15 Habits of Happy People 😄 Happiness Habits to Improve Your Life

I think we all want to be happy. It’s everyone’s basic goal: to be happy. Sounds simple, but it could be elusive. How can we be truly happy? Or at least happier than we are now? By now you’ve probably heard that happiness
is not found, it’s created. You can decide to be happier, and with this intention,
actually become happier. It’s a matter of changing your perspective
and adopting some better habits. While this may be easier for some people than others, I believe we all can learn to be happier and
adopt a healthier mindset. Here’s a list that’ll help get you started: in no particular order, here are 15 habits
of happy people. The happiest people are optimistic and
have a positive mindset. They see the silver lining in everything. They focus on what they have vs. what they lack. In every problem they face,
they see the good that came out of it. Gratitude. Happy people cultivate habits of gratitude, feeling thankful for their lives and everything they have. Their lives may not be perfect, but they know
that they are lucky to have so much already. They don’t take anything for granted and
consistently feel grateful for it all. Happy people can let things go. They aren’t too defensive or stubborn,
and they’re willing to admit when they’re wrong and apologize,
rather than put up a fight. How many times have you felt the need
to be right in an argument? What if you could just let it go instead? By the way, I love this meme of Sadhguru
on not arguing with fools – it’s such wisdom. Happy people also live in the present. Their mind doesn’t get stuck in the past
or the future. They’re not dwelling on the past
nor are they wasting time worrying about what hasn’t even happened yet. Rather, they can live in the NOW,
and find joy in the moment. The happiest people live aligned to their values
and their authentic self. This one is major. They aren’t living for others – not their parents, their friends,
or society’s expectations on them. They aren’t putting up a false front,
which is really important. They’ve learned to listen to their own inner voice and only do what makes them truly happy. The happiest people cultivate self love and confidence. They understand the importance of believing in yourself and being your own best friend. They’re rooting for themselves and putting
their own needs first, because they know they deserve it. Happy people focus on their wins
and how far they’ve come, celebrating themselves often. They’re proud of their accomplishments and acknowledge their self worth,
rather than belittling themselves. Resilience and self forgiveness are also
important habits of happy people. Everybody makes mistakes, everybody falls. Happy people can pick themselves back up
and try again. Rather than being hard on themselves
and making the situation worse, they can simply forgive and keep going. Happy people surround themselves
with other happy people. Happiness is good vibes, and that’s a very real feeling. Happiness is contagious, so spending time with happy people
will make you happier too. Happy people give back. They are kind and care about giving back
to others in need. It makes them feel fulfilled and thus, happier. Creativity is also common in happy people. Happy people are all creative in some way. They have an outlet of self expression – it doesn’t have to be through their job. Humans are creative beings, and the act of
creating makes people happy. In a way, if we’re not creating, we’re destroying. Meditation is another common habit in happy people. Whether it’s through meditation or another
mindfulness practice, happy people practice honing their mind, gaining inner peace and detaching from their
ego and their emotions. Happy people get enough sleep! Sleep is so essential for us to function as
healthy human beings. You and I both know that lack of sleep can
make us suffer: we get cranky, angry, impatient and unappreciative. It’s hard to be happy when you’re suffering. So definitely, get your sleep. Happy people also exercise regularly. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which triggers a positive feeling
and makes you feel happier. You also feel good because you’re taking care of your body and you’re also releasing stress. If you’re feeling down, try taking a walk
or working out daily – and you’ll notice your mood improves drastically. Lastly, happy people laugh often. They have a good sense of humor and don’t
take themselves too seriously. They’re lighthearted about life and know
how to have a good time. So out of this list, how many habits are you
practicing consistently? Also, what was your favorite point from this video? Let me know in the comments below! My favorite is #5 because I feel like once
you can do that, you can truly be happy no matter what. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up. And please share this with anyone who needs it! Thanks so much for watching and
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embrace your true potential and create your dream life. I love you all so much. Bye!

