2018 NEW Ascension Symptoms Spiritual Awakening Signs

namaste namaste beloved ones and thank you for tuning in to this very special video about the new symptoms of Ascension awakening spiritual awakening and frequency shift that is happening on the planet right now sri and i appreciate your patience we've been talking about putting this video out there quite a while however we listened to guidance and our guidance said to film this and the energy of that extraordinary beautiful super full blood moon that's happening right now On January 31 2018 and so regardless of when you connect with this video we invite you to connect with the gift of the energy that we pray is flowing through us and into you right now there is a grand up limit of energy occurring on this planet many many people are reporting all kinds of shifts and differences and the first thing we want to say to you is you're not going nuts you are not crazy you are not alone no thank you for because the fact of the matter is the part of us that records our history you know that ego brain is kind of keeping track of things and is trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube but I'm sorry the Ascension experience that is upon us isn't going backwards France we are all lifting we are all expanding and we have the opportunity to participate consciously or not and so we made a list because we want to just be very specific and read these for you now a couple things you should be aware of if you have not yet you did with two other videos posted at YouTube that are about this and you if you've not watched them or you haven't watched them in a while you might want to go back it is not that all these other symptoms have gone away all of that is so happening in the background and those other two videos that we have are titled number one the survival 2015 through 2022 Ascension symptoms and signs of interference very important video if you have not watched it please also connect with that one and the other one is the symptoms the symptoms of spiritual awakening that the other center and they're right here if you go to our homepage at YouTube a street in Cara they're the very first two listed under most popular so you can find them very very easily on the home page and again these symptoms that we have in those other two videos that we've been talking about we've been posting symptoms for over five years we've been working on this together for over 15 years so we do feel that we have some true background and being able to share this with you every symptom we are sharing with you we have had verified through the ascended realms we have experienced them ourselves and we understand what it feels like to go through them so let's talk about this let's go through it so let's talk about the 2018 remember that 2018 and you're going to also want to watch our February revelations and of course our January 4 2018 without spending too much time on that in this video remember the third and fifth dimension I'm now fully anchored the earth isn't winning anymore we've hit that anchored state there are new portals that have opened hence the intensity of these symptoms so are you ready I'm ready okay so he's ready we know you're ready to number one of your heart your heart is most likely it can be beating in a way that might seem unusual or catch your attention there could be a tenseness or a an impending feeling a sense that something is about to happen which many physical forms are misinterpreting as fear and panic big rise in panic and a sense of needing to catch catch your breath so speak because there's this oh the other shoes about to drop sort of feeling now this is the body misinterpreting the shift in energy and breathing the overlay of third-dimensional to bear on what is actually an energetic shift so many people who are waking up might also be experiencing simultaneously a sense of panic attack or heart palpitations remember that this is the physical body calling out to you saying wait a minute tell me I'm okay right reassure me exactly and and the soul is wanting to lead and obviously you know that or you wouldn't be watching this video okay number two number two number two in addition to ringing in the ears now ringing in the ears has been an ascension symptom for a while but in addition to this kind of ringing in the ears if you notice and many of you are already noticing that there's this kind of lower background let's use the word noise and what this is is it's constant it calls your awareness it's always there this is actually a hum or a call from the multi-dimensional Ella experience that's opening now and it's a sign that you are actually residing in another dimension or partially anyway and that your senses now are becoming attuned to the frequency and that's interpreted through the auditory system as a moment and if you want to learn more about that again watch our February 2018 where we talk about how the multi-dimensional experience has opened for many alright number three call to presents from the body meaning that it's responding to the new energies it's calling you to pay more attention you might notice symptoms that feel almost like a tendinitis or stiffness a sense of imbalance you might be less comfortable with the physical world you might actually be feeling awkward in the physical world and what's happening is that your physical body and given is shifting to try and accommodate these higher frequencies but you're actually anchoring ascension energy so this is a very powerful one you know many people experience this as fibromyalgia symptoms you know with the the tenderness in the joints and not actual physical pain yes and that's because the body is saying again hey what's happening here things are changing alright number four this is a big one phantom vision changes now if you watch our other videos if you go to our website stream CARICOM we have everything also printed you might want to print it off and start kind of making your own little checklist vision changes have been there for a while but these are powerful these are multi-dimensional phantom vision changes and what you're going to notice the way I've experienced is like a pulsing geometry like a liquid crystalline light sometimes it's silvery sometimes it's blue and there's white geometries within it it's a sense of liquid crystal a sense of liquid light now the physical body until it adapts to this you might even notice a sense of tunnel vision when this is