50 year baptist Missionaries now a Muslim in Islam- TheDeenShow #158

50 year baptist Missionaries now a Muslim in Islam- TheDeenShow #158

this is the theme the deegeu bismillah alhamdulillah Salam alaikum peace be unto you this is a very special episode of the Deen show we're here in Texas that's right y'all with a live studio audience and we're gonna get everybody involved you can get involved from your house you can get involved with your family sit around the TV and enjoy this week's show because we have a special guest David gulley on who comes from a background of Baptist missionaries fifty years in the making he accepted Islam and he's here to tell us his story on the Deen show we'll be right back this is the thesis betangel this is the Athenian Jew misses the enjoy mr. David Goggin gully and i'ma start off with pieces we do as Muslims somebody come alaikum Salam peace be with you how are you sir playing a hundred on now I'm very honored to have you on our show thank you now we we get a lot of special guests like yourself people you know we interview from all walks of life you know you you seem like someone you know when you look at you you know somebody who's just a an American and people are looking like man is this the FBI or something yes or you know the chemistry teacher you just you know somebody from from outside look at it it's like man this is not a Muslim you know because they think Muslim you know Arab Pakistani what happened here basically when I came to the point that I investigated Islam I felt that based on what I knew I was forced or compelled to become Muslim by the sword no simply forced to become Muslim because it was the correct religion or the right belief okay so tell us a little bit about your history you heard me mention in the beginning that 50 years of Baptist missionaries yes my parents were there now about disease they were Baptist missionaries in the Philippines for 50 years my father was a soldier in the US Army in World War two and following the Second World War he went back even as a young person I came to realize that there was a difference between the Jesus of faith and what must have been the person of history and it wasn't until I began investigating Islam that I began to make sense of who Jesus was and doing this investigating a say using a Bible I eventually became Muslim yes what year was a set this was in March of 96 96 right and what happened was doctor all I'm invited me to talk to him and abu-bakr mosque here in Houston and I went and I really wasn't that interested it's like the only question I asked during the whole time that he was there that I was talking to him or they were visiting with him was I asked him says his prophet Muhammad the Prophet as you would find in you know the Bible and he said yes well in my opinion I didn't think you know that he was but I was going to investigate because now I had all that I needed to make an investigation so I I simply went home got out my Old Testament they ran down the different proofs listen the Old Testament as to what defines a prophet as they are defined in the Old Testament then I went out to make an investigation of Prophet Mohammed and to my great surprise he fit the criteria then I was interested I had my attention I got two translations of the Quran and over a two-week period I read both of them I read one translation and the other one and I felt a strong compulsion you know become a Muslim but I did not want to become a Muslim I said to myself I can find just one good reason not to become a Muslim I will not become a Muslim and so I spent three months trying to find some good reason not to become a Muslim but based on what I know I felt that I had to become a Muslim and so that's why I'm a Muslim you get sometimes people reacting in a way like when you tell them you're Muslim what kind of responses do you get to say come on you kidding me just know quite often they might think that it's unusual they think it's unusual to be a Muslim that is simply tell them that essentially what islam teaches and what all the prophets taught was make God central to your life and then you either show where you prove it by taking care of your fellow human being and if you say for instance check out the Gospels in the New Testament you'll see that essentially and wherever your different portions that you look she just told people to love God fear God obey God add them all together they mean they essentially add up to making God's central to your life and and then you are to show or prove that this is so but while you're taking care of your fellow creature and Islam does the same thing if you go to the mosque listen to the Amman and see if he essentially what hit the message that he gives you know Friday after Friday as may god central to life and take care of fellow creature why do you think this is usually when we explain this on without even saying Islam well we explained the tenants of Islam that Islam called you to worship none but the Creator to set up no partners with him only like you said make that the central key point and all your worship only God and to believe in all the messengers of God and the day of judgment accountability and to establish a good character in your life to do good you know people are like they can relate to this but as soon as you put Islam in front of it there's a problem why do you why do you think this is it's simply because I would because they would associate the word Islam is something being different or foreign but in effect the word simply ultimately means submission to God which is what Christianity and say Judaism teach was that you should submit to God tell us what would you do how would your response be we've seen something