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yes we have been quoting frequently extensively from this book earner writings as you can see on the screen and page six to three that what the flock needs now is not precious truth what do the flock of God the people of God need in these last days it is a present truth we discovered throughout this series that present truth is found in a three angels messages of Revelation chapter 14 now quote with me verse number 12 recite with me verse number 12 here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and we discover through Scripture the commandments of God show us righteousness amen for all thy Commandments are righteousness so this is righteousness we must be righteous do right things and then it says the faith of Jesus right here we find a righteousness by faith we also have been quoting from this book selected messages book 1 page 357 where we are told the message of righteousness by faith the third angel that this is present truth for God's people in the last days we also have been quoting from testimonies for the church volume 6 top paragraph page 19 which tells us the second coming of Jesus Christ will not take place until the close of human probation would not take place until the wrath of God will not be poured out on till the message of Christ our righteousness is both presented and people get the opportunity to receive it and then we're told gospel workers page 301 on the screen second paragraph we are also told that what the church needs God's people are dying there suffering they're starving they are thirsting for the message of Christ's righteousness by faith and other kindred truths now we have been looking at the book of Hebrews because when we talk about righteousness by faith the Bible gives us the book of Hebrews that chronicles in sequential order the patriarchs of old the prophets of old who all experienced righteousness by faith we have looked at the experience of Abraham amen last week we covered up Isaac and then we looked at even Jacob not today we want to also consider the patriarch even the Prophet called Joseph Genesis chapter 37 go there with me where we going to my friends Genesis chapter 37 and look with me at verse number one now own answer question who inside here is 17 years of age raise your hand 17 years of age I want you all to take note of these few verses Genesis chapter 7 chapter 37 look at first number born father in heaven your words have been opened give us humility of heart that we may receive all that you have for us in the name of Jesus Christ amen verse number one and Jacob dwelt in the land wherein his father was a stranger in the land of Canaan these are the generations of Jacob Joseph being ahold how all was Joseph Joseph being 17 years old and what was Joseph's duty when he was 17 next phrase what was his duty he was feeding the flock with his brethren pause right there so what was Jose this primer duty at 17 years of age what was he doing he was feeding the flock of God was here Shepard was he feeding God's flock what would that mean for today you mean just you know pulling around and caring for lambs and goats and sheep and cows what would that represent today friends talk to me the of God represents the Church of God hold your place right there go to acts 20 with me where we going to my friends Acts chapter 20 look at what the Bible says here in acts 20 at 17 years old Joseph was converted it's not by accident you know friends when we had the schools of the prophets here at safe to serve and the young people came around in the classroom in those studies we shared the age of every seventh-day Adventist pioneer in the year 1844 do you know how old and white was seventeen converted at seventeen years of age so what does God expect of our seventeen year olds today conversion James y 2021 Jane and Rosa they're about 14 to 16 years of age young men converted Loughborough converted 15 you are a Smith young men 14 15 16 17 these men were converted in that time period and even 1845 1846 when God was using them to proclaim present truth to a dying world eighty Jones EJ Wagner young men in their teens holding tent revivals evangelistic tech meetings baptizing individuals they were in their team years converted my friends and that was the beginning of our church and we claim to be the remnant what is the condition of the young even young ladies were 70 now the condition of young men were 70 now we give them video games to have fun wordiness the music and the move is sad and we profess to be the remnant may God have mercy upon our souls acts 20 go there with me where we going to my friends Acts chapter 20 17 he was feeding the flock of God look at verse 28 the Bible says this take heed therefore this is Paul's last warning as if he was on his deathbed as it were verse 28 take heed therefore unto yourselves and to all the what the flock or for which the Holy Ghost have made you what my friends overseers to feed what to feed the Church of God which he has purchased with his own blood that's why we are told in John and John 21 what the questions that Christ acts of Peter Peter Peter young people listen up before you can be an evangelist a miracle missionary a co-op or a preacher you must have a love of God in your heart Peter loved us down me more than these feed my land lovest thou me more than these Peter feed my sheep we are told early writings book this earlier items page 271 sister White says with such an army of workers as our youth rightly trained how soon were the message of her crucified risen and soon coming Savior be carried to the world how soon would the income they end our suffering the end of our sorrow the end of seen young people first Peter close x2 and go to first Peter first Peter chapter 5 that's why I give attention to young people I I understand this everlasting gospel righteousness by faith Joseph 17 years of age and overseer of the flock he was an evangelist at 17 converted at 17 1st Peter chapter 5 or we've here my friends you could read verse 2 the elder skip on down to verse number 2 you could be the first one look at verse 2 it says this let's read first 2 together what it says here my friends feed 1 feed the flock of God which is among you taking the oversight there are not by constraint but willingly not for filthy lucre but of what my friends but of a ready mind go back with me so now notice was Joseph an evangelist at 17 years of age what more can I say that means his father taught him well let that sink in that means his father taught him well would you say Amen my friends so what is God st. appearance today who have children what is God saying to them to you to us that's why my friends that's why we are taught in Malachi that when Elijah comes in a messenger experient he come to set the homes in order to turn the heart of fathers to their children the heart of children to their fathers Jacob did a wonderful job preparing Joseph at 17 to be an evangelist what are we preparing our young people for to build up Babylon so sad go back to verse 2 and notice in Genesis chapter 37 notice right here what was Joseph duty he was feeding the flock with his oooh brethren so we're his brothers also shepherds and what would we call them today shepherd pastures amen look at this verse 2 it says this and he was feeding the flock with his brethren and the lad was with the sons of Bilhah were the sons of Zilpah his father's wives let's read this last phrase what it says there and Joseph brought on to his father their one their evil report what is that saying what is that saying did Joseph expose the sins the evil the transgressions of his brothers were these shepherds were they pastors so what is the application today my friends let me give it to you Isaiah chapter 58 verse number bond what is God saying Isaiah 58 and verse number one he says cry aloud spare not lift up thy voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgressions don't forget this now and the house of Jacob their sins how many stones were in his house Jacob and what did Joseph do he exposed the transgressions of the house of Jacob does that make sense to you my friends so what does God expect officer ministers he's true evangelists in these last days young people and adults what young people don't get past your place now you must have loved with the message volume 3 page 108 says duty Stern duty has a twin sister which is kindness if duty and kindness were blended this advantage would be gain volume 3 volume 1 page 321 it says this on the screen what's carefully in this fearful time just before Christ is to come the second time let's read this come on God's faithful preachers will have to be are still more appointed testimony then was born by whom by John the Baptist did John play games with Haram What did he say to him in his face not by email not by later it says I responsible important work is before them let's we come on let's read this and those who speak what smooth things God build not acknowledge as his shepherds what are the next six words fearful bow is upon them go back with me Genesis 37 Joseph was like John the Baptist my friends didn't play games amen Genesis chapter 37 now what did Jacob give to Joseph his son come on we all know this want you to give to him a coat of many colors let's read that verse number three Bible says notice now Israel loved Joseph more than all of his children why we'll get to that because he was a son of his old age and he made Joseph our what my friends are coat of many colors wonder what this means what is a coat a Raymond a garment signify in Scripture character righteous character the coat of Joseph was an external material garment that signifies that Joseph's inward character was righteous does that make sense to your friends I wonder why the court was of many colors why many colors what comes to mind what has many colors in the Bible the rainbow put beside verse number three Genesis chapter 9 and verse 13 the rainbow multiple colors and why did God put the bull in the sky after the rain the rainbow in the sky why why my friends it was a token of the Covenant the what my friends after what the Covenant and what shows us God's covenant what put down Deuteronomy chapter 4 and verse 13 the Bible says the law the Ten Commandments show us God's covenant a coat of many colors showing that Joseph was a beat was a being was obedient to God Ten Commandments that's righteousness do you see it my friends and righteousness is received only by faith if that's clear my friends Amen so now the Josefa experienced obedience by faith righteousness by faith yes he did but notice why was this written for for a bedtime story mm-hmm it was written for us those of us in the last days pause right there so what must we experience like Joseph so God can cover us we must experience of BDS by faith who righteousness by faith obeying God's Ten Commandments and the faith of Jesus the third angels message hold on right there when Adam and Eve sinned and they repented of their sins what did God use to cover to close Adam and Eve Bible says up coats of skins coat the Aesir friends our skin why why cover them what was wrong with them Adam and Eve they were naked they were naked and the only way God can cover us is if we surrender did Adam and Eve surrender their sins were they covered why they could not stand and remain in the presence of God in their nakedness and their nakedness was assigned or seen so what must we have on what must we experience to behold the presence of God the glory of God the Shekinah glory at the second coming of Christ righteousness by faith look at the screen right here sons and daughters of God page 368 the