happening you might feel a moment of almost feeling faint again this is an adaptation to shifting between dimensions and you know a third dimensional medical doctor might say there's something going on with the optic nerve the fact of the matter is that your body is responding to energy so rather than get hung up on what diagnosing breathe and flow with the experience and kind of be present to it and see where it carries you yeah really powerful and you know it might be important to note at this moment that you know certainly if you're having these physical symptoms and you're really afraid you might want to go see a medical doctor however what's happening for many people is they go see a medical doctor they have tons of tests and in the end they find nothing or tell you you're crazy or it's all in your head it is in your head but not in this dimension all right let's continue number five photosensitivity now this is extreme this is outdoor lighting seems brighter the Sun seems brighter you're much less tolerant of the Sun you might need to even start wearing sunglasses inside and you know in the past we've noticed sensitivity to fluorescent lights and artificial lighting and now it's actually all lighting there just is a sense of brightness there that the physical body is having a little trouble relaxing with and so honor yourself sunglasses are great yeah you know I : yeah there are a lot of great whites you know why do I have some fun with that and if you need to another thing that you might find is that if you're navigating density if you're out and about sometimes I find that along with sunglasses I might want to wear a hat or a head scarf just to keep my energy field robust because it can feel almost confrontive and so actually saying ah to yourself right you know there's nothing wrong with just saying hey this is what I need absolutely yeah alright we ready number six body temperature fluctuations now this can be extreme you are hot one minute cold one minute parts of your body are hot while parts of your body are cold you just can't seem to align with the ambient temperature now this is not just menopause temperature regulation just is not happening in the way it used to happen and you'll be the person in the room boy does anyone else hot or or is anyone else cold and just go with it these are energetic shifts again the purpose of breaking this all forward is to help you relax with the changes that you are undergoing you will transit through this you will be safe and you are safe right now and all the times a sense of this heightened sense of being cold especially if you're in a warm room or something is often because you've been out of your body so start paying attention more relaxed into the experience rather than just be aware of I'm hot or I'm cold start trying to invite yourself to be more relaxed into the experiences that you're having are we ready yes all right let's continue number seven this is a powerful one a kind of an energy pulsing through the feet remember that all healing begins at our feet and right now there's a lot of healing happening on the planet well this energy pulsing through the feet can leave your feet feeling itchy or extremely hot you might have an incredible aversion to wearing shoes lots of pain in the feet I'm noticing myself even at night sometimes in bed it's hard for me to sleep because this energy starts pulsing I've found that I just don't enjoy wearing shoes for very many hours that I'd much rather have sandals or nothing because I can't tolerate it's not comfortable I can tolerate it's not comfortable to have that energy around the feet being compressed by the shoes yeah so you'll notice especially toward the end of the day that there is a different sensation in your feet and once again it's a good time bring your attention there bring your breath there invite the energy to move because in the time of self ascension the energy is coming up the feet and around the body and recirculating back up the feet this is like the Taurus and so our feet are responding in new ways and just like our other physical symptoms and for myself I'm having the feet experience 24/7 and one of the things that's happening is that there is this sense of imagine if you were to bring your attention to the bottoms of your feet start noticing about a 1 to 2 inch beautiful loop let's call the puff of energy that's assisting you to walk with the planet instead of on the planet and relax into that feel a beautiful white light under your left foot feel a beautiful golden light under your right foot and pull those energies up and it will really assist you to move through this and will also help a lot of the other physical symptoms that are happening if you really want to anchor that go to our website read CARICOM and at the top under yoga of self ascension when you open that there's going to drop down a whole bunch of practices start doing the living honk practice barefoot outside and you will be blown away how easy you will really help the physical body deal with a lot of the symptom ology so should we continue let's do that ok so this is a big one sure a lot of you are dealing with sleep patterns shifting now this was this has always been an ascension system but here's the difference less hours with more contact also very regular time stamps throughout the period that you might be sleeping you may find that you regularly are a wait at a certain hour and in the middle of the night and maybe there's a couple times during the night where you just I'm here yeah and and this is because there is a sequential visitation or contact happening and here's the thing you don't have to figure all this stuff out exactly it's important to recognize that ok the environment in which I am having my consciousness is shifting so just notice and allow everything to proceed organically because you're healing on multiple dimensions now speaking of healing that brings us to the next one extreme physical fatigue when there would be no good reason for many this may feel like chronic fatigue you might even have somebody tell you you have chronic fatigue syndrome and with that it's also on a sense of noticing that you might like to suddenly be dropping things or not even aware that you were holding something or like how did that get there this is all one symptom of awakening and again it's because the physical body is adapting to being in a multi-dimensional experience alright number 10 this is big guys a