【Mystic Messenger】A solution for jealousy / Yoosung【PV】

A conversation about who you like?
That’s something i don’t wanna hear But secretly i’m glued to your every word so annoying… I know the reason why i’m this way, but still…it’s always on my mind Please forgive the fact that i’ve fallen in love with you but as for the courage to tell you…i just don’t have it since the only thing that’s true are these feelings sorry but… I can’t cheer for you! I hope it doesn’t go well! The worst thing you could wish for someone! I’m cheering you badly like this… …with this terrible personality of mine ”Good morning! You got some bed-head you know” It was the first thing i was able to say Looking all embarrassed you said ”It’s a secret” Gah, saying it like that is unfair My every day seemed to be floating in air Milk and a panda become a white bear
(Reference to ”Suki kirai”) The world is so lively! I’m a jerk who hopes that the person you like already has someone else This is not good at all!

If possible I would be interested in helping out with the drawings. I love the videos you make. I would like the videos to continue, and it would be a shame to see them not. So if possible I would like to help. ^-^

Saeran seems like that one monotone, emotionless friend that tells you stuff like "you're such a wimp" and "pathetic" but is really fragile inside and cries himself to sleep every night

As much as I love Honeyworks and Mystic Messenger, Mystic Messenger in Honeyworks is the best thing I could watch! This is soo good!

Mc is like Nekota
(From Nekota no Kota ga Ki ni Natte Shikatanai)

Dunno why but I feel like mc has eye mysteries

Or I'm just retarded but both works

Eh? What's that at 0:28 The person Looks like Saeran or 7O7? also there's Lolololololololololo……..in the background with 7's pic?!😂
anyway good job!!!
I luvvv this vid

Ahhhh this is great! Honeyworks is amazing and just. my favorite MysMe boy. YES ^ Looking forward to more works like this if you're planning on it, great job!!

since it's incomplete, i'll just write some more of this myself.
As MC cried, yoosung came out of hiding and tried to calm her down. Yoosung then became best friends with her and MC started to fall in love with Yoosung. They then eventually confessed to each other.
the end LMAO
how simple

Okay this is awesome, I can see Yoosung and Len, 2 in 1! hell yeahhh Haniwa x MM 👌😍😍

I really love how you remake honeyworks style as mystic messenger character ^^ I'm so sad that you don't continue your pv, you made good work thought ! 💖

Fuck why can't i download this is my fucking YouTube i wish i fucking can this is so cute!😆😆😆

I remembered watching this..
Sigh..The memories.
And Amatsuki-kun's voice is just amazing as ever!
The video was awesome!!
And I love ur art

"Wait i think i know who sing this!! I know this voice!!"


Amatsuki's voice suites Yoosung ahh


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