top paragraph references revelation chapter 3 the words to Sardis we must be clothed in white raiment second paragraph won't give you all of this second paragraph it says this in view of these encouraging promises let's read that how earnestly should we strive to perfect a character that will enable us to stand before the Son of God only those who are clothed in the garments of Christ's righteousness will walk Mac come on with what my friends will be able to end your what to endure the glory of his presence when he shall appear with what two things with power and great glory what did Adam and Eve do when they heard the voice of God in the garden they ran they hid themselves up so what must we have so we are not found running to the rocks the mountain sink fall on us doc bright just miss Christ which we can only receive by faith as we surrender every known scene to Christ put down on your note paper live it across chapter 4 Leviticus 16 verse 4 rather live the coast chapter 16 go there with me where we going to my friends Leviticus chapter 16 and put down verse 4 how many of us warned Christ Christ holiness risen how many of us warn the righteousness of Christ how many of us desire to be clothed by Christ's character how many of us harmless warned that when the father calls our a names in the investigative judgment in preparation to declare a verdict upon our occasion that we will be found wrapped in the character of Jesus Christ if that's you raise your hand my friends my two hands are up I want this experience live it across chapter 16 verse number four is critical it says that Iran who my friends are who was Aaron on the earth high priests Iran what was Aaron clothed with on the Day of Atonement Leviticus 16 verse 4 what was he close with he was clothed with a cold that means the people must also be cold with a cold and Iran's a coat Exodus 20:8 Aaron's up code was called holy garments so what was Jacobs Joseph's coat called holy garment if that's clear my friends Amen what time are we now living in our we know living in the anti-typical day of atonement to become one with Christ to be married with Jesus one with him so our sins can be blotted out question for you in the marriage feast of method 22 what was everyone today found wearing the wedding garment holy garments the coat of many colors you are in a covenant with Jesus Christ but what happened to that one person what happened to him in Matthew 22 how came is thou in hither without one without a wedding garment o friends look at the screen Christ object lessons page 223 it says this but let's read this come on but in order to accept the invitation to the gospel feast to become one with Christ we must make our world interests how subordinate to the one purpose of receiving what my friends of receiving Christ and he is a righteousness God gave off a man and he asks man to place what my friends to place his service above every earthly and selfish consideration will you today my friends if so reason will you do this today it says Jesus cannot accept a what heart he cannot accept a divided heart the heart that is absorbed in earthly affections cannot be given up to God last six words the lesson is for how many the lesson is for all time for all of us my friends back with me Genesis chapter 37 talk to me how many sons did Jacob have this blew my mind how many sons did Jacob have how many received a coat of righteousness so one in 12 er was found righteous what is God saying today now blew my mind twelve sons you'd expect if they all grew up in the same home the same house and a house typifies a church our trail of would have the character of God or 12 should wear the coat of many colors or Twelver should be found in the covenant with God but only one was found worthy only one was found righteous only one was found good good enough birth enough to wear this coat of the Covenant this holy garment and that was Joseph born in 12 what a ratio 1 in 12 I wonder what God is saying to us today my friends 1 in 12 over 1 in 12 let that sink in who wants to be that one reason who wants to be that one one answer question was Jacob a man's pleaser was Jacob a respecter of persons No so why not make 12 coats why only make one coat for your son Joseph why did Joseph receive that coat it was an outward manifestation of what on the inside his righteous character talk to me now so by did the other 11 brothers not receive coats of many colors why now why now did you ever think about that why only one coat will you have 12 sons was Jacob a respect to a person's talk to me is Christ a respect to a percent so now since these accounts are showing us salvation God would not just make one coat he makes 12 coats you can choose to put on yours I believe Jacob had 12 coats but 11 were in the closet just waiting just waiting on the other 11 brothers to get their act together you're not hearing me because God is no respecter of persons question now so what was the character of these 11 brothers do you want to know now let's begin with the firstborn what was his name you were seeing as a firstborn what was you have the coat of minute has anyone ever wore hand-me-downs from your siblings don't look don't look serious on me because you know you have hood hand-me-downs amen so who should first receive the coat of many colors who Ben what's wrong with Ruben Ruben was a fornicator what texts are we in right here Genesis 37 right who got the coat right here in this chapter Joseph I wonder why because some things happen before Genesis 37 look at verse 22 Genesis 35 verse 22 let's read that together what it says here my friends and it came to pass when Israel dwelt in that land that who now that reuben went and laid with Balaam his father's concubine and Israel heard it my friends so who was Reuben our fornicator talk to me now so why did jacob not give Reuben a coat of many colors because an unrepentant fornicator cannot receive the coat of many colors an unrepentant fornicator cannot receive the righteousness of Christ repent hence must first take place let that sink in not on a physical fornication as a matter of fact beside verse 22 of Genesis 35 first Corinthians chapter 6 verse 9 through verse number 12 them the Bible says the fornicator shall not inherit the kingdom of God put down a second scripture right there James chapter 4 and verse number 4 Bible says you adulterers and adulteresses know you're not the friendship of the world is what is enmity against God he who is a friend of the world is the one is an enemy of God an unrepentant fornicator cannot receive the coat of many colors the coat of God's covenant the covering of Christ's righteousness pause right there are you a fornicator literally pause right there even those of you online you are in a lost condition and the problem with the ladies here is they think that they are rich and increased with Goods and are in need of nothing it's time for self-examination or you are fornicator no coats for modern-day Rubens no coats all right are you a spiritual fornicator what do you put before God it's time for self-examination it's time it's time Father in heaven search us as Psalm 139 says search me O God know my heart try me and know my ways and see if there be any wicked way in me and then dear God lead me into the way everlasting no salvation for those who are fornicators let that sink in it's time to surrender all to Jesus what do you say my friends that we not just seen that song for meditation i certain how much I serve and awe to Jesus alright that's Ruben how many other brothers are left now Ruben Joseph how many are left 10 what sins did they commit before Genesis 37 that caused Jacob to only go into his closet and pull out poor coat of many colors and give that coat to Joseph what sins did the others commit murder my friends have you ever heard of massacring massacre it's a big thing now right massacre more than 10 people dying at one time in one location these 10 brothers through a whole city they were worth an Isis then Boko Haram these were terrorists Genesis 35 for me 34 go there with me we were going to my friends Genesis 34 these brothers they wiped out a whole city and that's why they could not receive coat of many colors if that's clear my friends amen notice chapter 34 of Genesis what what happened here in the first verse is what caused the massacre one lead to win it was Dinah their sister a daughter of Jacob and what did she do she went to hang out with the daughters of the land I wonder how we would we apply that today partying oh come on rioting riffling that's it she was very promiscuity that's it Dinah and yet she profess to be a daughter of Jacob a daughter of God yet justing like the world if you're gonna hang out with the world so much so that Shechem went in and the far you that means you were living just like the Shechem Ickes is there a diner in the church today dressing like a harlot and living like a harlot is there a diner in the church even online right now diner couldn't receive a quote either notice as he read on then we all know the story hey more the father of Shechem Shechem went and slept with Dinah out of wedlock right and this was also being on equally joke together with an unbeliever and all is God talking to us and because Dinah was on equally short with a Shechem she could not receive a coat of many colors either she had broken the Covenant by being on equally joke with the daughters of the land is there a diner here today your chest is all showing splits in your skirt with miniskirts is there oh don't get me started is there a diner in the church today yet professed to be the people of God masks are on makeup is there a dine in the church today high heels with fishnet stockings is there a diner in the church today my friends tight-fitting clothing and the pants is there a diner in the church today no coat of many colors and that's why we're told if you're dressed like the world sister White says might as well you sever every connection with the third angels message righteousness by faith all right I'll jump off that wagon back to him or back to check him then the Bible says this watch carefully then in all France is interesting that hey more said now Jacob my son love you daughter diner he wants diner to be wife we all know the story right my friend and Jacob said it should not be so among our people but we want her we want to be your people and you can be our people we can have all things come on and the Bible says watch carefully question for you now so did the Shechem IDEs want to be one with the Israelites yes they want to be one – marriage watch carefully now what diner also represent the ecumenical movement so these pastors within seventh-day Adventists who are leading out in the ecumenical movement with Babylon with the papacy with fallen Babylon no coat of many colors you are the modern-day diners committing fornication with God alright I'll get back here then the sons of Jacob had a plot a plan there's ok ok hey more ok second you want Dinah you want to be with us Israel circumcise yourselves circumcise every male circumcise them and the people of Shechem said we want to be with Israel so badly so much we will do it we will circumcise ourselves and all males in our camps and the Bible says on the third day in verse 25 while the Shechem eyes were sore won't go into more details who rose up now the sons of Jacob rose up specifically Simeon and Levi and what happened my friends they slew the Shechem i'ts revenge' for Dinah being the file through the sacrament and French it sounds so good on the surface God showed me another perspective like a prism what a circumcision of the flesh typify conversion so these