to be found to
yourself and know yourself and know your destiny you’ve got to live this repentive
lifestyle where you will go through these six different steps of
getting things right when you when you mess things up the only way that you can
get things right and see your crookedness is if you
have a straight path God has a straight path he’s word the
Bible is a straight path the way of Jesus Christ is a straight path that
exposes the crookedness in our life when we get this right then we have the
opportunity to work through true repentance every day and make sure that
our life is clean and that everything is fruitful you know this young man Jeremy
he’s separated from this girl they weren’t friends for some time but
eventually they formed a friendship again eventually they came into a
courtship relationship and ended up getting married it was a great story it
was a happy ending but it would have only been what was only possible because
he actually took the path of true repentance and he was thorough in the
way that he worked through all the different consequences of his sin when
we mess up and sin it’s like dropping a paint can and paint splatters everywhere
and sometimes it takes a bit of work to truly repent takes you going and
cleaning the spill from here talking to this person repenting to that person you
hurt going here is something you’ve dishonored or someone you’ve dishonored
but Jeremy did that every step of the way so I encourage you today
catch the sin comprehend it consider your action
compunction own the sin embrace it and then make the choice to walk God’s path
of godly repentance and stay the course true repentance is when we actually
follow through and we never go back to that sin again I hope that this has
helped you the six steps to true repentance we all need it as believers
to walk this path well so that we can live righteously we can live in freedom
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that you’re thinking I need to go and get things right I need to clean up the
paint spill I cleaned that part of it but not all of it or maybe I walked in
self-pity and worldly sorrow and and feeling shame well that’s not God’s
heart God’s loving-kindness draws us to repentance and he wants you to clean
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