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guess the song by emoticons! Go…! Opens our emoji list.
puzzles Dima Bilan with his hit “Hold.” The track was released in late summer
17 years old and became one of the most dance in the arsenal
Dima! The second emoji is a riddle,
and the track “War Girl” was made up from the duo HammAli & Navai. The track premiered
in March of this year, and in the present listened to the song
over 35 million users YouTube The third riddle and it’s mega-club
track from GAYAZOV $ BROTHER $ «Take me to Deep House. ” Straight barrel clinging
refrain and contrast voices of Timur and Ilyas
did their job and forced rattling track on all dance floors
countries. The fourth riddle and who
closely monitors creativity Time and Glass groups, could
guess their new job with the short name “Sucker”. The track appeared this fall
years and despite criticism fans and complete absence
meaning in the text, he already collected over 3 million
listening! Fifth riddle and hope
you were able to guess last year fit LSP, Feduk and Egor
Creed for the song “Bachelor”. After a long intrigue, warmed up
social networks, unexpected the trio introduced the collaboration
in the fall of 18 about all the charms idle
of life. And now the traditional interactive! Try guess by these
emoji what hit we thought and write your answer right away
in the comments under this roller, if you want of course
get into our next video, as well as these lucky ones! Sixth riddle and the famous
Kalashnikov assault rifle can it was bold to guess that
it’s a hit from rapper face “My Kalashnikov “. The track came out at the beginning of this
years and entered the artist’s album called “Slime”. The next seventh riddle
and Max was disguised Barsky with the song “unearthly.” Retro novelty from the musician
appeared in February of this years, and the video on it to everyone
demonstrates his appearance aesthetics of 90s clips with neon
flowers, colorful graphics and futuristic looks. The eighth riddle is dedicated
representative of the new school rappers GONE.Fludd with hit “Cube
ice. ” Looping Track
in the chorus was presented last spring and
became one of the most seizing. Ninth Riddle
and this is the old hit “Trap” from rapper Mota. The composition was presented
back in 16 year and it turned out very romantic, with notes
good sadness. The tenth riddle and this of course
the scandalous hit “i_ $ uss” from the Leningrad group. A song appeared this summer
years, and the filmed clip on her caused a wide resonance,
especially religious communities. Thank you for being the most persistent
and watched this video before the very end! Do not forget to like,
subscribe with a bell on the MUSIC CLUB and look
I look forward to seeing you in the next releases!




ананас адидас дз хочу в видос не разу не бил а коментов много написал

Ха-ха, лёгкое домашнее задание: Ананас Адидас. Билет в кино к MusicClub, наверное.

Ананас Адидас вот полоски три два раз это наш дворовый джаас кроме цвета ананас


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