5 The Sacred Body. Kundalini, Subtle bodies, Chi, Yoga, and the brain.

5 The Sacred Body. Kundalini, Subtle bodies, Chi, Yoga, and the brain.

i'm so glad science and spirituality are coming together more. the stoopid turf war that has existed in the west between science and religion is literally killing us and taking the whole planet down with us. this is good karma. personally, i've lost all faith in humanity, but maybe this wisdom can live through the chaos and redeem some human life. i like his earth magnetism concept of collective mind. the earth's magetism flipping may be a key part of the psychic shift humanity can hope for.

This is the stuff I've been searching for all my life, and never knew what it was until I found it. I also love Santos Bonacci, Bill Donahue, and soo many others. I will watch them all.

beautifully presented, great information. who is this man? His name should be all over this, at least somewhere in the title? would love to know. Todd who?

Brilliant presentation with an articulate merging of east-west neuroscience intelligence and evolution of traditional knowledge art form to modern day science

I am so glad somebody is seriously studying this. Thank you. I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening and this knowledge was downloaded to my brain somehow. Everything you talk about is stuff I have seen/experienced during k meditation.

this is by far the best and quiet simple to comprehend for those whom truly want to understand the science of theology! 💙💙💙

Wow 2011 – Wonderful information & thrilled to have (finally) found you.  You brilliantly and comprehensively/simply bring all systems into balance and grounding while not dismissing our ‘Spirit”.  We are one system of extraordinary beauty and intelligence.

20:05 I agree, and I am glad you pointed that out . It's common misconception. If the pineal gland is not the seat of the soul or consciousness because even animals have this organ .

What data or evidence do you have showing or backing your claim that The Pineal Glad isn't , " The Seat Of The Soul ", so to speak. I do believe the Ancient Egyptian Teaching's & Mystic's taught this very thing, along with other spiritual & Mystical Group's!

I love your approach… but I wonder how it is impacted by this revelation from 3 yrs ago regarding a software bug in fMRI software:


Great overtoning, that must really stimulate the vagus nerve for 30 minutes. I'm sure that has something to do with the altered state. For me, right brain is connected to the body. I'd love to know how that links to the amygdala


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