1000 ! El Brown ! Primo ! God Tips ! Brawl Stars ! 熊大普里莫!神級攻略!荒野亂鬥!

1000 ! El Brown ! Primo ! God Tips ! Brawl Stars ! 熊大普里莫!神級攻略!荒野亂鬥!

What’s up Guys !?
Its Dr.mmm here ! Thank you for participating in my Give away event ! Congratulations to the winners of the new skins ! Now is El browns time lets talk about the basic 1. How to get close to the enemy basically you take cover, bait some shots, waste their ammo as much as you can then try to push them to the dead end or find another cover and repeat, that’s one two As I am approaching, he should fall back and keep distance from me I will push front and find another cover he can’t go to the other way as I will be there slow reaction time will cost his life again, he should fall back now as I will chase him 2. Primo rely on his super very much but how to recharge his super fast if you don’t have a chance to push, be patient, Defend maybe a better option if you are facing the pros and you are clearly in a disadvantage match up switch lane or push together in the same lane might be a better way out piper will not have enough ammo to kill me and poco so I will bet high HP can push them back 3. Kick and Jump if someone is on your way, but they don’t have super to stop you you can walk into the goal if you don’t have enough hp to walk into the goal, try some bounce shoots 4. Pass the ball
very basic but a lot of people still don’t pass 5. use your super wisely facing a low hp enemy, close to the goal
don’t hesitate to use super now lets move on to the game play I am playing with my bros
Uday and Night Frank is my target, I can recharge super easily from him I am wide open and spinning for the ball
simply walk in be aware of Frank super Mortis is dead, we have to play some defence kick and jump, see if we can outrun the enemies If frank, the second hammer didn’t land on me
I should have scored but thats kind of play that you have to make I am trapped and got to kick the ball to a safe place as soon as possible the biggest threat is Frank,
I don’t want him to recharge his super as he can break the walls I can’t kick the ball to the corner as the distance is too short kicking the ball to the enemy is so danger as my teammates are not yet revived so I decide to kick the ball to the middle we are finally safe and its our turn to attack GG (Never give up!) Siege is next siege combo can be go with 2 tanks and 1 range primo is a good option take cover and wait for the enemies get into my range we are clear and control in the front jump on penny as she is doing a lot of splash damage I am looking for a chance to destroy the cannon I am doing bad and step on the flame all the time we lost this round, how to play a good defence 1. tank has to die one by one I will go and tank first as I am the nearest tank then its Bibis turn to tank she has to hold for at least 5 seconds until I revived and tank with invincibility genes job is to defend the enemies now I am dead and its BiBis turn Gene is going around for penny I go straight up to the field as the robot is almost destroyed we played a really good defence I failed to steal the bolt, thats no way to kill Rosa with her shield on so I run away from her we are like 5050 position but we got more bolts we should got this round that will be it GG showdown is next (Clutch moment) in this map, if you can control the middle you have high chance to win but is a gambling one mistake you will end up rank 10 you must be careful checking the bushes I like playing showdown very much
as I can constantly grind trophies now I am fully control the game no one will mess with a power 9 rage bear (mistake 7) GG Good Steal from Night ! Sometimes I play takedown as its less stressful its fun but is not the best game mode for primo because Primos range is just too short and colt is always shooting at the back I hardly get rank 1 anyways, basically how to play take down 1.are you starting near the robot? if yes, go damage the robot if no, go collect power cubes then go get the brawlers from behind 2. positioning
stay near the edge if you can To avoid being surrounded 3. collect power cubes when robot is invincible but don’t go too far especially primo is the shortest range brawler thats about it, thank you for watching this video I hope this is helpful please subscribe and like of leave comments below appreciate that I will see you next time Peace out (center of the battle field)

Is there a way that i can play with you 😅?
Awesome video , you always go in indepth strategy , just love your efforts ♥️

very nice video bro, it's very entertaining to watch, thanks for the god tips, hopefully i can get my primo to 1k trophies as well 🙇🏻‍♂️❤️

Hey Dr. mmm, can I add you friend?
Highest trophy: 17055 (only 28 brawlers)
Pro Carl (highest 1000)
Rlly active
Subbed since u were 300 subs

Also I really want to hv a youtuber friend

so hope u made my dream come true 🙂

btw if u say no, it's ok, I will still support u 😀

Next mortis plz
Actually my mortis is already 1k and also i make some highlights on yt
But i still wanna be better
So the next god tips plz be mort
Hope i can make more 1v3 plays in the future,now my 1v3 are all about luck
Btw mortis is my best brawler… So plz be him next time
Support forever

Hey Dr. Mmm i have a suggestion for next video. You can make a video how to play leon on 1k trophies please. Add this comment with fix. Thank you!

I play with el primo power 7 and i win easily but brawl stars matchingmaking sucks they match me with power 10 players vs power 7 players.


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