in the media you know you're coming out of a mosque or Masjid or an event and you know a family gathering and then outside of the mosque you had someone holding a sign saying go back home how would you respond to this if I go back home I go to Houston cuz Houston's my home I was born here in Texas so if I go back home that's where I go back home yeah and submission to God is a universal message so wherever person lives or creature lives that's their home yeah and in other words submission to God is something that should be done regardless of where person is how's your relationship with Jesus now as opposed to then if you read the New Testament and you simply don't know what's going on you find a character who you believed intended good but is very mixed up that would be the view of Jesus now now with Islam you can then understand what Jesus was about which was essentially he believed that it was his role from God to show Israel how to be the example for the world to follow and submission to God and take care of care of the fellow creature and eventually when he felt that he was rejected by Israel if you check say for instance Matthew 21:43 he told the leaders of you know Jewish community that kingdom of God would be taken from them and given to another nation or our community that would in fact do what they were told to do and then for instance if you check John you see that there was to come a comforter who would be a perfect guide a lot of Christians for instance I might say that this refers to God the Holy Spirit but then again if you take the same source you see that this comforter had to be told what to do others he didn't speak of himself he spoke about someone else told him in other words it could hardly be a god he doesn't know what to say or has to have someone tell him what to say you've written a book called the last Christian yes what's this book primarily focus on okay it it isn't the theme that it is involved in is trying to differentiate the Jesus of history the person who actually walked the earth and the Jesus of faith the first half the book is largely concerned we're trying to explore how the Jesus of faith came to be the second half is trying to put together Jesus of history the book is called the last Christian because Jesus the historical character you know it's not the same as the Jesus of faith so in that sense he's a Christian also problem you have in trying to reconstruct a historical Jesus is you can find indications or you can find things that indicate what the historical character was but very often you can say well I know I got something here but it's hard for me to say how firm it is so it'd be much like you're building a structure or a house where say well I know I got a piece of straw here this piece of wood I even think I have a board here and that's a in that sense Jesus les Christian because you can't completely reconstruct the historical Jesus now what you do find is that all the indications of the historical Jesus do not conform with the Jesus of faith you know amazing we're gonna we're gonna take a break and then we're gonna take some questions from our live audience when we come back okay we'll be right back here with more here in the den show and with good deeds will find that good reads clear out remind in your heart of hatred and preconceived notions racism and nationalism because you cannot have anything inside of you that's like that against people and still be successful welcome back to the Deen show and we're here with the author of the last Christian David mr. David thank you again for being with us we're gonna go ahead we're here in Texas y'all and we're gonna go ahead and get some questions from the live studio audience here in the DC on follow me all right it's not the Oprah whole show this is the gene show and we have our brother with jaw head please step up here's got a question for David yes David salamualikum' within the 50 years as I hear you have extensive history in regards to speaking to people about God in the message of God how did that differ whenever you embraced Islam is very rare that we actually see Muslims go into places and you know knocking on people's doors or kind of doing the sort of kind of evangelical work let's say do you find that it's a bit different now to talk about God or the format and not necessarily going to the people maybe like you had in the past how did that change how do you deal with that now a big difference if you're gonna be like a Christian missionary or preacher and that's that sort of thing when you talk about God you're primarily talking to people because you want to get them into heaven because you want them to believe in the divine sacrifice God's divine son when you're talking to people in Islam you're trying to tell them the message of all the prophets which is also the message of Jesus that they should make God's central to her life and they should so or prove it by taking care of the fellow human being and you would then when you talk about Islam you simply tell them that essentially what you have in Islam is you have a tried and proven living community that has done just that that has a record of how to do that and that is what you speak about me speak about Islam thank you we're gonna go move on to the next question young young young brother please come up step up here and go ahead and ask you a question to David go ahead alright welcome I heard there is an Old Testament recording that says to tell to be able to distinguish a true prophet and a false prophet and the a false prophet or will be one who tells false prophecies they prophesize about something that doesn't come true now so we have this issue or this conflict of the teachings of Paul and Jesus