sense of being alone or of doubting yourself and and this is also coming up through a lot of depression through a sense of disconnection and then what happens is it leads to a fixation activity and this also what happens is that there's this part of you that you seemingly can't control yet deep within you there's this other part of you that has a sense of the higher order of things and an awareness that this is not the truth however you're going through it this is a dimensional transition remember third and fifth dimensions of anchor every human being every being every sentient except you being on the planet right now is adapting to this and again please please please watch our February Revelations video where we talk a whole bunch about this because of the timestamp of 2018 when that came forward yeah but this is an adjustment it is not the truth of who you are no this one is is very sensitive and needs a lot of love because just imagine that you took your a child and transplanted them into a whole other environment there's a sense of I'm lost there's a sense of maybe I'm not good enough or I did something wrong how did I get here because there wasn't any physical move you know there's just this energetic shift and so we have to have bring a lot of love to our inner child to say relax this is okay we also need to bring reassurance to our our adult and say we are growing we are evolving allow the shifts to settle in allow yourself to quote-unquote adapt it isn't quite adaptation is it's more of an acceptance and working with these energies recognizing that nothing is here to stay you know pass it will pass angels you will adapt and you are adapting now all right next one number 11 hair loss now this can go in cycles and it's indicative of two different distinctly different things which is why I can go in cycles the first reason you can be experiencing some hair loss or or even physical expansion of your head is due to literal expansion of the crown energy and remember the ascended crown is actually four points okay if you if you were to take your hands and put them here these are the outer points these two middle fingers and then it goes up like the diamond so the hair loss means the upper reaches of the crown are opening and at the very top of that is a portal that lifts you up into the multi-dimensional ascending frequencies the other and this is why I can go in cycles the other symptom is that it's collapsed and it's congested and it's too much pressure if that's the case you're also going to notice a lot of pressure up here again deep breath conscious awakening go use that living off for a protocol and then pull it up read our websites read CARICOM you know many people will find that there's subtle shifts in their physical Anatomy because as your energy changes it's like a different blueprint upon which you hang a physical form or how the form gathers around it and so yes balding or hair loss perhaps a little of the cranium Ansari or even this way you know this way or this way you'll notice that so let's keep moving number 12 a sense of disorientation or space enos and this is really reflected in your electronic devices of a sudden your phone is doing strange stuff and you didn't ask it to do that or your computer is doing strange stuff no or if you have a touchscreen type device you make your fingers go in one direction but a different key responded and this is all energetic and it can be amusing and irritating uh-huh it's just one of the things that whenever we're interacting with the physical world I have found it necessary to just take pause and say okay I'm doing this bring presents to it I'm holding a glass of liquid not just unconsciously grab it because it could slip right through your hand exactly and again this sense of space enos in this dimensional shift that's got the energy pulsing right through into everything you're doing is part of your adaptation to living in multi-dimensional space so nothing to worry about simply something to acknowledge and thereby it will help an anchor okay next one this is a really here you have a heightened sense of seeing the space between things so in other words when you look at something here there's there's like if I if you take your two fingers right this is an easy way to do this and you gaze between the two fingers instead of seeing right through there's this sense of dimensional energy I experience it is more of a fullness you know in the quote-unquote old days you know there would be the table in the lamp now there's more there's the table the lamp and the space between them it's it's more tangible more visible more noticeable and this is part of your whole perceptual system adjusting to the fact that everything is full exactly and nothing is solid it's part of the dissolution of the illusion and the acceptance of your ascended presence it literally ignites your broader vision so when you start experiencing this relax into it and actually practice adjusting to it because it will also affect those vision changes that we talked about earlier as well now the remaining ones are all part of what we want to categorize as the enhanced multi-dimensional connection now again we're not going to talk a lot about that in this video but please please please watch our February 2018 revelations video where we discuss living in this tri-dimensional experience so these symptoms that we're going to describe right now are all a reflection of that yet they're independent symptoms and the first one is when your eyes are closed if you close your eyes instead of seeing dark there's suddenly a light show now the light show can be amusing or disturbing because sometimes we are our subconscious will overlay faces or patterns or kind of conscious dreaming the fact of the matter is that there is a different energy stimulating your optical system plus you are no longer just in your body when you relax and so we're beginning to travel and different experiences once again breathe smile and relax because all of these quote unquote symptoms are a little bit of a shock to the pattern way we used to exist our brain and our ego want things predictable then they can be controlled and now we're not in that kind of world anymore we're in an infinite environment that is offering you an opportunity to expand joy to expand peace to expand creation and so we you know how when you begin to see something that's not really there or or you go into soft focus and you blink and it jumps