Honestly I rly hated the analogy that if we don’t create, we destroy bc currently with the creation of products and our society we’re destroying the earth, all of the life that comes with it and the natural balance of nature and at a rate that is impossible for lifeforms to adapt to

Your videos are always so perfect and right on time!! Mindset is everything truly. I'm learning the importance of creating what I want. If want a happy and healthy life—I have to be proactive. It's very important to enjoy the now and always express gratitude. I started saying thank you to everything—my home, my bed, my husband, my shoes, God(most importantly) and so much more. Doing that has just brought so much peace and happiness to my life. Life ins't perfect but mindset and perspective is everything. Thank you for being so inspiring and always bringing valuable content💚💚

Love this 🙂 my favorite proverb goes like this " A merry heart does good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones. "

Great video! This mindset helped me through life and is why I became a Happiness Coach 😃. Glad you’re sharing those tips. Much ❤️ for your channel.

this helped me reflect on how far I’ve come personally just since the beginning of this year. at almost every point you made I could see that in myself so much more than I would have 6 months ago! It was a somewhat conscious thing, knowing how I wanted to grow, that I want to create a happy mindset for myself and to simply enjoy the life that I lead. however it doesn’t feel like I did a whole lot to accomplish that, I just started putting myself first and valuing my own needs & wants more. organic, true self love is so healing—it’s changing my relationships, my work ethic, just completely shifting my point of view and that’s so refreshing. good luck to everyone on their journey ❣️

beautiful clips and voice and words… so therapeutic! I'm so glad that I have changed my life now. I also created my own channel because I want to give back. cheers to all of us! sending love Aileen, you rock!

Aileen consistently delivers quality content. The amount of effort that went into this video was just amazing. P.S. I spotted my cameo 😜

Your work is really great. Love how you are such an inspiration even if i follow you for years now. Send you good vibes from Paris 😘

I loved the 5th and the 10th. The environment can effect us in many ways and sometimes we can't choose it, but the people we spend time with, that we can choose.

These videos are so inspiring!!!! I truly treasure each and every one of the videos you make…simply fabulous!!! Whenever i feel low, I will surely use these tips to help me 🙂

Your videos really helped me with making a conscious effort to be present and it is so refreshing and great when I'm able to enjoy the moment rather than lingering on the past or worry about the future <3 Thank you!! 😀

sleep definitely is an impact but I have to say people that pretend their happy all the time are annoying…no one is happy every day and it is ok to feel unhappy every now and then as long as you snap out of it .

I feel a little lost in life right now. I want to stop living inside my mind and reset my life but I don't know where to start. /-:

I love this! You kind of covered it with meditation, but I think it makes a person happier when they learn to "practice the pause" before responding or moving from one thing to another. It is easy to just shoot off a response to something, but when you practice taking a pause, you have a moment to decide if it is worth your time and/or energy to continue down that path.

Letting go is something I want to work on! This video was fantastic! I love your content ! Keep going! I needed this. I do meditation consistently! I do laugh too 😍

Aileeeen!! I have a playlist on YouTube to collect videos for life lessons and learning skills for life and it's full of your videos!! You are so inspiring and I love your channel ! Keep It Up
Love from Spain💜💜💜😄

Good tips! My fave is the sleep. I do indeed get really out of wack when my sleep is off! I have to sleep as early as I can each day to get enough sleep… but sometimes when I'm really out of sorts, I will stop everything and purposely turn down super early and sleep. It gives me so much clarity and the drama is sapped out from my priorities ♡

I have depression, so these things are pretty difficult for me sometimes. Number 5 is definitely my favorite and something I strive to do always.

