10 Minute Yoga For Energy (Better Than Coffee!!!!)

– This 10-minute yoga practice is better than a cup of coffee. – Hi, I’m Brandy from
Waynesboro, Virginia, and you are practicing Fightmaster Yoga. – Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, a place to deepen your practice. When you commit to this channel you’ll begin to see beauty
in every aspect of your life. Hi, I’m Lesley Fightmaster. Begin sitting up nice and tall with your hands together at your heart. Take a big breath. May your practice help to bring
you into the present moment, quiet your mind, and give you all the energy that you need for today. Release your hands and
roll yourself forward. Sitting back on your heels,
keep your spine nice and long. Inhale to sweep your
arms out, around, and up. Be mindful to keep your front ribs in. Exhale, palms facing out. Take your hands behind you,
roll your shoulders back, interlace fingers, your thumbs, and now take your left
ear to your left shoulder. Center on your inhale. Exhale, right ear to right shoulder. Inhale, center. Release the hands and
walk yourself forward. Tuck your toes under, sitting
back on your heels again. If it gets too intense
then get up off your heels. This will really wake you up. Inhale, take the arms up. Exhale, sink them halfway down. With right over left, take your hands to your shoulders or palms touching. Eagle arms, chest open, shoulder
blades away from the ears. Make sure your ribs are still drawing in. Breathe. Come up off the heels. Inhale, sweep the arms
out, around, and up. Sit back down on your heels. Exhale, take them halfway down. And now left arm over right. Touch your shoulders or, if you can, take your palms together. Lift your elbows. Gently lift your chest, but
allow the shoulder blades to draw down toward the waist. Breathe. Steady breaths in and
out through the nose. Come up off your heels, untuck your toes. Onto your knees, inhale, arms reach. Exhale, take them halfway out. Bring left arm forward, right arm back, but bring your right hip forward as well. You can look back towards your right hand, but keep the hips level. Inhale, back to center, reach the arms. Exhale, arms halfway down. Right arm forward, left arm back, but now keep your left hip moving forward. Don’t let the hip twist as well. Twist from above your waist,
looking toward the left hand. Inhale, take the arms up. Exhale and take your hands to your hips. Roll your shoulders back. Begin to lean back gently as you lengthen, sitting bones to backs of knees. Lift your chest, let your head go back if your neck’s okay with it. Inhale, come up. Sit back down off your heels, and then come into a child’s pose. You can take your knees
a little bit wider. Inhale, making your way
back to hands and knees with wrists in front of the shoulders. Now, stretch into extended child’s pose. Spread your fingers, press
into the base of your fingers. Come on to your knees. Inhale, bring chest forward. Lift chin and tailbone. Exhale, round the back. Chin toward chest, hips back to the heels. Stretch out your back. Inhale again, coming
forward a little longer. Inhale as you bring the chest forward, shoulder blades toward waist. A little longer, exhale
as you take chin to chest and slowly return hips to heels. And once again, inhale, longest breath. Bring the heart forward
through the gates of the arms as you gently look up. Exhale, long breath as
you chin toward chest, hips toward heels. Stretch out your spine. Keep pressing away from
the mat with your hands. Come on up to your hands and knees. Turn your inner elbows forward. Tuck your toes. Stretch up and back for down dog. Arms shoulders distance, feet hips width, and then begin to bend
one knee and the other as you stretch out your
hamstrings and your calves. Keep the breath nice and steady, bending both knees and then slowly start to press your thighs back. And then reach your
heels toward the floor. They may or may not
touch, it doesn’t matter. Inhale, right leg lifts. Exhale, step up by the right
hand with your left knee down. Pad up the knee if it needs any padding. Fingers on the front of the thigh, interlaced right above the knee. Now, press back just a
little to open the chest. Inhale, reach both arms up. Spin the triceps forward. Keep lifting your frontal
hip bones toward the belly. Left-arm down, sweep your
right arm in a circle. Inhale, take it up. Exhale, sweep it around. Pull that right hip back. And now inhale, straighten