Shakur mites in one perspective were willing to become converted they were circumcised that means then the ten sons the eleven sons well Benjamin gets a pass he was too young just lay anybody you get the point the sons of Jacob they not only who succumb I'd but they slew people who were circumcised and circumcision was that Deuteronomy 10 verse 16 circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart and be no more stiff necked that means the chakra might again in one perspective they may represent people from Babylon who now say we want to be in Israel we want to be among God's people we were so brender cut off fin from our lives yet the sons of jacob slew them DC how terrible their sins were my friends yes and notice now what was the consequence that Jacob thought he would have to pay look at verse 30 no yes look at the first 30 it says this and Jacob said to home Simeon and Levi you have troubled me to make me stink among the inhabitants of the land among whom the Kenites and the parasites and I be how few in number they shall gather themselves together against me and what and slay me and I shall be destroyed I and my church let's pause right there does any man leave onto himself does any man die on to himself what me what'd you do by your words and actions will also affect somebody else what is God saying to us my friends spouse is you got to think twice of your your words that you use your actions because what you're do has been effects your wife negatively and vice versa what you do wives will affect your husbands negatively pure brains what you do may affect your children negatively children how you leave what you say how you move around may affect your pure brains negatively Paul says no man leave it on to himself no man dieth onto himself that means those like those sons of jacob who were willing to murder christians will not receive a coat of many colors did you get that they're slow men who were circumcised how then could God's Jacob give these sons of coat Jacob said your sins will cause my house to be destroyed what's a house in prophecy Church so what may cause see if deserve to be destroyed those of you online what may cause your whole church to be destroyed the gossipy the backbiting the tail fearing the guile in your mouth such person cannot receive the coats of many colors cannot receive the covering of Christ's righteousness watch carefully did Jake of fear that he was about to be slain in the land by the Babylonians watch carefully that God preserve him look with me I'm gonna reference this that God preserve him verse number 5 of chapter 35 God said Jacob I'm gonna preserve you first number one just as how I preserved you from the wrath and the vengeance of esau jacob i will preserve you but Jacob there is a condition you have to meet you have to cleanse your home so now look at verse 2 what did Jacob tell his household to do between verse 2 and verse 4 talk to me now what did Jacob tell them to do he says a take and discard all of the strange gods which are among you take off your jewelry your wind bands your in rings your necklaces take off those precious stones change your garments why you have on the wrong garment that's why they could not receive a coat of many colors may I ask you a question so where did they get those strange gods from go back now – no go back now to chapter 34 look at verse 27 focus on verse 29 and all their wealth and all the little ones and their wives took they how Captiva and spoiled even all that was in the house of the Shechem ides God says now take those stuff from on this house did Jacob have to get his house in order what is God saying to us today my friends if you want God's protection and preservation as parents set the house in order don't allow your children on your roof to be surfing the net the internet without you being vigilant set your house in order don't let your young people we're this we're that bring this were the music in your home demons are coming into your homes don't let them take that demonic remote and stop watching the filth on cable TV they are bringing demonic forces in your home God told Jacob if you want preservation cleans your house what is God saying to us my friends do you want to be one of the hundred and forty four thousand then cleanse your house and then watch carefully now how would you feel how many of you have ever had your children embarrass you based on their words and actions don't reason don't reason how do you feel how do you feel how many of you are still as parents being embarrassed by your grown children even some were left alone living like the world and you know and they know they were not trained that way reared that way a continual embarrassment how do you think Jericho failed do you think he took the blame do you think he felt guilty how do you feel do you not feel guilty sometimes as if you must also be bleah Jacob felt lost at this point as if the promise God gave to him forty years earlier that God had dissin old and that's why now in chapter 35 I'm going to reference this verse 10 to verse 13 God shows up to Jacob and God says now the same promise I gave to you a number of years before I'm going to repeat that promise what is your name Jacob you shall no more be called Jacob but Israel the promise of God to Jacob was now repeated what hope he must have felt now what hope he must have received he felt cut off so God came to repeat the promises so now when you feel guilty when you feel embarrassed when you blame yourself for your children grown children their mistake their sins of come back here and read chapter 35 of Genesis read and clean verse 10 to verse 13 the promise of God inherited they are still yours but guess what don't compromise with them duty Stern duty has a lot twin sister what is she called Dinah no not Dinah what is she called kindness if duty and kindness were blended decided advantage would be gained don't compromise with your children go with me can you see now why only Joseph could receive the coat of many colors do you see though my friends if it's clear say Amen go back with me now Genesis 37 look now at verse number 3 and verse number 4 the Bible tells us the sons of Jacob hated Joseph I wonder why now what was he wearing that caused them to hate Joseph what was he wearing my friend the coat of many colors which typifies what his righteous character so what is God saying to us in the last days does anybody have siblings who despise you because you're living for God anybody we're here now or let's pray for them amen let's pray for them and most of them some of them profess to be seventh-day adventists but they're lukewarm and because you're living for God they lie Jacob's sons Josef's brothers they are despising you and hating you while you're living for God look at this my friends look at this verse number three and Israel loved Joseph and verse number four he gave him the coat of many colors and verse four says let's read that and when his brethren saw his father loved him more than all his brethren they hated him and could not speak how my friends and could not speak peaceably unto him they cut off communication with Joseph what's going to happen to us when we begin to live for God your friends your family members your siblings will cut you off go to Psalm 27 no I can see why God told me to open with that scripture the Lord is my wad lighter and my salvation whom shall I fear the Lord is a strength of my life of of whom shall I be afraid that's not where I want to go now Psalm 27 go to verse 10 when my father and my mother forsake me then the Lord will take me up my friends you and good company when you're living for God and siblings and family members despise you and hate you because you're living the present truth you are proclaiming the present truth the Joseph do anything to his brothers so why did they hate him for his love they hated him pause right there because many of us we are treating Christ the same way for his love we hate Jesus by over words and by our actions and if we do not change our names will be blotted out of the book of life go to Psalm 109 where we going to my friends Psalm 109 look with me at verse number three it says this there compassed me about also with birds of hatred and thought against me without a cause for my love they are my wot adversaries but what did Christ do what must we do when family members and siblings cut us off despise us what must we do what a crash do come on verse four for my love they are my adversaries but I give my self unto what prayer pray for them that they become converted pray for yourself that you will not compromise but stand firm in the sight of God look at verse 5 and they have what rewarded me evil for good and hatred for my love who was Christ talking to in this prophecy in the Psalms his own people to whom would this be applicable to us examine yourself my friends first five for my love feet for my good they seen and look what verse six now says said thou a wicked man over him let's say ten stand at his right hand when he shall be judged let him be condemned let's read now and let his prayer become so what will happen to us if we don't surrender to Jesus for his love look what we're giving him hatred if you love me do what keep my Commandments so when we sin what do we give to Jesus hatred when we seen what do we give to Christ is hate for my love the thing and Jesus says if they don't change let's Satan take full control over them let their prayer becomes verse eight let their days be few first number thirteen first let's read verse 13 let his posterity be cut off and in the generation follow being let there what my friend mercy if you love me keep my Commandments when we sin we give God hatred let their names be what blotted out what time are we now living in what day are we now living in the day of anti-typical atonement that they are judgment and what birth is Jesus getting ready to do now in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary the blotting out of sin look at verse 14 let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered with the Lord and let not the scene of his mother be what my friends be blotted out if the scenes remain and not blocked it out what will happen to their names what will happen to our names if we don't change our names will be blotted out so what do we need what a Jacob give to Joseph what do we need offense we need no coat of many colors back with me Genesis 37 look with me right here what gift that God gave to Joseph that God gave Joseph a gift Joseph had dreams Joseph could interpret dreams could he not my friends now most of you have read that many many times by God's grace we shall go beneath the surface look at the first five and Joseph dreamed a dream and he told it his brethren and what happened and they hated Joseph yet the more pause right there so why did they hate Joseph he had the gift of dreams what would we call that today he had the gift of prophecy may I ask you a question how old was Joseph again seventeen put beside verse five Acts chapter two verse 16 to verse 18 what does God promise to pour out upon young people even adults in the last days I will pour upon them in those days of what my spirit your young men shall see visions oh man shall dream dreams and dreams are used synonymously in Scripture so what did Joseph receive there are pouring of the Spirit of God did he have dreams so can young people receive the outpouring of the Spirit of God even at the age of 17 do you know why I believe it that they can receive the earth pouring of the Spirit of God at 17 because many young people at 17 receive another spirit let not sink it and since they can receive the