Christ peace be upon him what are some of the prophecies of Paul and did they come true okay essentially and sometime during Jesus's time on earth his ministry he came to the conclusion that Israel was not going to accept him as their Messiah and he then said according to st. Matthew 21:43 that God's kingdom would be taken from Israel and would be given to another nation or another community that in fact would do what they're told to do now Paul who would either was either who was a Jewish scholar or partisan or zealot this didn't go down very well with them according to the record as one finds it in the New Testament he first was a persecutor people who followed Jesus then he had a nervous breakdown and after his nervous breakdown he said that Jesus came to him in a series of visions and dreams and he told them you know his message and you find that in this message you have a different Jesus from all the indications of Jesus who actually walked the earth now Paul the thing remember about Paul is that Paul said everything he taught or preached or believed or said or did came from Jesus now in two occasions for example book of 1st Corinthians chapter 7 Paul tells the people that Jesus is time when he's gonna be coming back is so short there's a matter that if they rejoice don't rejoice Mary Mary or don't Mary buyers or don't buy it doesn't matter now this is 1900 years ago this didn't happen you'll find in the 4th chapter of first Thessalonians that he was telling his audience the people from Thessaly that before everybody there was dead jesus was coming back this didn't happen now remember he said that Jesus told him everything I would happen in the future and Paul certainly at some time during his lifetime believed that Jesus was God so Paul was saying that God told him this and that it didn't happen so either you should believe God told him this or that is Paul making a mistake and where this is a test of a prophet as you'll find in Deuteronomy chapter 18 it says that a prophet if he's if he speaks in the name of God and he tells you something's going to happen doesn't happen it's a it's a false prophet giving a false prophecy and don't listen to him here in Texas thank you very much and we're gonna go to the next we have time for one more question young man young man please come up and ask you a question so now when it comes to long wait hold on before you start see we're in Texas I haven't heard nobody say y'all how you doing No yes you mentioned earlier that some people may see throughout your your time as a Muslim that people have seen Islam to be foreign what are some things that you think that practices that Muslims Muslims can undergo in order to eliminate that or what did you think through your lifestyle that Muslims have practiced or that the perception have been from non Muslims concerning this ok the question of perception is you you you have a community that is distinct or different and Muslims should just simply concentrate on being if they're distinct or different and being distinct or different in a good way which is what Muslims are supposed to do supposed to make God central to the life and take care of the fellow and as long as they practice that they're fine chuckling thank you very much and that is it for now we're gonna take a break and we're gonna be back with more here live the Dean show in Texas y'all sit tight and if we're gonna worship something I figured I might as well worship the Creator instead of any of the creations now in upon investigating the villages on member finding out the meaning of what Islam is what Muslim is those who surrender their self to God is a Muslim those who cemento submit to God God's will die see Islam was pure it was just you just pray to God your Creator back here on a Dean show live in Texas and we're here with David the author of the last Christian we have a few more minutes before the show comes to us and and I have just a few more points I want to cover it did you get a chance to watch these Senate hearings with the Pepe King Peter King only for a few minutes yeah I really didn't get to watch that much of it they were coming together discussing the radicalization of youth so basically when you see some of the politicians who are really supposed to be working to create understanding you know between the people bringing people together but we really want the politicians and people out there to understand us better because maybe they have good intentions but they they're missing misunderstanding us okay here's here's what I or that I would say yeah the question is about whether Muslims are or not good citizens the Constitution defines what a good citizen is and the preamble it says we the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union establish justice ensure domestic tranquility to provide for the common defense to promote the general welfare to secure for our self-reports Terry the blessings of liberties do establish and ordain this constitution United States any Muslim they can say that is a good Muslim and most Muslims can say that most Muslims will embrace it most persons are good Americans that's right I like that mashallah so before we come to an end tell us now where can people if they want to read your book the last Christian we're going to get this okay simply remember the title last Christian go online you can go to either amazon.com or Barnes and Noble the people who actually publish this book are author house like I'm the author and I live in a house authorHouse go online they sell the book as well they also sell it as an e-book hopefully a Texas company Texas Global traders will also soon be selling the book but remember my name David Guillen and the title les Christian