신의 한 수 – 귀수편 [관람후기/리뷰+스포일러리뷰] The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful [Review + Spoiler Review]

신의 한 수 – 귀수편 [관람후기/리뷰+스포일러리뷰] The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful [Review + Spoiler Review]

Hello, I’m onion movie Baduk is an action movie.
The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful It was released on November 7, 2019. One number of gods – begin reviewing the return shipment. The first installment of “Hanshu” will be released on July 3, 2014. It’s been five years since the sequel was released. The title of the second part of the second volume of God’s Han-soo is,
I’m here under the title of “return ship.” I’m sure many of you don’t know the title of the first part. The title of the first part was the live version. literally meaning life and death. I was dealing with a revenge drama on the hero’s life. Tae-seok, the main character in the first movie, enters a solitary cell at the beginning of the movie. I play baduk with the person next door. I’ve never beaten him. And then I tried to talk to him.
There was no sign on the wall and the room was empty. The other person is playing baduk in their head.
He was the master of the Mungi-Baduk. And then through the Lord.
There’s a scene where you get the name of Guksu. In the second half of the movie, Tae-seok was in Busan.
The scene ends when I leave to look for him. One of God’s numbers – the valedictorian is more than the previous one.
I’m talking about a story 15 years ago It’s called spin-off sequel.
I’m going to show you the character of Gwisoo. It’s a front-end movie. The first film seems to represent a lot of tazes at the time of its release.
Use baduk terms. Use the Go term to symbolize each scene. I inserted it like a tazza. He lives by hand.
Even the line that baduk has to use its head. He was so conscious of the tazza that he came out. After the release, the movie itself is fun.
There’s a lot of work going on here and there. I got better reviews after the release than before. And the acting of the main actors is good.
There’s no obstruction to flow. You’re not allowed to see a teenager.
with 3.56 million viewers It’s been over the break-even point. There are many action scenes like the first one in this second movie,
You’re gonna have to lower that level a lot I got a 15-year-old ticket rating. Two low-rated films in the box office.
It looks more advantageous than the first one. But despite the ratings for 15-year-olds,
There were many scenes that were more cruel than expected. Classification of Media Rating Board
There are moments when I wonder a little. Korean movie “Dokjeon” and “The Boy in”
(Bright Byrne) That’s what Even in the Joker season, which was released this time. I don’t think this is 15 years old.
I heard it personally. On the part of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, constant violence is a major factor.
They decided to be 15 years old because of that. Kwon Sang-woo, who played an action role in Maljuk Street Cruelty At the time of this interview with God,
And the role that I played was that the character was less mature, I’ve expressed some fresh action, but in this one, In this work, you’re a manly man.
He’s prepared a powerful fight scene. More than 3 months for the movie.
with high-intensity action practice I’ve lost more than 6 kilograms.
It’s a reflection of the hard work you’ve been working on. It was fun to watch the action scenes and the actor’s body. in alleys, toilets, and castings.
There are three big action sequences. How long have you been so lucky?
It’s a fight that shows if you’ve grown up. But fighting in the bathroom is a common problem.
by making a lot of cuts between movements. How it works.
It was hard to recognize. Especially the flashlight from the trailer.
I was hoping for a pick-and-take. Let’s not say it’s a move, but who’s hitting me right now.
Even who’s right. Except for the last blow, it’s hard to identify. The angle and the cut on the making film.
I think it was easier and better. In the movie, each character is different.
There’s a Go match with the rules. at double the cost of a piece of paper.
We’ll have a rematch until we win. Quickly put in a time limit
shorthand-billed (Busan) You’re looking through your opponent with your nerve.
He’s a distraction. A powerful opponent who took the teacher’s wrist. One-color baduk (Jangseong Mudang) with only one transparent go stone. It’s more than the number of houses that are the basis of baduk.