Spirit of Devil's at 17 it simply means they can receive that are pouring of the Spirit of God even as this year sure what was in that dream did they hate him because he had the gift of prophecy right what does chapter 12 of Revelation verse 17 see and the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed were they which keep the commandments of God and have warned the testimony of Jesus Christ and what is the testimony of Jesus Christ revelation 19 verse 10 the spirit of prophecy with a jack and be wrong and what was wrong with Joseph's brothers were there all so who did they represent they represented the dragon power don't forget that where the demon-possessed is it coming again for God's people in the last days we have to get ready my friends what was in that first dream because he had two dreams what was in the first dream let's go deeper now listen what he says verse number seven for behold we were binding sheaves in the field and lo my sheaf Joseph sheaf arose and also stood how upright and behold your sheaves should run about and made one obeisance to my sheep to my sheaf verse eight and his brethren said to him watch carefully shut down indeed reign over us or shall thou indeed have dominion over us and they hated Joseph yet the more for his dreams and for his word wait a minute right there what comes to mind what previous our color comes to mind come on you're not talking to me what okay let I'm gonna really win hold on hold on was Joseph much younger than his brothers so what was in that first dream the older brothers would do one what bow down and serve Him talk to me now Esau and Jacob so put beside verse number eight Genesis 25 first 23 the elder shall serve the younger the same prophecy repeats itself notice when Jesus came how is he thirty when he when he began his public ministry right right my friends not 12 when he began his public ministry or okay let's go there he was twelve uh his first trip mission to the Passover right all right and who were he around the priests the scribes the elders who was teaching who who was educating the author the younger was educating and that made him angry it began right there and then we come to John seven when Christ was preaching and the people were listening and becoming converted the leader centra people don't listen to that man called Jesus how does this man know letters of having never read he can teach us anything we bow bow down to him the same prophecy repeats itself does he make sense let me read one with you hold your place right here go with me Genesis 27 where we're going to my friends when I ask you a question come on now and I will ask yet I'm gonna read this now then ask the question look at verse 28 this is Isaac blessing Jacob right thinking it was Esau right look at verse 28 it says this therefore God give thee of what the dew of heaven and the fatness of the earth and plenty of corn and wine let's all read now verse 29 let people serve thee and nations bow down to thee be lord over who be lord over thy brethren and let thy mother's sons do what bow down to thee who got this birthright jacob ah so whose dream had the same words joseph so to whom was the birthright passed down to Joseph my friends Joseph and just as Esau hated Jacob the sons of Jacob hated Joseph what will happen in the last days when the small group the remnant begin to preach the loud cry message of Revelation chapter 14 and the papacy and Babylon gets hysterical they get mad why we are calling people from Babylon to receive true worship they will get angry we won't bow down to you it's going to be repeated am I ready are you ready the second dream go back there with me Genesis friends are we learning anything today the birth right look at this second dream verse 9 in the second dream what was in the second dream the Sun the moon and the Eleven stars verse 9 would bow down and worship me right amen my friends and what did Jacob say in verse 10 what is this dream that thou has dream Joseph shall I and my mother and thy brethren and become to bow down ourselves to thee to the earth verse 11 and its brethren what now in for him but his father observed the thing why do you think Jacob would say wait a minute what do you say huh he was reminded of the same blessing Isaac bestow upon him forty years before in Genesis 27 he remembered it now okay shall I and your mother bow down to you what about Jesus was he not younger then marry but who must want to poo the mother must bow down to Jesus that means Jesus receive also what the birthright but what we're not here you're a man we're not there yet we're not there yet we're not there yet look at this now then we come to verse 11 verse 12 to verse 14 what mission did Jacob sent Joseph on he said Joseph we are your brethren your brothers come Joseph I'm going to send you to go see the well-being of your brothers and the flock the brothers were Shepherds pastures the flock animals the people understand Joseph to go examine the pastors and the church who would Joseph represent right here Jesus coming to examine who the pastors and the church members you're seeing the investigative judgment right here watch this and when Joseph's sons saw Joe when Jacob sons saw Joseph coming to examine him and to bring back a report mercy what did they say and do now let us kill him and see what will become of his dreams so by killing Joseph what birthday trying to stop to hinder the prophecy come on now come on now talk to me talk to me now what's on your mind what's on your mind friends but what prophecy what prophecy what prophecy that you will have to bow down and worship Me and what message must go to the world in the first angel the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him so why will Babylon get angry third angel if any man worship the Beast and His image and receive that mark you know it so why would Babylon persecute us to stop the prophecy what prophecy she worship Sabbath worship if that makes sense say Amen my friends does it make sense to you when Christ came to the church as a modern day Joseph Isaiah 60:1 Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me he has anointed me he has sent me Luke chapter 4 when Jesus opened that book in the sanctuary verse 18 to verse 30 when the church heard the words the father sent him as Jacob sent Joseph what did Joseph's brothers desire to do to kill him what the church leaders attempt to do to cries in Luke chapter 4 in the church grabbed him and brought him to we're now cliff to throw him over put down come on put down beside verse 20 matha 21 verse 37 to verse 39 the Bible says in that parable Christ says when the vineyard men when they saw the hear they said this is the hare the new poo Christ was this is the air he has the birthright let us kill him and cast him out the vineyard and did they kill him look at Ruben now if you were Ruben what would you have done when the brothers say let's kill Joseph what would you have done would you have played games and compromise first number 21 and rule been herded and what Ruben do who in verse 22 let's not shed blood but throw him in a pit was Ruben Carrick was his character weak was he afraid to reprove and correct the sons of Jacob his brethren was he afraid could not get the coat of many colors because you are free to cause in much right name wait a minute we are told in the book education book it page 57 the greatest part of the world is the want of men men who will not be bought or sold man who the animal souls are our true and honest men who stand for the right men who will not be afraid to cause sin by trite name men who are as true to duty as the needle is the pole men who is standing for the right though the heavens fall but Ruben was wishy-washy as we would say he did not have spiritual strong backbone he wanted to be liked so he saw people committing murder about to commit murder destroying someone's character and said nothing in the church I wonder what this would mean for us today you hear gossip and you say nothing somebody our group is destroying someone else's character in the church and you remain silent you cannot be trusted and that's why Jakob years after could not trust Ruben to carry Benjamin down into Egypt to see this kind man who was Joseph could trust him he was we pause right there so have you heard gossip and remain silent you cannot get that coat of many colors it's time to examine ourselves even safe to surf international right now online it's time to examine yourself skip on down look at verse 23 this is very interesting the Brothers of Joseph did three things to Joseph one they stripped him of his coat they gave him no water and they threw him in a pit what asked a question who would that represent who that represent as Jacob sent his favorite son Joseph as a father sent Jesus one asks a question what did the Jewish people do to Christ vicariously and Pilate Church went on what did they do with Christ's garment Christ's cult they stripped him and today we do the same thing when we sin for every sin we commit we crucify Jesus afresh we do that just as the Brethren strip Joseph and the Roman leaders and Jewish people stripped Christ's coat we do the same thing and then the Bible says in verse number 23 and verse 24 they gave him no water what were crass birds on Calaveras cross John 19 I first did they gave him a sponge with God and vinegar did they give him water and we are told in the book the desire of Ages page 191 Christ is no thirsty and we aren't quenching his thirst we are no different sister white says our Redeemer Jesus he thirsts for our recognition he what my friends he thirsts for our recognition book read it every morning the desire of Ages page 191 Jesus thirsts for our recognition how do we not give him recognition when we don't spend time with him in communion his longing for our attention he thirsts for us to acknowledge him to recognize him evening morning and at noon but we're too busy we put people we put things before Jesus we leave him thirsty just as Christ is on the cross I thirst not for water I first go back to John chapter 4 was he thirsty in John chapter 4 with a woman as Samaria this she quench his thirst how does she quench his thirst not with appeal with water but she's surrendered her life to him and that cringed that also satisfied the hunger of Jesus I first anybody ever had a burning thirst for water this pass or before you felt like dying right like dying right so when we don't give cries attention that's how he feels I first let's go again our Redeemer thirsts for our recognition he hungers for the sympathy and love of those whom he has redeemed with his own blood is he hungry what is he hungry for our sympathy and love what means sympathy we can give Christ's sympathy yes when somebody is hurting do we not sympathize yes is Christ hurting how every sin that we commit we crucify him afresh what sympathy they stop sinning he's hungry for our sympathy he's hungry for our love if you love me do what he says keep my Commandments will you keep him thirsty will you keep him hungry and they threw him in a pit we have done the same thing friends for me from the cross he went to the tool for you from the cross he went to the – we put Christ in the pit but praise God eros and since he rolls we can walk to rise in the newness of life praise God look at this then in verse number 28 how much did they sell Josie for mercy 20 pieces of silver what comes to your mind what comes to your mind Judas Iscariot how much did he sell Christ for 30 pieces are silver no different the same incident keeps on repeating which tells me something I got two witnesses Joseph was over 20 pieces of