Be grateful
Sleep 7 hours a day
Laugh often
Surround by happy people
Be creative
Help others be happy (I help my boyfriend face problems and he support me when I'm pessimistic)
Love your inspirational video 💓💓💓

Happiness is not the end, but the journey itself. And while on this journey, we will be sad, angry, anxious; and also joyful, grateful, etc. To be happy is not to stop feeling emotions we may dislike, but to feel everything and yet know that, overall, we're happy.

Thanks for the love on this video ^_^ If you want to learn how to build these habits in your life, watch this video: http://bit.ly/2Vmfwes

I wish we could actually do this. But this means accepting being mocked and bullied just so we can stay positive and nice. We are humans. We have always been mean. Now, we can be as happy as we want, yes. It is possible. As long as we only keep few people in our group. Those that are worth it and count more

Hello from France! I love this video and I practise all of these tips because they're so so important! It's difficult to choose one but to live aligned to value and authentic self is important to me ! 💜🌹

You know what makes me happy? I just bought the artist of life workbook yesterday and I was just what I needed to kick my depression’s butt

Hi Aileen! I just wanted to ask if you could make a video about how to overcome issues with weight and self doubt. Thank you!

I needed to see this. Love this content. This will surely help me have a better outlook in life 😊I love numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8. Love your channel 💕💕

Can't say i exercise often nor do I get enough sleep but I am working on it! I don't have the time~ But I consider myself a very happy person and I like step 2 a lot: gratitude. It's something I learnt quickly and I always try to be grateful for the amazing life that I live, I really like the first 5 points really. Optimism is my motto, living in the present has been something my mother taught me from a young age, and live aligned to value and authentic self, while it's not always easy, I do my best! For example I currently live in Korea and I am supposed to move in November back home but I am not sure how I feel about that but my parents put a lot of pressure on me to go home and get a job so there's that.

I am also working on surrounding myself with happy people, it's not always easy either cause I have great friends that are sometime very pessimistic or even toxic but I still care dearly about them. I think it's a matter of how much time you are ready to spend with them

Very nice video, I am very grateful to be able to say I am happy <3

Have you read the book ‘meditations’ by March Aurelius ?? This list reminds me of the things he talks about in his book. I highly recommend it!!

Got inspired by your content and created '7 Habits of Highly Successful People'. Take a look if you get some time. Would love to have your say on this. https://youtu.be/ix95aG4En3U (PS: I love your channel very very much. Please keep creating)

I saw ur video in the morning and have decided to be happy nd spread happiness during the day 😍😍

I think there is something very wrong with always wanting to be happy, and also stimulating people to attain this, because it is unattainable. Instead of chasing happiness, strive to be content, grateful, or at peace. It is also unrealistic to always see the bright side/be optimistic all the time. This sets people up for failure and might make you feel even worse about yourself, because Lavendaire can do it, so why can't I? Chasing happiness and being optimistic eternally, made me push away my feelings and made me not deal with them. Now a decade later, they're biting me in the buttocks…
Even if you mean well with this video, I hope you understand that there is a dark side to this kind of self help. And that just focusing on this personality ethic is just a quick fix.

Thank you so much for inspiring me! I've started to write a story in Wattpad. I can't wait for people to check Silenesea6.Your vote would be an honour Much love and blessings

Thanks for your video, I always get positive energy from you! I am going to grab your point with my own experience to share to my audience (Chinese), of course I will mention you and your channel.

I love you too,
I miss you and I like you.
I wish to god to give you love in abundance………money,fame ,success, inner peace…..love you so much dear.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😃😃😃😃😃😃

My favorite was 15 cause that's the most enjoyable and easiest cause I got friend who I just have to look at to get a laugh😂

Vietnamese, Spanish, and Polish subtitles are available! Click "CC" and check the video settings. Thank you to the contributors listed in the description 💕

Hii lavendaire, I really LOVE your channel💖I'm currently struggling with a slight anxiety so your videos help me to stay positive because I know it'll be fine soon😊😘😍💕

loving these tip's videos honestly, they bring out a different form of positivity and I'm glad I can find that in your channel!


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