How many baduk players are dead? (loner) of a four-stone bank that competes by weight. a face-to-face encounter with probaduk knights And the final goal is a professional baduk player.
a showdown with Hwang Duk-yong properly arranged between films
You look like you’re on high-speed control. Well-organized and fast-paced.
I recommend you to those who want to see the action. My grade is three classes of onions. For your information, the Cookie video shows the names of the main actors, It’s short before the official ending credits come out From now on, it’s a spoiler review.
If you don’t want to, please don’t watch. Subscriptions and good alarm settings are helpful before you book a movie One of God’s moves – like a life-or-death experience
We have a keyword for every scene. If you’ve seen the movie, please watch it.
I hope you’ll reflect on the movie. First Number – Upper and Lower Life and Death Poop – useless stone Don’t believe me. Axis – Chaser and Chaser Read – Quickly, Faster Lives – Lives to Live Prime Minister’s Contest – One-hall Sa – Death Exit – Destiny of Sewage The advantage of return water service is that it has a short running time.
in a rags-to-riches story in a whirlwind of speed
We’re going out towards the main character’s goal. The main character, Kwon Sang-woo, has a small metabolism.
Maybe that’s why the character looks more weighty. Keep it calm until the end. The disadvantage of the previous movie is that the main character fights with baduk.
We’re going to fight a one-on-one. By winning and killing all of them, he completes his revenge. To do this, you don’t have to play baduk from the beginning It’s better to fight.
It’s not like I’m thinking. You’re not the only one who’s going to kill multiple
That he didn’t show up. I liked it very much. Busan weeds also saved me from falling off the bridge. Jangseongdang also lost his arm. I don’t know if the loner is certain to die.
But it looks like he died in an accident. He doesn’t kill a professional baduk player himself. He’s frustrated and he’s choosing death.
I’ve got the ending I watched the movie, and I saw my return home.
I really wanted to find him. And another expectation is that…
If you succeed in the box office and come out with the third installment, Maybe I’ll meet Jung Woo-sung.
And there’s a little bit of expectation. on the downside of the movie Every time you change your opponent
It’s only in the form of a broken seal. I don’t think there’s any other way to fight than I can do.
It was like we were going through it quickly. We’re also going to have to deal with you and your neighbors.
The relationship is not being drawn very deeply. The relationship between Dr. Poo and your wife.
They use it as a relationship for revenge. I can’t find any colleagues. His teacher, Heo Il Do, is also his own.
He’s described as a man running for a goal. train young returnees for instruction I’ll save you a young man in a hurry.
They’re sacrificing themselves. He’ll die too early.
The feeling that you miss your teacher I don’t really agree with you. The relationship between the two images for the cookies.
Reports the longing. And character is a shortage of explaining the background. For example, big my childhood is gwisu
Suddenly, grow since. In the meantime, what happened is no explanation.
What a fight got well again. Gwisu to a vengeance.
How is left to become an expert on and playing Baduk. with a sword of revenge
There’s no explanation for whether he’s alive. And we’re going to use female characters in tooling.
It was kind of sad to do. If you look at the four of us at large,
Your sister is the beginning of the conflict in the movie. Hong Ma-damdo, played by actress Yoo Sun with a tension-relieving character
It’s been consumed with Mr. Poo. The lover of Busan Japchae also has a woman
It was a pity that I could only be drawn with the stakes. Hwang Deok-yong’s daughter was also kidnapped for the sake of the great nation. on the wrong side of the opponent
It’s used as a device. My daughter is also a baduk player. Hwang Deok-yong and Daegukjeon I wish I was your last opponent.
It would have been better. I’m going to finish my review of the collection. Thank you for watching the video to the end. Subscriptions and good alarm settings are helpful before you book a movie

0:21 1편과 2편의 관련성

0:41 1편에서 다룬 귀수

1:09 귀수 캐릭터로 스핀오프 속편제작

1:23 1편과 타짜와 유사성

2:06 2편과 1편의 차별성

2:18 영등위의 등급문제?

2:44 권상우의 자신감

3:10 액션시퀀스의 문제점

3:47 대결상대의 설명

4:35 양파갯수, 쿠키안내

4:46 스포일러 리뷰 시작점

5:08 키워드로 영화 되새김

5:37 영화의 장점

6:46 영화의 단점

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