silver Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver both Joseph and Jesus were sold by their own people what is the application we are two witnesses that means it's confirmed cries own people we who profess to be seventh-day adventists was fellow Jesus betrayed Jesus but for what ain't nobody ain't nobody let me say it this way nobody is going to give us money how will we sell cries out if we're alive we will surrender God's seventh-day Sabbath on the Sunday to be able to buy and sell there's so many seventh-day Adventists what Stella Jesus and if we're breaking the Sabbath right now just to be able to pay the bills you work on the Sabbath you are a Judas Iscariot you are no different than those sons of Jacob who Massacre the whole city no difference it's time to be converted my friends you know this morning I was singing to him three three to nine who knows – let me give you a quiz if you don't get this you won't go to heaven him three to nine and I can't wait for us to get our own Protestant hymnal amen but for now three to nine come on our system come on up take the world but give me Jesus oh this one take the world I don't want no silver I don't want gold because if faithful when I get to heaven when we get to heaven what is silver and gold I rather have Jesus the songwriter says three to seven here I rather of Jesus than silver or gold we will walk on those things Jesus should mean more to us more to us what do you say my friends alright look at this look at verse number 27 after all the sin in their mind do you know what they said the sons of Jacob they said let's not kill him verse 27 come let us tell him to whom Ishmaelites and let not our hand be upon him what were they implying our hands are innocent if we sell him that's that sounds like Pilate that sounds like Pilate I see no thought in him but I'm gonna beat him if you saw no fault in Christ why whip him and what did old pilot do next guards bring some water wash his hands and the water came from a golden cup and the rag was made of silken nice cotton expensive I wash my hands I'm innocent of this blood master 26 verse some verse but John 19 what did Christ say in John 19 you are guilty the one who gave me to you has the greater sin pilot you are sinner and your probation is closed so we better be careful if we say oh I'm innocent in God's eyes you may have your probation closed already look at this then the Jews came around and what did they say in Matthew 27 and verse 25 his blood be upon us mercy and upon our children and did they meet that retribution skip on down skip on down look with me at verse number 30 what did they do now as you can see the chapter ends now so we can write here watch carefully you must get this what did the sons of jacob do to conceal their evil us waster Jacob they said you know what here is the coat of many colours and they went and they killed an innocent animal lamb and dipped the coat of joseph in the blood right rowing it out and brought it home Jacob and say look Jacob see no it's your son this have we found no now whether it be the son's coat or no that's not we're stopping look at verse 33 and he knew it and said watch carefully it is my son's coat and evil beast hath devoured him you cannot be a surface reader an evil beast hath devoured him in this context who devour Joseph in this context who saw Joseph in this contest who stripped Joseph in this context who gave him no water in the context who thought general Joseph in the pit in the context who is the Beast who is the Beast the Beast characteristics were found in the sons of Jacob they were the Beast so while today we talk about the Beast of Revelation 13 the papacy verse 1 to verse 10 the Beast of verse 11 – first 18 American prophecy and America will form an image to the Beast the papacy the characteristics of the beef is in our hearts those traits of the beast are also in our hearts and we're washing our hands or I'm a Christian or I'm innocent and the traits of the dragon the traits of the beast but traits of the devil are all in our hearts let me say it this way it's time for self-examination sister White says in selected messages book 1 page 122 we are far more to fear from within then from without go to mark 7 with me where we're going to my friends go to mark 7 a beasts heart afford my son that means the Jewish church who killed Jesus was a beast and we love present truth I'm not dealing with you lukewarm people now Adventists but we love present truth o the mark of the beast is coming Oh the mark of the beast is coming sunday is coming what the mark of the beast is in our hearts the very trait of character of the beast these do hearts and the devil don't care if we talk about mark of the beast coming because if the traits of the devil the beasts are in our hearts we are lost we become first Corinthians 13 verse 1 we become like a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal because we lack charity we lack love and if you love me you will keep my Commandments all right mark chapter 7 go there with me it's time to examine ourselves our beasts heart devoured it you thought this was bedtime story right and the beast again in the last days is the papacy America and just as the Beast devoured Joseph the papacy and America will make war against Jesus in the person of his Saints that's us verse 20 and Christ said that with less Revis that which cometh out of the man that defileth the man for from within out of the heart of men proceed what proceed what evil thoughts adulteries fornications murders thefts covetousness wickedness deceit lasciviousness an evil eye blasphemy pride foolishness all these evil things come from within and defile the man again selected messages book 1 page 122 we are far more to fear from within from within and from without so what bees do you want to talk about now present truth believers what bees do you want to talk about now we were asked God to read our heart and mind from these characteristics of the beast the devil wait a minute does the beast not blaspheme does the beast in chapter 13 verse 1 to verse 10 of the river of Daniel and the revelation does he not blaspheme well that same beasts power blaspheming is within us so what bees do you want to talk about now which one do you see your need for God to read you from these streets now the beasts from within must be conquered you can talk about some the law mark of the beast all you want you're the lost condition lost as a matter of fact you're lukewarm trace of character will cause other others to be lost who understood what they heard today raise a head hands down even those on line do you see your need to get picture right now Riza head even those on line right now do you see your need well I call heaven and earth to be a record against you that today November 125 2017 I set before you life and death blessings and curses and I told you to choose life to choose life that's you and you're see you and your children your seventeen year olds you and your children may live did you comprehend what God said today friends will you surrender all so what these want to talk about now it's not until we say Lord rid my heart from these traits of characteristics of the beasts can we really appreciate what's coming next is the beast power here look at the screen right here let's run past that in GC page 235 sister White says does anyone know who Steve Danon is Steve Banach he was once the chief advisor to President Trump and where once he finished his work there he went back to where he was before to continue his work who is the Steve banner would you believe me Steve banner of Breitbart would you believe with the man is Jesuit reen and he was so close in the ears of our president fulfilling what God said G C 235 red words blue words from top the Jesuits would work their way into where offices are stake climbing up to me what councilors to Kings rulers a president and one shaping the policy of Nations last phrase wherever they went wherever they went there followed our revival of popery expect at any time now friends but we can talk about Sunday law mark of the beast is that beasts in our hearts here with his friends I missed a date this came out this week on America magazine Steve Bannon what does he say about here friends st. Ignatius helped me to get sober I worried all of this he says for 19 years even now I still consult the writings and the Spiritual Exercises our self no no no saint of Ignatius of Loyola who is that by the way Ignatius of Loyola the founder of the Jesuit Order is there a Jesuit in the house some people say but sometimes he acts anti-catholic that's true is the Hegelian dialectic playing both sides and who better to play both sides than the Jesuits themselves look at this he says November 12 2017 bright ball headline the six books that Steve Danon says influence his worldview was number five on the list what number five on the list the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola the Jesuit founder is the one that helps to shape his worldview let that sink in France that doesn't get I want to talk about what's happening in Poland even now which country but pastor that's in the Far East that's Europe but remember the pendulum of prophecy based on Scripture swings from east to west look at this friends November 24th yesterday 2017 headline Poland to face out Sunday shopping by the year 2020 what year are we now in approximately two more years in Poland I wonder who's behind that my time is going won't spend much time here I wonder who is behind this church and state the beasts power look at this red word it was proposed by whom so the Sunday law was proposed by whom the trade unions that one shop work or to spend more time with their families let's read the bill got support from whom the ruling party that adheres took Poland's values the poll and values no to Catholic values church and state combining using the vehicle of the trade unions the sister why say that hold on did and white say that washing spired won't go the year the Pope said this next he was not speaking at an international trade union convention and the Vatican why go to the Vatican November 24th yesterday headline the Pope to who cheer units what was they do defend the environment and work for all and what does the Pope say must be enforced to preserve environment nature and the poor Sunday look at this he said where was he speaking blue words the Pope's wrote so the Pope wrote in a message to an international meeting of whom trade union organizations I watched his friends Sunday he says must be enforce last sentence on the day of rest that he calls Sunday blasphemy Eucharist sheds its light on the whole week and motivates us to what two things greater concern for nature and the poor sister White says a country living page 10 let's all read them the trade unions will be what friends will be one of the agencies that will bring upon this earth a time of trouble such as not been since the world began on ask your question is the stage set we can't see this ready and again you can cry a mark of the beast all you want is the beast in your heart is the state sent all right last week we were in Tennessee and I shared with you a breaking news right now in Europe they're calling for a one-world military army remember that friends you know what I repeat something is because we're going deeper right watch there it is November 13 I won't read that again because last week last we cover that last week a war were military army in Europe the EU is this a fulfillment of prophecy no let me say it this way is this fulfilling prophecy which ones go back to Lu 21 with me Lu 21 verse 20 Jesus said and he's saying again when you