5 Real Life Heroes Who Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

hi everyone so last week I posted a video with some very dark subject matter there was a guy making a sulfuric acid bomb to disfigure someone and two guys brutally murdering people with hammers I tried to warn people not to google it but apparently that just made things worse than everyone googled it and saw some very horrible videos the basic consensus was that many people who watch that video just flat-out lost faith in humanity as a whole so this week I'm posting something a bit different to try to balance out that bad karma these are videos that will hopefully restore your faith in humanity and basically just make you feel the good feels it's the top five real life heroes the Amsterdam Samaritans and Amsterdam the Netherlands a woman parks her car at a space near one of the city's famous canals however as she steps from the car it begins to roll forward toward the canal her baby is still inside the mother jumps back inside the car and tries to free the toddler but she's too late car careens off the bank and lands in the canal automobile quickly begins sinking but the mother and her child still inside ROI passerby immediately began jumping into the canal to rescue them first one then another and another and all four men Dovan to the canal to save the woman and her child from the rapidly sinking car the mother and her baby were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and have now fully recovered the supermarket rescue in Perth Australia one ordinary night at an IgA supermarket became anything but ordinary as patrons line up at the cash register suddenly a woman comes running to the front of the store in a panic screaming help my baby she's not breathing hysterical woman hands her two-year-old child over to the strangers at the counter and frantically runs from the store to alert her husband who was in the car outside Rowan O'Neill a construction worker with no medical training springs into action while Neil begins checking the child's Airways for any signs of blockage at this point the child's father runs into the store confused and helpless he lapses him a panic at the site of the lifeless body of his baby girl Ron O'Neal lifts the child onto the checkout counter and going solely on instinct and vague memories of a one-day CPR class he'd taken in high school ten years earlier he begins mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the child after over 90 seconds the girl finally starts breathing and opens her eyes Rowan alerts the hysterical father the girl's life has been saved the two-year-old girl spent one night in the hospital being treated for high fever and was then able to return home healthy and happy you don't think you're here nah no definitely not Saint Bernard in Brooklyn New York a seven-year-old autistic girl somehow manages to climb through a third-floor apartment window and stands on top of the air conditioning unit high above the concrete sidewalk below she dances back and forth unaware of the danger that she's in local resident Steven st. Bernard sees the young girl in danger and without hesitation immediately runs over to the building he is fearful of the worst that both a girl and the heavy air conditioning unit may come crashing down to the sidewalk below nevertheless he stands his ground determined to save the young girl sure enough the girl trips and comes tumbling to the ground as screaming witnesses look on Steven st. Bernard catches her saving the girl from an almost certain death Steven st. Bernard suffers a torn tendon and his left arm for mr. royde catch but the girl is unscathed not even suffering so much as a scratch people here say you're a hero do you agree with that no oh I don't know Hiro's a sandwich I just saw a kid and that's it you did more than that well I would do the same for any kid I do it for my own birth train rescue once again we go back to Perth Australia which may be the place to be if some terrible stuff goes down and you need some help a commuter on a Perth train falls between the train and the platform as the train shifts the man suffers an agony as the train shifts again squeezing his leg against the platform moving the Train would share the man's leg off and bringing in the necessary equipment to free the man would take hours while he suffers in terrible pain however in an heroic effort the train passengers band together to save the man pushing the 43 ton train with all their mind actually managed to lift the massive train car enough to free the man and save his trapped leg seoul subway hero in a seoul south korea subway station a small child wanders off from his mother and falls onto the tracks the child's mother and own lookers on both sides of the track panic no one is sure what to do a 17 year old boy walks onto the platform and sees the situation without a moment's hesitation he charges through the crowd crossing two sets of subway tracks he grabs the child and rushes him back to safety just as two subway trains barrel toward the station 17 year-old subway hero gained national celebrity in South Korea and the clip of his courageous rescue was featured in a national TV commercial for Korea Telecom

these all touched my heart but just wondering why in the last video the teenager didn't lift the kid back to the mom and either go up on that side or run back? but i'm grateful they are all okay. i need more videos like this.


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