5 Minute Guided Meditation to Increase Body Awareness

Did you know that people who regularly do
mindfulness meditation have an easier time creating new habits like eating
healthy foods? Stay tuned because in this video we’re going to do a five-minute
guided meditation on mindfulness of the body. hi I am Shirley Archer and I’m your
mindful living coach and I’m here to help you just say no to overwhelm so you can create the healthy happy life that you want. In this video we’re going to do
a five minute guided meditation on mindfulness of the body. let’s begin lengthen your spine, begin with three
conscious breaths inhaling deeply and exhaling completely you may breathe in
and out through the nose or through the mouth whatever is comfortable for you keeping the eyes open or softly focusing your gaze downward continue inhaling deeply and exhaling
completely soft and the shoulders relax and release any excess tension from your
body allow the breath to flow naturally
breathing in and breathing out observe the breath
wherever you feel it to most. perhaps at the nostrils as it enters your body
maybe at the back of your throat or you may feel it more strongly in the
chest or in the belly notice the body moving with the breath feeling its gentle rhythm as it steadily
flows in and flows out shift your attention now to the soles of your feet to the base of your hips wherever you feel your connection with the support
underneath you draw your awareness up the legs
relaxing and attention exploring what you feel noticing any sensations
bringing your awareness to the hips of the spine
and the belly drawing your attention upward observing
the back the shoulders the chest noticing the arms and hands even
the fingers bring the awareness back upward into the back of the neck and
into the throat softening your jaw if you discover any tension there in the face relaxing and releasing
around the eyes the temples the hairline bring into your awareness the entirety
of your body observing the breath
and the subtle movements in the entire body with each breath now shift your awareness to whether any
sensations in the body are drawing your attention are there any aches or pains? any feelings of warmth or coolness? any
breeze around your body? sensations of the textures of the
clothing against your skin? let’s take a moment to notice any sensations If any feelings arise about those
sensations let’s take a moment simply to observe perhaps there’s an old ache almost like
a friend or perhaps something new then bring your attention very gently
back to the breath noticing if it’s an in-breath or an out breath observing the
fullness of the breath and how it travels throughout your body and perhaps
gently turning up the sides of your mouth in a very gentle half-smile and sending a warm glow, energy, a feeling of happiness or perhaps appreciation for all that your body does for you sending
that to every cell in your body for its role in making this–your life–possible very gently rotating your wrists the
opening and closing the fingers of the hands and opening the eyes if the eyes
have been closed perhaps you’d like to enjoy a stretch breathe deeply whatever
feels good just take a moment to indulge the body maybe you want to roll the
shoulders, or bring the shoulders up to your ears take a big yawn stretch the muscles
and relax the muscles in the face Thank you so much for enjoying this time with
me today

Boosting body awareness and practicing mindfulness of the body can really jumpstart your meditation practice and help you to make healthy changes. It can also help with mindful eating. The more you can notice when you're actually hungry or tired or bored or lonely, the more you can do what you need to take care of those feelings and needs in healthy ways. Let me know if you have any questions!


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