and you can simply buy it online it'd be the quickest easiest way to do it I'd like to thank you and any closing comments for those who are out there and the way of life that they're living they're not happy with it it's confusing and and they want to step out of the confusion and they're just a little bit timid you know culture class sometimes they see Muslims as people who they just can't identify with but they can identify with Islam what advice do you have for Islam if it's practice the way it's supposed to be means peace it also means the best form of life in others if a person makes God the center of their life and by doing so they take care of their fellow human being they make the world a better place and that is what Islam is all about thank you very much thank you very much may God Almighty the creator reward you for being with us thank you so much and thank you again for tuning in to another episode of the Deen show you might not like spicy food neither do I you might not like dress in a certain way you like dressing your way as long as this is a modest way don't worry about it you can do it in Islam it's all good as long as it's pleasing to the creator of the heavens and the earth and you see as you heard our guests say making God the central point in your life just worshiping God not worshiping Jesus not worshiping statues icons idols monkeys elephants none of these things only worshipping the Creator and doing good doing good to your neighbor doing good to your parents doing good to your fellow brothers and sisters in humanity this is what Islam is about and you met an American you met an American we've interviewed Romanians Hispanics Islam is the fastest growing way of life in the world and thank you for coming to the source to learn about the most misunderstood yet fastest growing way of life in the world Islam practiced by over 1.5 billion and you could be a Muslim too you can be a Muslim too because a Muslim is simply one who takes that free choice that they have of either submitting to the creation of God or submitting to God and you know what the right thing to do is submit to the one Jesus submitted to that's the one God the one creator and do good deeds do righteousness and this is what Islam is calling you to get a free copy of the Koran call the number on the screen 1 800 662 Islam read the verbatim Word of God and continue to come back here to the Deen show till next time we started with people we end with peace peace be unto you see what everyone's talking about if you find one contradiction it can't be from God but the rational idea the rational explanation is you do your best to give up for spring guidance I will never give up spreading this message okay you take that necessary step you don't know if you're gonna live till tomorrow so you got to find that urges you to do the right thing right now do not believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of this man you can not be a Muslim in attending our faith too it's cold Italy everybody sleeping I arise and ask a lot of thinking me Omar you see all our you know all the sins I do I turn to you to forgive my sing tomorrow well of whom will our collimator – a hyena how horrid I mean her harbour well Hajin I mean her happens I mean who you who know what your Navi Hodja meaning of you I don't wanna feel I mean a little you neo me somebody what my me that's why II D a fella so the Hannity upon upon us what you call me madam be to love me b2 logo I mean uh who see mommy moon why I love holiness no home anymore now I faith Ali on question suited Irina Mostafavi la da de kaddipudi rollers easy lady quano Pomeroy pas de una Humana's illa hot the can road O'Neal padeen let some samba villa ha – d'eryka lupa marijuana a loser before cool beefing against Mahone Oh

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Welcome a alaikum congratulations brother Allah choose You & you choose islam you understanding islam is true & peace religious
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we don’t live in ideal world the manipulated media has a big role in misrepresentation of facts and because of that’ the moderate Muslims are always suffer from extremist Muslims lecherous hypocrite and ignorant actions the extreme Muslims a lecherous and hypocrite do exactly the opposite of what the( Islamic law, sharia) said so we can’t expect anything good from these people’s so we can’t blame the religion for actions of those individuals because they already don’t respect the ( Islamic law, sharia) so the problem is with the individuals not with their religion for example if one individual Committed a crime do we put him in prison because of his religion or because he Committed a crime(his actions)🤔🧐 ?! if the problem was from the religion then the others will do the same thing but they didn’t because the problem is with the evil nature and personality of that indivual specifically and to have an idea 💡 about the moderate Muslims please give some of your precious time and watch this videos in the link below and God bless you all





humans have only one life and we’re like students in the exam and every one of us has answer paper and it will be taken away from us when the time is over instead of wasting time why don’t we search about the porpoise of life honestly because we have one life and we should use it with superlative wisdom and having certain amount of time means we are in examination and the answer of it is not having fun and the majority of us is trying to fill the soul gap with the materialistic things just like filling the gas tank with water it’s not going to work (As they say complaining our time and defect in us )

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