back it jumps back to the old way of looking you're going to have a lot of those kind of experiences with all of these symptoms yeah where you just begin to allow that your reality is more fluid than it used to be and how awesome is that so let's continue because the next one is an energy that we are calling the remembering and again this is really defined more in our February video however the remembering comes because we have anchored this multiple dimension experience and more portals have opened and this comes as a sense of remembering the future and and seeing things as done walking into a room and seeing it the way to look in either a near future or a distant future a heightened sense of deja vu a much more heightened sense more regularity that way a sense of seeing things out of the corner of your eye this is a very powerful energy and if you are at the moment where you are having this remembering time warps time experiences you might you might have a sudden sense of in many places at once and then suddenly you're back here you might consciously remember this you might not but this energy of the remembering is huge and it is manifesting in many different ways that we'll be talking about this all year because 2018 is a year that this is really going to open for everyone and one of the things that you might consider is that when a circumstance occurs and there's a sense inside of oh yeah yeah this was supposed to happen is that this I saw it but I didn't remember seeing it and then all of a sudden well maybe I did remember seeing it and everyone else might be going oh what a surprise you know of course and so remembering the future is probably the best way to communicate that you know one of the things that happens as we're going through all of those shifting is oftentimes our brain and our ability to use language just doesn't quite fit anymore and and so as we're remembering the future you're having an experience that isn't part of your normal language skills no bottom line and that's actually one of the symptoms is is the dementia I'm skipping ahead since you just mentioned that but what we call dimensional dementia meaning that it's an inability to call forward the quote words to adequately describe what's going on with you that and really we encourage you let go of trying to find the words just let go of it and simply feel into the experience your mind is not going to get you through the symptom ology your mind is actually part of why the symptom ology is here because you're being invited to anchor beyond a linear timeline that's now folding upon itself and hence the great remembering so one of the things we have to left okay let's do that was just to share some time so so we've just two more and then we'll wrap this up the next one is an effortless connection with soul family you're starting to be beings who are more than just coincidence this is real family there's a sense of connection and a heightened awareness through that of those who are authentic and those who are spin-doctors those who are not this is all part of their remembering because it's coming from a much deeper sense of space and let me just go ahead and throw in the next one that were complete and that brings us to the final one which is harvesting the gift of spiritual discernment now all of these symptoms experiences of your spiritual awakening of your ascended presence of your multidimensional anchoring are leading to the rich blessing of what we call spiritual discernment and spiritual discernment is is part of the growth of your journey and this is a recognition that not everything or everyone that has been part of your journey was coming from a sense of authenticity however it's about honoring that for assisting you to really birth that gift from within yourself and and that's really about cultivating your inner wisdom and learning more from the presence of others and the way they live their lives versus the spin that they might put forward on a case-by-case basis there's a lot of spin in the world and true is getting easier to differentiate Sammy that was a self anything have that which isn't and which can give a rise to some frustration and disappointment which good cycle you back into some of those only your symptoms because the frustration disappointment anger and fear are course emotional energies and they are like velcro pulling you back into third dimensional reality which is subject cause object cause and effect and anything people tend to want to kind of do battle or seek to control the environment versus smiling at these up surges of older feelings and say oh so you are existing on multiple levels yes and this thing there is there you have to have mercy on yourselves because we have a physical body and emotional body a mental body which were all quote programmed by third dimensional reality then our upper chakras are opening now yeah and and we're beginning to interweave our intuitive capacity our vision our souls wisdom all of these forces are the of authenticity are beginning to flow in in greater ways so you know yeah and where we started today you are not crazy and you are not alone and please hear that with all of our love sincerity and presence as you awaken and as you anchor into a multi-dimensional presence you are igniting what we refer to is your ascended sanity and recognize that for those who are anchoring in the third dimensional energy that they are living in what we call density sanity and so to the one who is deep in density sanity you will seem insane and they will have no issue in telling you how much they think that's true we're trying to medicate you through it and so in the world of density sanity of course this is insane and what Shree and I after living this every breathing moment of our lives when past 15 years can share with you is once you fully anchor on the other side and you embrace and on your ascended sanity it ignites a depth of compassion love and wisdom to really navigate with those in density sanity and to flourish through a sentence sanity you are not alone you are not crazy you are waking up and as the beautiful violet ray Shiva said and a beautiful way to culminate this video we fall asleep so that we may heal and when we are healed we awaken and so beloved one you are healing you are holy you are ascending and you are not alone we love you we celebrate your journey and we look forward to hearing from you you

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