the front leg and fold over, keeping your spine nice and long. Step back into plank pose. Slowly lower to your belly. Knees can be up or down. Hands by low ribs. Peel the chest up for cobra. Pull the hands toward the feet. Lower, tuck the toes, knees up or down. Press to plank, and then
lift your hips into down dog. Inhale, floating the left leg back. And up with level hips, exhale. Lightly step it up. Take the right knee down. Pad up that knee if it needs any padding. Pull the left hip back. Bring your fingers just
above your left knee and lengthen tall through
all four sides of your waist. Inhale, sweep up through the
arms, spinning triceps forward. Keep the front ribs strong. In, take your right hand down. Exhale, left arm all the
way around in a circle. Keep that left hip pulling back. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, circle it around. Bring the hand down, and now inhale to straighten the left leg. Keep pulling your left hip back. Straighten it as much as you will. You can always put your
hands on blocks here, or rest your hands on your legs. Step to plank, and lower
through chaturanga. Shoulders are, sorry,
all the way to the belly. Inhale, a little cobra or a higher cobra. Roll the shoulders back and down. Upward dog if it feels okay on your back. Thighs and knees up. Exhale, lift the hips,
downward-facing dog. Arms and ears in line. Come to seated, lightly
stepping or hopping. Take your feet flat
and lower to your back. Bring your right ankle
just above the left knee, and draw the left leg in. Hold the left shin, or behind the leg, and draw your right hip forward. Make sure to flex that right ankle, but relax your shoulders. Releasing that, keep the legs the same. Take them over to the left, looking right. If that is uncomfortable, then just take your right
leg on top of the left. Either way, turn your belly
up toward the ceiling. Back to center, inhale. Left ankle just past right knee. Hold on behind the
thigh, or hold the shin. Relax your jaw, relax your
shoulders, and breathe. Keeping the legs in the same position, take them to the right, look
over your left shoulder. If that’s too intense,
or it’s not comfortable, then take your left knee on
top of the right instead. Turn your belly toward the
ceiling for a nice twist. Come to center, hug knees to chest. Put your feet onto the floor. Lengthen sitting bones to backs of knees. Extended the legs. Shoulder blades toward the waist. Close your eyes and relax. Soften around your jaw, your forehead. You can always bend your knees
if that’s more comfortable. Our quote today comes from
Harriet Beecher Stowe. “Never give up, for that
is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” Begin to deepen your breath, stretching arms over head,
and roll to your right. Press yourself up to seated,
and bring your hands together. Hands to your forehead, reminding you to have
clear and loving thoughts. Hands to heart, reminding you to have clear
and loving intentions. Hands to the mouth, reminding you to have clear
and loving communication, sending positive energy
to all beings everywhere. Namaste. I bet you’re feeling really good. If you wanna keep going, try this 20 minute video that
we created under the pier. People are telling me that they love it. If you’re still here, the
secret word today is energetic. Write energetic in the comments below.

Can't get rid of the coffee but I must say, adding coffee after this practice feels amazing!! Namaste β˜•πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’• β˜€οΈ

Much prefer the slower pace. I struggle to keep up usually. Especially with the voice over, you are on to the next thing and I didn’t get a breath πŸ™πŸΌ This was so beautiful πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

Lesley, thank you again for doing this. I keep returning to your videos. I like the pace of exercises, I like your calming voice. And I’m always so pleasantly surprised how many new videos you’ve done πŸ™‚

I have been doing you videos for years. You are the best. God bless for you for making free amazing quality content for me πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Energetic! I wish I could post a picture…. my dog came and laid on my face while I was doing this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Leslie, you're a great teacher! Could you do more morning stretch yoga (10-15 minutes)? I've been obsessed with them lately, but repeating the same lesson every day will get boring eventually.
Keep spreading postive energy, stay hydrated and namaste ^^


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