✅ How to Merge your Soul with a Tree ✅

Blessing’s this is Trent from Dream Energy Academy and Lucid Dreaming Tea. Today’s lesson is going to be about how to merge your soul with a tree. Now when you start off you actually want to take your shoes off your feet when you do this. Any time your out in nature take your shoes off ok because you actually connect in a lot better. Once you have done that tree put your hand on the tree and I want you to close your eyes and actually ask permission mentally is it ok to soul merge with you and what you will find is you will get this a vibration come back from the tree you might even get a yes. So don’t be alarmed don’t be crazy if the tree starts talking to you it happens to many of us but everyone’s different ok so…. I’ve got the vroom vroom vroom the vibration come back so i got the a ok the yes it’s ok to actually merge my soul with the tree. Now one of the lessons in our school i actually teach people how to breath through different body parts. So quickly i want you to drop your consciousness down into your hand
ok and from your hand i want you to start breathing the tree in and out so breathing in through your nose and pushing back into the tree. what’s gonna happen is your soul is going to merge with the tree ok. It’s going to be really
really cool feeling now try to leave your hand on the tree you can leave it on there for 5 mins, 30 minutes an hour the longer better ok. Once you got that connection you just close your eyes and you just go your out you in the tree. You actually become the tree, pay
attention to the feelings that you actually get so put your attention down to your feet when your merged in and you actually feel the roots coming out of your feet
it’s actually quite amazing and yeah you will connect into nature a lot quicker and you actually
find that by you merging soul with the tree you turn into a tree yourself so
it’s an unbelievable amazing experience and yeah just keep that connection
happening ok One of the things be aware of your hand
might actually turn into a tree ok. So you can gona get this weird sensation
go up your hand and your arm will actually, It’s feels like it turns into wood when I
first did this i freaked out and i woah, pulled back from the tree. I was like what is going on here. put your hand back on the tree again or hold it there, don’t be alarmed just enjoy the experience because that’s what it’s all about. Now once
you’ve your finished ok actually send love to the tree. Now i want you guys to write comments below on this youtube video of what you actually felt come back to you
ok and yeah I’ll leave that for a little surprise. Now if you found this lesson
enjoyable and you actually like to learn more lessons like this all the ancient
secrets because Dream Energy Academy it’s like it’s a mystery school ok and
I’ve spent the last three years learning all these different energy techniques on
how to do different things so please come check out our website dreamenergyacademy.com if you liked this lesson i actually sell lucid dreaming tea and I
try to help people consciously wake up in the dreamscape also check out
locally if I’m actually coming to anywhere near you because I actually do
workshops where I can then come up once your merged to the tree and I can actually
push your soul into the tree so that’s another cool thing that I can do when I
do the workshops when I do i face to face meetings so that’s all for today I
hope you enjoyed this lesson blessings

The other thing you can do is rest your head against the tree, it cleans your crown chakra (Stuart Wilde idea).

I tried this today, I told the tree I loved it and was sorry man is so cruel, I felt, almost saw a mental image of a the tree nuzzling me like a loving cat. Will try this again.

I felt the vibration you get deep and hard in a lucid dream. My dog was sleeping against my back and we were both sleeping as I awoke I could feel myself come from the place were we were one, to my body. It felt like deep vibrations and I had a mental imagine of my spirit being blown into my body like blowing into a hollow bubble.

Whoa Trent, you were right but my arm has transformed into the branch of a tree now and i can't reverse it. What do i do? Is it suppose to return to normal once you let go of the tree because I'm starting to trip out dude!

My experience: I get off work one day and Im just stressed out I just cant really hold anymore frustration. I go to a park, find this really tall and old pine and put my hand on it and look up at it so high up in the air. Poof stress just vanishes it felt like I emptied it onto the tree all the stress. I have an eye for seeing spiritual things. Around the length of the tree I sorta made out a something like a field say like a shield would surround something, like a static electric field and to me it felt like my mind was multiplied 1000 fold there was so much mental space there the stress just slipped away, like my 5 kilobytes of frustration went into 995 google-byte space never to be seen again. I still haven't forgotten that experience to this day. There is definitely something going on….

I just tried this for about 15 minutes. My heart chakra started to get active and was getting intense. But I also started to get sick in my gut. What does that mean?

I got chills watching this video. I am not sure if it was the background sound causing it. What kind of tree is that?


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