shall see Jerusalem compassed about with armies then know the desolation don't guess know the desolation thereof is nigh if you're living in the cities flee to the countries don't come back in because these are the days of Lu 21 verse 22 verse 22 and then Matthew 24 verse 8 to verse 13 says we shall be hated of all nations is the stage set for the final act in the drama what is the final act in the drama volume 7 page 141 the enforcing of the Sunday law it's all a drama but unfortunately they are eternal consequences if you're found on the wrong side look at this then I saw this this week watch different date watch this dawn of the EU army let's read that line full speed ahead with defense plant EU foreign affairs chief was there saying we are moving full speed for alphorn world military army full speed full speed this brings to my mind Testaments for a church volume 9 page 11 sister White says the agencies of evil are combining their forces she says the agencies of evil are combining their forces is that going on they are consolidating what's that the same thing they are straightening for the last great crisis great changes she says are soon to take place in the world and the final movements will be rapid ones do you see it are they now combining their forces are they now consolidating are they moving full speed ahead everyone must write that quotation down volume 9 testimonies page level we are here my friends and you want to go to a church to hear a lullaby mary had a little lamb type sermon joints probation is about to close my friends alright alright back to the screen first sentence the European Union foreign affairs minister said the EU bloc was moving how how now if you're in a car and it's a manual shift normally it's four gears right some five gears right now if it's full speed or in first gear if it's full speed or in first gear is the strongest gear but no but not for speed you're in the last gear the bottom where are they now my friend full speed I was talking to Hillary this morning and she said I recall sister White says that she solved a train a tree a trainer and it seemed to her the whole world was on board how fast was a train going who was the conductor who was an engineer that day for my friend and his chief agent how fast were they going they were going at lightning speed to Perdition that's where we are full speed ahead my friends and yet we are crawling in our spiritual walk not crawling forward you missed it we're crawling backwards it's time to wake up my friends Sam – we go all right all right all right all right okay red words once they form this one knot knot once they form since they have forward amen since they have formed past tense this one world military army in Europe they said next they will focus on cyber security red words specifically on cyber security watch this now that is the biometric the Warren look at this November 24th 2017 the rise of biometric technology border security perspectives from what countries the u.s. the US Department of Homeland Security DHS and we're the UK where else these how many continents Australia US Europe we're now Caribbean Caribbean Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica all right you want it there it is take it it's yours take it in Jamaica the nominee emails I got pastor your own country look look what your makers doing pastor I'm like thank you amen thank you thank you thank you because some people say the mark of the beast is coming let's flee America let's go back to Jamaica let's go back to the key let's go back to wherever you go maybe maybe maybe you forgot Matthew 10 let me give it to you Matthew 10 Matthew 10 all right Matthew 10 verse 23 when they persecute you in this city flee you into another city for verily I say unto you you shall not have gone over the cities of Israel till I come every city is going to be under surveillance every country will be under surveillance every island of the sea will be under surveillance your only safety is following God's Word Psalm 91 he that dwelleth we're in the secret place of the Most High I will say of the Lord he is my refuge my fortress my god in him will I pause right here whose song the song a mighty fortress is my god a boudoir the never Martin Luther could they kill him that tried everything to kill Martin Luther couldn't kill him what is God teaching us friends Jamaica national ID system to roll out when when what's today's date November 25th 2017 less than a month ago – well approximately a month or so to go that's where we are so have you booked your ticket yet to Jamaica ready ready you're gonna free the bees right go ahead let me see how far you again let me see how far you can get your only safe is foreign God's Word and God says get into the rural districts then if you follow his word in the country he will protect and preserve but if you are rebellious and remain in the cities you are disobedient all right look at this now there is again November 19th an IDs the national ID system that's it my friend watch this red words the ability of the government to protect the data it will one chapter from Jamaicans are under scrutiny that means every data if you are a Jamaican will be captured now some of you don't know what it means I'm going to tell you what it means this ID this biometric system of course then comes the PNP party in Jamaica stating that Andrew Holness the Prime Minister of the ruling party was dishonest stating we must bring the PNP let's read that that Andrew Holness misled the house read words and the country in saying it was the PNP which had insisted let's read that that come on what my friends that registration under national ID should be one should be compulsory that means it's the law in Jamaica now compulsory you have no choice in the matter so where's your freedom where's your freedom I'm gonna show you what this means it is compulsory look at all of your information now all you must do is go back to India because India was the birthplace as it were was a testing ground the beta testing was done in India is being done in India and are covered before and they said if you don't enroll in the biometric database which is mandatory the headline you can eat you can read words if she did not get a number first line read words she worried that she would not be able to eat it's coming to Jamaica to America as a matter of fact the steps in in America are already here you can buy or sale you can eat last sentence the Attorney General in India said this he countered that Indians had no one constitutional right to privacy and could not claim an absolute right over their bodies so the biometric card Real ID system is a stripper where you want your personal rights and sister ysus once they do this volume 5 page 451 once they do this our Sun the laws on the horizon we are here the Beast is here my friends let's pass that it's in the UK run past this it's coming to America in 2018 watch now you know very versatile you can't fly on the airplane unless you have this real ID card I guess I'm gonna start walking from here to California to go preach amen watch it's coming France is coming it's in here IVA Ron Paul is saying it's against a free society this is America not Soviet Russia versa does that communism all right move past that move past that this I've covered before let's come here 2019 move past this it's coming even in Oklahoma it's coming it's coming watch carefully now then we'll come to this watch carefully not only are they calling for in Europe of one were military army look what they're calling for also a one-world banking system not my word watch last sentence read words the EU was currently working on over 50 projects to follow up the decision by 23 you members to create what to crea wad our common defense Thunder a 1 / EU army and a 1 were banking system to fund the military can you not see these friends and guess which Wow let that sink in we have been talking about this for years and now it's here a one world monetary system it begins in Europe because they are still most Catholic Jesuit ISM is coming we're next across the seas – we're America and the Sun the law begins in America what what and the devil knows what is doing have you ever been building something and you have steps but you prepare the end piece first so when you complete the first piece it's join them together what's happening now surah is being prepared now can you see my friends so when America triggers the Sunday law Europe falls in line so while we're thinking we have much more time Europe is already set because every nation was for a whose lead America's lead so was America and forces the mark of the beast Europe follows through and if you have Europe and America what more do you need the Caribbean countries stand in line we're next because they all have Prime Minister's either on the Canada the UK the Britain the the crown of Britain right or so when Europe they follow a line does it make sense to you so now is the state that who is going and this is what brings me the professor now who is going to oversee the one word banking system who is going to oversee the one were military in Europe the Pope define intervention the EU is looking to the Pope for direction can you see it friends look at this very interesting watch this now yesterday bad news for the UK why the one were Banking Authority moves to which country with city Paris France look at this look at this the decision to move the EU Banking Authority headquarters to Paris after brexit marks another victory for whom macron from French from France as he seeks to become one a new heavyweight pause right there so where is this one we're banking headquarters going to be to fund the one were military arm in Europe France one answer question 1 s question which country it's like it's a sauna right you are knowing all right but remember is the bees in our hearts team let's go now which culture was the first country in Europe the Roman Empire to give the papacy its military power and also this money which country back to the screen which country is leading out in the one world army which country red words first right words who Germany and friends are leading out which country now is leading out with the banking system where is it going to be headquarter my friends we're in we're in France so in Europe it's friends just as the papers who rules in 538 friends gave her military power and money then the other nations followed in 538 does that make sense the same way how the papers heroes she will rise in the last days so what France in Europe but now in in the Western Hemisphere which country heals her wound America America hears her wound then all the other nations follow through am I ready my friends are you ready for this they are moving full speed ahead full speed how must we be moving spiritually how must we be moving spiritually sister wife says I saw that God's people must stood fast must stand fast time is almost finished do you reflect the lovely image of Jesus as you should get ready get ready get ready who must be found ready my friends beloved baptism hands down even those on line baptism is car but second week in January don't let this pass you let's kneel at this time fall in heaven we thank you for your word every hand that was raised locally every hand that was raised online so rendering all – you seal our decisions cover us with a coat of many colors the rainbow promise the Covenant with Christ's righteousness as we surrender all we have to step fast in hard preparation we have to step fast in the work of evangelism because soon these opportunities would no longer be afforded save us we pray in the name of Jesus Christ we pray amen

One-World Bank, One-World Biometric System, One-World Army in Place for Mark of the Beast. Trump’s Advisor admits participation in Jesuit Spiritual Exercises, Ignatius shapes Worldview. The Papacy through Trade Unions Enacts No-buy,No-sell on Sundays. Present Truth, part 23

Another Powerful Self Examination Manner from Heaven's Bakery. Thank you for this meat Pastor Andrews l read this chapter always wondering who Dinah represent but you bring it out so plain thay anyone could comprehend. God bless you and family in Jesus name. This is Present Truth the flock need now.

Acts 5: 38-39 And now i say unto you , Refrain from this men and let them alone : for if this council of this work be of men , it will come to naught ; But if it be of God , you cannot overthow it; lest happy ye be found even to fight against God.

By complying to the national ID sysyem, does it mean are we receiving the mark of the beast? Please shed some light. Thanks.

i use to be SDA, learned a lot and i am thankful for what i learned in the SDA church.
but unfortunately I was hearing one thing and seeing something totally different especially at the GC, one thing that bothered me the most ,its all about the money, control, and back biting, and being able to measure up, they have a good message for the most part but do not practice what they preach. I walked away from churchianity and have not set foot in any churches since, and i have grown closer than ever to our savior YAHUSHUA, which by the way took 46 years to learn his real name doing my own research, i was very ashamed of all the churches not just the SDA, it seems they have gone apostate and follow the ways of rome, with the traditions of men and they will answer for all the people they have led astray, they do not feed the sheep

Is a wonderful message,may GOD bless you and give more to speak to The people,and lt Him be glorified ever and ever………..

Problem is that you guys don't define the system of truth that is incapsulated within the 3 angels.

I am a back slider and a sinner . i AM weak to the flesh and watching movies and money cannot stay with me . Please pray for me .

your Teachings are very eye opening . I always learn something new from you . Even in the bible you make things that i don't understand very clear for me . Thank God for you and your Teachings . from Trinidad & Tobago .

Pr. Henriques, thank you for the powerful sermon. By saying that all the countries, including Jamaica and mine will all be under surveillance and that the unique safety will be to obey the word of God and evacuate the cities to rural areas what is right. My question is as follow: Does Isaiah 13:13-16 have any application with the time of the final crisis ? It says: " … they shall every man turn to his own people, and flee one into his own land. Every one that is found shall be thrust through …"

If this scripture has no application with the final crisis (mark of the beast crisis, do you advise that we should stay in America as long as we move city to city, or move from big cities and hide in the American remote countries rather than fleeing to respective countries ?

I listened to your sermon Nov, 25  2017, you spoke about  "committing fornication with God". I don't understand  "with God".Please explain.

Pastor God be with you and family please come to Trinidad &Tobago . The remnant church is sleeping we are only hearing sweetbread sermon

We are receiving The Lords mark believing on Jesus and keeping his words allowing him to write his word in our hearts trusting his word before all else praising God and his son blessing the holy spirit watching and praying repenting and bearing fruit thats why the call to Christ is growing world wide while we see so many falling away

Brother the 144,000 are out of the house of Israel we who believe will be countless we are the children of Israel the house of Israel will return to Israel soon Judah is there and the cities are being built up the orthodox leaders were considering breaking Israel up into houses again by area as assigned by God in the old testament since no one knows what tribe they are from

Brother its here there are Jesuit trained men all over our leadership all across the globe and in my city Jesuit academies have popped up in the last couple of years

Check this out 🤔👀🚨🚨🚨🚨

Powerfully said its easy to talk about the mark of the beast and while we still have our own beast inside, may the Lord help us and transform us before its too late…

End of this age and the new age to come. Isaiah 2:4, Micah 4:3 and Rev. 20:3.

Behold, I make all things new” >>> Revelation 21:5-7. Before Jesus went to be glorified together with His Father in heaven, He spoke of another Comforter to come, and also, He said to His disciples, “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.” < John 16:12. These many things that they could not bear are written in ‘The Revelation’ that John received from Jesus the Alpha and the Omega who sits on the throne. Will you be able to bear/believe these many things now?

It was after Jesus was glorified together with His Father with glory which He had with the Father before the world was < (John 17:5), is when Jesus revealed Himself to John saying, as written in ‘The Revelation’, “I am Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, who is, who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” < Rev. 1:8.

Again, Jesus said to John in Rev. 1:11 and Rev. 1:17-18, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last,” —. “Do not be afraid, I am the First and the Last. I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore.”

And again in Rev. 21:5-7 John wrote; “Then He who sat on the throne said,’ – ‘Write, for these words are true and faithful.’ — ‘It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.” — And “He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son.” > This son is another Comforter as Jesus was the Comforter before He went to be glorified together with His Father.

In chapter 4 of ‘The Revelation’ is about Jesus’ prayer in John 17:5 to the Father that has been granted. To Him that sat on the throne they said, — “You are Worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: –.” < Rev. 4:9-11. Then, chapter 5 is about who is worthy to take the book out of the right hand of Him that sat on the throne. He who is worthy to take the book of the right hand of Him that sat on the throne is another Comforter to come that Jesus spoke about in John chapter 16. As for now, Christians of the world of all denominations do not believe that the Lamb found in the midst of the throne (Rev. 5:6 + Rev. 7:17) is another Comforter that Jesus spoke of in the gospel according to John. This is why it is written that “He had a name written that no one knew except Himself.” < Rev. 19:12. Also, no one knew because “– Satan deceived the world:” < (Rev. 12:9 + Rev. 13:11-18). “False christs and false prophets will show signs and wonders to deceive. If possible even the elect.” < Mark 13:22

No one knew that he who overcomes as Jesus also overcame in Rev. 3:21 shall inherit all things, and he shall be the son of Jesus the Alpha and the Omega who sits on the throne as written in Rev. 21:7 > “I will be his God and he shall be My son.” This son who prevailed is given the morning star and the power to rule over the nations, and this son is another Lamb who was worthy to take the book out of the right hand of Him that sat on the throne. This is why He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. — and His name is called The Word of God. Jesus said, “Behold, I make all things new”

He who overcomes as Jesus also overcame (“I have overcome the world” < John 16:33) is another Comforter in Rev. 17:14, and this Lamb will overcome them that will make war with Him, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; –. < Rev. 17:14. The Alpha and the Omega who sits on the throne will give His Son who overcomes the morning star and power “to rule over the nations with a rod of iron; and as the potter’s vessel they (nations) shall be broken to pieces – as Jesus also received from His Father < Rev. 2:26-28.” — The male Child that was born from the woman (John 16:21) in Rev. 12:1-5 “was to rule all nations with a rod of iron;” — “And out of His month goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations, and He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. < Rev: 19:15. Because ‘He should strike the nations’ with The Word of God, the nations shall be broken to pieces as the potter’s vessels. Matthew 21:44 “whoever falls on this stone will be broken; but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder.”

“Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him that sit on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. For the great day of His wrath is come; and who is able to stand the great day of His wrath.” < Rev. 6:16-17. But also written in Rev. 7:9 -10 a great multitude says, “Salvation belongs to our God (Jesus) who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb.” These great multitudes “are those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.”< Rev. 17:14, and they are those who are gathered together as written in Matt. 24:30-31 + Mark 13:24-27, which happens after that tribulation described in Mark 13:19 + Matthew 24:21.

In Rev. 6:16-17 + Rev.7:9-10, Him that sit on the throne is Jesus the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, and the Lamb is another Comforter to come that Jesus spoke of. “when He comes, He will convict/reprove the world of sin and of righteousness, and of judgment:” < John 16:8. “He will testify of Me” — “He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you. All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you.” < John 16:14-15.

When will this other Comforter come? “I go to My Father; and you see Me no more” < John 16:10. — “Written in Luke 13:35 + Matt. 23:39 Jesus said, “I say to you, you shall not see Me until the time comes when you say”, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” He who comes in the name of the Lord is the Lamb in Rev. 17:14 who overcomes them that will make war with Him.

“Behold, I come quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to everyone according to his work. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. < Rev. 22:12-13 = Matthew 16:27 > “For the Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward each according his works.” Matthew 25:31-46 > “— He will sit on the throne of His glory. —.”

“He shall judge between the nations, and shall rebuke many people, they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” < (Isaiah 2:4 and Micah 4:3) Also, Satan will not be able to deceive the nations no more until a thousand years have passed. < Rev. 20:3

It is written in Mark 13:20 > “unless the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake, whom He chose, He shortened the days.” For the elect’s sake another Comforter is sent who is the Son of Him who sits on the throne in Rev. 21:7, who is He who overcomes in Rev. 2:26-28, who is the man Child in Rev. 12:5, and who is Himself in 19:15, who had a name written that no one knew except Himself — and His name is called The Word of God < Rev. 19:12-13. Because a cloud with an open door (Rev. 3:8-11) was set before me with a sound of a trumpet, a Voice spoke to me saying, "You are My son, as I was My Father's Son, and I will be with you, and I come quickly”. In Jesus’ new name and in the name of His God as written in Rev. 3:12, I declare that Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega who sits on the throne, and the Lamb in ‘The Revelation’ is His Son who is another Comforter as Jesus was the Comforter before He went to His Father. Will you be able to bear ‘The Revelation’ that is revealed here? Let THE ROYAL LAW be in you which is to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ – Amen


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